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    Playing .avi on Ipad

    This following will describe a step by step guide on how to convert and import AVI files to iTunes. Then it is just easy to watch AVI movies on iTunes or sync AVI video to iPad, iPad2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod, iPod Touch and more. ~moderated - do not link to paid software...
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    iPad can play 1080p videos all you need is......

    i know a step by step guide on how to play MKV, HD MKV files on PS3/Xbox 360/iPad/iPhone/Android/QuickTime/Zune/PowerPoint/BlackBerry/Nokia and more. at ~moderated - do not link to paid software under the guise of a tutorial ~ hope it helps more or less
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    Playing .avi on Ipad

    until now, i did not find a better method other than conversion in the following guide
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    hi isaqri, i am tomjames, and also new to this forum, welcome you and welcome myself too
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    i am tomjames

    hi, i am tomjames, happy to be this great forum
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    how to transfer video I shot with ipad 2 to my mac?

    great topic, and thanks for sharing