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    Video Wallpaper

    Try this. Animated Wallpaper. I need an ipad!
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    Try something for me

    Damnit. Must find a way!
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    Try something for me

    I want an Ipad bad as hell. So bad that I researched every possible angle of the thing and I follow youtube closely for new information. Unfortunately, I can't afford one now, but as soon as possible, I shall purchase that sleek monster of a machine most of you take for granted. Nevertheless...
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    The iPads Best Unintended Feature

    I hope I'm not misinterpeting what you're saying but, Apple is not going to sell seven inch tablets. They developed them at the same time as they developed the 'ten' inch screens. Fortunately, the smaller screen also had a smaller keyboard in portrait mode, which made the idea awfully stupid...
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    Are you upset about this?

    That reminds me of a particular high priced tablet that I want.
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    My Review

    >_> Give me your ipad. I need one. I'll take good care of it too.
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    Lol. Awesome
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    ...... I fashion myself to be an artist. I write, draw, and make music. So once I saw Apple's Ipad commercial, I was astonished by the possibilities of what I could do with this machine. Then came the rough part. I began to absorb all information youtube had to offer on ipads. Literally...