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    Cannot get gmail to sent emails

    I think I selected gmail instead of other
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    iPad Wallpaper Request

    Can anyone do a wallpaper for The Ohio State University. You know the team that everyone hates. Thanks
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    Whats the best leather carrying case cover for iPad?

    I like the Piel Frama cases but went with Padova from Orbino. Now if they would just ship the thing. As a backup I went to Fortte. They have nice leather and functionality at a great price.
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    Ipad as phone?

    Have been playing around with it for a while and an FYI the app needs to be open to receive a call. Might be obvious but I was hoping that somehow it might notify you otherwise.
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    Ipad as phone?

    Just downloaded the whistle phone app and signed up.tried a few test calls and it seems to work fine. You do have to sit through a few seconds of ads but it's free so I think it is worth it. iPad wifi no 3G