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  1. J

    All my storage is being used for other

    Fixed it. I guess it was a software firmware issue, not a hardware issue as I was beginning to believe. I was going to try and jailbreak it but in my search to figure out how to do that I ran across a program called Reiboot. It was $30 but I figured that was cheaper than a new iPad. I ran the...
  2. J

    All my storage is being used for other

    That's what I thought too. That's is why I tried a new account. This thing might just be a brick at this point. Apple want's a flat $379 to repair it; but it's probably close to EOL, so that would be a waste.
  3. J

    All my storage is being used for other

    The "other" area is using all of the available storage space on my iPad. I have moved everything I don't use to the cloud yet the amount of usable space never increases. I did a backup to the cloud and to a PC. Then reset the iPad. Then attempted to restore from the PC first and then the cloud...