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    Hulu using iswifter no so smooth

    It is slightly laggy at times but works perfect for me!
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    How I let go of my iPad 2 but got it back again!!!

    I'm slightly embaressed to say that 2 days ago I traded my iPad 2 for a New Xoom tablet thinking I would really like the added features, flash is coming etc but quickly realized that I'm an iOS girl not an Android one. I posted at your sister site the Xoom forums where they were very nice to me...
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    first ipad 2 app?

    GarageBand and iMovie!
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    can i watch hulu on ipad 2?

    Yep, I can watch Hulu perfectly on my iPad 2 with the iSwifter flash browser. Surprised it works so well. Works super with streaming media sites.
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    Where will you buy your Ipad 2 and why...

    I just got my iPad 2 a few hrs ago! Best Buy were kind enough to provide us chairs! I got at BB at 10 am, went to other stores and came back at 12:50 when 2 girls were sitting on a comfortable couch. They were waiting for the ipad 2 as well, so we then sat on the floor where the line would...
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    Black or white iPad 2?

    Whichever color iPad 2 that I can get my hands on! Beggers can't be choosy because I will be at Best Buy most likely. I am hoping the black ones are not taken because it is my first choice!
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    Are you going to purchase the Smart Cover? If so, which type/color?

    Nope, the iPad 2 is a big enough expense by itself this month but next month, I will be looking at prices on Amazon etc on the smart cover or 3rd party covers too.
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    16GB, 32GB, or 64GB

    16gb Wifi is all I can afford. On my 1st gen iPad, 16 gigs was plenty of room so it will be fine this time too. I am blessed to be able to get the 16 gig one in the first place, so I'm happy.
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    Where will you buy your Ipad 2 and why...

    Best Buy is my first choice, but there is Walmart, Target and Sam's Club all in the same mall where I will be, so I will be calling them throughout the day because I will be at the mall by 9 am.
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    Best Buy

    I sold my iPad first gen yesterday for $300 Cash on Craigslist. I could have sold it for more but wanted to sell it quick. Sure enough, someone called up minutes after the ad posted and he came to pick it up very quickly. I will be up early at the mall that has a Best Buy, Walmart, Sam's Club...
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    Can you afford it?

    I sold my iPad first gen for $300 so thank goodness I dont have to pay the full amount for a 16gb iPad 2 but it's not something I can splurge on either with my bills. It will be my treat to myself
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    Dissapointed poor back camera for still pics and no 128G unit

    I could care less. It records in HD and has Facetime. Good enough for me!!!
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    How early should I get in line?

    I'm gonna get up to my mall with Best Buy early friday morning, eat breakfast etc. There is also a Walmart, Sam's Club AND Target in that mall so I will have other options. I'm gonna be calling a lot to see if someone sells early!