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    Why don't apple have sms for ipad 2 3G

    iMessage only work with others Idevices from the iPad, in the iPhone works as full sms
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    Why don't apple have sms for ipad 2 3G

    Sorry, the ipad is not a phone..., you are right, no, It can be, is not.. But can be a phone phoneit iPad is the answer...
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    Why don't apple have sms for ipad 2 3G

    Skype... Phone it iPad, swirly and wasapp, there is a way to make it work... But is kinda a lot of work to do it, google it and have fun, owning an iPad is the half of the fun chaging things is the other half... Have fun
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    ¿como enviar sms desde ipad 2 3g.?

    Existen varios programas que espero salgan la updates, phoneit iPad, que convierte tu iPad en teléfono, yo lo tengo en una ipad1 y funciona con mi sim... La compañía se llama iPhoneislam. Luego esta el swirlysms, pero la versión gratuita no esta disponible para 5.0.1. Son los mejores, este...
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    Message/SMS Apps

    iMessage only works with Idevices, you enable it in the settings...
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    Making GSM Phone Calls and send/receive SMS on iPad2 3G/WiFi?

    Yes please... Name it, as farest I know swirlysms is still not working with 5.0.1, phoneit iPad is not going to be developed for ipad2 and Skype does not need JB, also google voice does not work in all countries... So which other options are, beside heywire which also does not need jb as well...
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    Alguno a echo jailbreak?

    Ipad 1 y iphone 4 con Redsn0w y con 5.0.1 ipad 2 y iphone 4s con greensn0w y en 5.0.1
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    Hello, Hi, se habla español, jajajaja

    Hi, I know is only english, just having fun, greetings from Costa Rica, I am an Apple fan, I started with apple since Mac Classic, I returned with the iMac, my first iPhone was an iPhone 2, then I have the 3g, 3gs, 4 and now 4s, I own an iPad 1 and iPad 2 and I LOVE IT, I actually purchase a...
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    iPad2 3G = Phone?

    Actually, yes, the iPad 2 can be used as a phone, same as iPad 1, the software is phoneitipad, is develop by the people of iphoneislam, and I test it on an iPad 1 and is great, but the issue is the dual core architecture within the iPad 2, but they are working to adapt the software for the iPad...