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    Perfect Size - Next Design of Mini

    I keep buying new gadget hoping for the best of the best. I thought the original iPad was too large for day to day practicality, but came to find out the Mini is also not ideal size. Better explanation, or reason for my thinking is that I hoped the Mini to be an iPhone with magnified version...
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    Library Book Download possible?

    Is it possible to download books from library to iPad?
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    email issue

    My email account stopped working since last night. It says "" is not responding. I took a look at my MacBook and it says my incoming mail is and out going mail shows Should I change iPad email setting to match my MacBook setting?
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    screen durability

    KayKayKay and KevinJ, please do not remove this post. This is not about screen protector, rather I really want to know if anyone is sure about the durability of iPad screen when used repeatedly naked. Anyone?
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    Screen Protector necessary?

    I am thinking iPad has Gorilla Glass that won't scratch easily. But it is possible that one of these days there is going to be a little stone like dust settle on the screen with my finger tip rubbing it against the surface of screen. Do you all use screen protectors?
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    Library Book Download

    Is it possible to download books from a library using iPad?
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    Fonts to small

    I love my Mini and cannot put it down, but fonts on most apps are too small to read with naked eyes. The Accessibility adjustment works only on a few built in apps. Even this forum with Largest Fonts selection appears too small for my eyes. What do you all think?