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  1. K

    iPad crashing to home screen

    Plz can you help me, I don't know why my ipad1 sometimes switches to the home screen while I am surfing any ideas plz Thanku in advance Tim
  2. K

    I want to Jailbreak my iPad

    Hello, I want to jailbreak my iPad but what exactly does it mean,how will it benefit. E and can it be undone lol Thankyou inadvance Oh bet you little girl is getting really interesting now , I love 2 year old ,I'm a nurserynurse by the way lol
  3. K

    Getting new iPad

    Hey, morning, I want iPad 2 but 3 is coming I believe so I may wait. I want to use it on the move so what do I need to buy, I have Internet at home but want to take it out and use it anywhere, is it extra monthly payments ! Many thanks :)
  4. K

    New member

    Morning everyone, I am a new member and have been looking through before I joined. Everyone seems so helpful and nice that's what made me join up. I would be grateful for any introductions to new apps on the market and any useful info available . My interests are: Cooking( every culture...