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    Create folders

    Can I create folders for groups of musics ? I try to sync music folder ,but fail to do it. By my experience single music files can only be synced. Is that right ? Can any one answer me ? Thanks in advance.
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    A beginner from burma.

    Dear all, I am 64Gb wifi iOS3.2.2 new ipad owner. I cann't read pdf files on my ipad. ( I live in Burma, Where no itunes stores supported, with very slow connection & very often stopped internet connection.I downloaded " Calibre " apps and converted pdf files to epub files, then tranfer those...
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    Update iOS

    Dear all, I have 64Gb wifi 3.2.1 iOs ipad.My internet connection is too slow and very often stoped so that itune cannot download the new iOs 3.2.2. But I try to download it by Flashget accellerater to my desktop, it goes OK. Now I don't know how to update the iOS on my desktop to ipad. I can...
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    Application problem.

    Dear all, I am using a very slow internet connection. So I can't download ibook apps(2.6mb) via itunes because the connection is very often stopped. I tried to download it with a download accellerator(Flashget) which can resume download. After that I got that software. But I can't install it...
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    About me

    1. My name is "Than Lwin". I'm 61 years old. 2.I am interested in video/movies softwares and reading pdf files . 3.I have a 64 Gb. wi fi ipad.