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    Already have AT&T USB connect contract

    mifi 2372 from Novatel. Couple sites carry them mpxsys and quantum wireless. It hs the 850 and 1900mhz frequencies required for ATT 3g Be careful there is a 2352 that only has the 1900mhz which doesn't penetrate buildings as well. Some sites are trying to push it as fully att compatible....
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    Locked out twice!!! How do I fix?

    Mine is also activated against Exchange. When I activated it with ssl enabled of course. It prompted me for a password. I put in a standard numeric password. Pretty sure, It locks immediately after you hit the top switch even if you have been using it. That is working by design and...
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    Locked out twice!!! How do I fix?

    2 ideas 1. You are having it sync to Exchange and Activesync is forcing a policy to force a password 2. Something has turned on Auto-Lock under Settings - General If you run a restore it puts everything back including the password....
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    Affordable mobile wifi

    mifi 2372 for AT&T Check out the new Novatel Wireless mifi 2372. Several places you can buy online for around $269. It has the ATT 3G frequencies (including 850 mhz) and you simply take your sim out of your usb device and put it in. Make sure to get the 2372 as the 2352 is for Europe...