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    Are You Going Naked On your iPad Or You Using A Case And Or Screen Protector

    Always had my original iPad in the Apple case then switching between the Vaja Agenda 2 and the Apple case never naked.
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    iPad2 and Hotel Wireless

    I have used my Ipad wirelessly in every hotel I have been in the world since October 2010. I have even went so far to create a wireless network inside the hotel room using the Apple Airport. Usually once the hotel wireless service has been identified, it pops a lil message asking for manual...
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    Ipad2 vs macbook

    I have the Macbook, Iphone 4 and Ipad. The HP Probook has been enlisted with the gf. I can sync both Iphone and Balckberry with the Mac. Never had any issues with the Mac yet either. Let's not talk about the Windows 7 machine. My Wifi printer decided it's time to reinstall the drivers for...
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    Ipad2 vs iphone 4

    Me like big screen, but then again teh Iphone 4 is the ultimate in portability. I find I use them both equally.
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    Hi from Holland

    Hey Marcel groeten uit Curacao.
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    Apple Rumoured to Already Be Certifying iPad 3 Parts

    Light saber? May the force be with you Ipad 3.
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    How often you connect your iPad to computer (iTunes)?

    Everytime I buy new music or apps. CD's that need to be copied over etc etc. I charge with the wall plugs for the Iphone and the Ipad. The Iphone I use mostly to read kindle books or listen to music and the Ipad is more for the graphical stuff or presentations.
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    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    Camera kit works for me. SD card not necessary.
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    What languages do you speak?

    I speak Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento (local Curacao language).
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    Anyone Use Their iPad At The Office/Work?

    I use it for sales presentations etc, a picture is worth a thousand words and whats better in that aspect than an Ipad.....
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    iPad 3

    Currently thoroughly enjoying the Iphone 4 factory unlocked version down here in the Caribbean. The only thing thats not working is facetime since I need to get it activated once Im back in the US. No it's not jailbroken and I see no reason to do so either. Iphone 4 beats the Blackberry Torch...
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    Ipad & TSA

    I go through airports in Europe, Caribbean, the US and Latin America often and always take it out. They searched my bag once because they saw the Apple Magic Trackpad I had just purchased. I hardly think it was worth the half hour search of my carryon. Definitely take it out.
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    Who wants to go to lunch?

    Fly to the Caribbean and I'll pay for lunch.
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    iPad 3

    Ipad 1 still doing a great job for my requirements (kindle, email, pictures, movies), quite honestly I still have not heard the single one new feature that would swing me towards a new purchase. For business I use Keynote, Numbers and Pages extensively while on the road and Goodreader takes...
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    Just received my Vaja Leather Case!

    I used the Vaja Agenda 2 case for a couple of months but reverted back to the original case just because I travel a lot and the Apple case is much less bulky. The Vaja case has a light inside cover and since I kept the cleaning cloth that came with the original Ipad case always over time, the...
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    The iPad : the Swiss Army Knife of computers

    I've probably had most of the Ipod's that came out. The switch from the Ipod touch to the Ipad was just seemless because of the similarities in both produts. In that respect I think Apple does a pretty good job in making their products usuable for the customers. I recently went on a business...
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    How to Get a SmartCover for Your Original iPad

    good one Good one, does the mattress stunt help with the magnet?
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    Suggestion of where to find the iPad 2

    Damnit, I wanted an Ipad 5 :):D......
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    iPad 1 users!!!

    My 2 cents after holding it in my hands and playing with it in the Apple store last week is that I am not convinced I need to upgrade nor do I feel like I missed out on anything after the 4.3 upgrade. Now more than ever I'm convinced I need to wait out till the next upgrade.
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    Will you name your Ipad?

    i'm thinking of naming my Ipad I Panchito.
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    iPad 3 by end of the year is bad

    Now thats what I'm talking about. A December/January release of V3 would be great, I wonder how soon it would be before it would be readily available at all the outlets? Maybe mid February/March? God bless Apple, I hope to play some with the V2 next week at the Southbeach Apple store.
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    Which iPad Case Do You Have? Rate It Out Of 10!

    Vaja Agenda 2 for me and original Apple case. The apple case was first and was difficult to keep clean with the baby. No complaints on the Vaja case except that the Apple cleaning cloth I keep on the IPad screen has been turning the inside of the flap purple. Don
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    Would you buy an IPAD 1 now?

    If I needed another Ipad then probably I'd be buying an Ipad 1 at this time primarily because of the price difference. Lets look at V3.
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    What is left to add on iPad3? Worth the wait?

    I'm waiting as well for V3. Not sure what feature exactly I'm waiting for at this point, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. How about a button to make gold appear out of thin air?
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    iPAD-2 New features. Most of them - Not for me

    Personally I think the Ipad 2 looks damn sexy. Looking forward to seeing it in person next week. Waiting for the Ipad 3 to come out.
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    iPad on holiday concern

    No issues here going through customs in Europe, the Caribbean or the US.
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    Availability - or sellout on first day

    Regardless, I'm getting some popcorn and soda and sitting back to watch this show. When's the Ipad 3 coming out?
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    Starting to lose interest in iPad 2.

    Ipad 1 still working fine for me, maybe after two other upgrades or if something nasty happens to this one....
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    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Some of the website I use/need are flashbased. However if all fails I have the Mac for those special occassions. I'd say for 90% of the time I dont need Flash.
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    wifi ipad with mobile hotspot vs 3g

    Well I have a 3g unit down in the Caribbean where I only use it on WIFI. When I'm in the US I turn on the 3G and presto. I think it depends on the WIFI connection you have. Cant complain on the 3G service since I always had it on ATT and dont have anything else to compare to.
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    iPad 1 owners, will you be getting the iPad 2?

    Out of the Vaja case I can barely hold on to the current Ipad. I'm afraid of bending the Ipad 2 actually. No thanks, I'll stick with the old model for now. Still feel like I'm barely scratching the surface anyways.
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    Smart Phone & iPad

    Two blackberries and an Ipad sure.
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    Man Buys Fake iPad From Walmart and they Refuse to Refund Him

    Some of those fake Ipads sure look pricey. Why just not save up and get a real one?
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    Best Buy or Apple Store?

    Got mine at the Apple Store since it was closer. Personally I prefer to get it from the manufacturer but hey whatever is best for ya. The Apple Store lady was excellent as well and really took her time taking me through the details before I bought plus sold me some accesories. I walked out of...
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    Here comes the competition

    Call me stupid but I like the Ipad and I'm content. I'm not partial to windows tablets after my experence with an HP touchscreen.
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    What are you reading now?

    -The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo -Storytellers All on Kindle for Ipad
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    Selling ipad

    I agree with passing it on to a family member. Off late the wife has gingerly started to show an interest in the Ipad. She is still very much attached to her notebook. Then again for the kind of number crunching she usually does, the Ipad is definitely not the tool of choice. Does anyone foresee...
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    Picky About Finding A Case

    Quite pleased with the Vaja Agenda 2 currently. A bit pricey and delivery time to me was about 2 months but no complaints.
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    What do you care most about for a iPad Case??

    I am looking for protection from my 11 month old son.