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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    I've always found that holding down volume down muted it perfectly. Why do we need 2 buttons with the same function right next to each other? I'm just glad you can still lock the rotation.
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    Screen rotation lock button stopped working after installing iOS 4.2

    Thank you so much for this. I thought they'd removed it completely. I was pretty disspaointed. It's not so bad now.
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    Portrait Wallpaper

    I took this much earlier today. I thought it works pretty well as a wallpaper on my iPad. It only looks good in Portrait mode sadly though. Click for 768x1024
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    The iPads Best Unintended Feature

    On the kindle app with the brightness turned all the way down, it's too dark to read in bed. You can also set the background to black and text to white for an even darker display. Kindof messes with my eyes though.
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    How much do you pay for gas?

    Interesting, i never knew that. I've looked up the difference between MON and RON and it all seems pretty harmless. And here's me thinking that fuel in the US had bits of twigs floating in it :p
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    My Favorite

    Huge star trek fan here, and this is now my lock screen. Thank you
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    The iPads Best Unintended Feature

    Even in strong sunlight (don't forget im in the uk, so we don't have this 'sun') I can't see my fingerprints. Only when it's switched off. I was supprised at how bright the screen goes :D, unlike my Nexus One which isn't bright enough to use outside. :mad:
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    Hello from England-land

    Yep I have it. It's one of the best things i've bought in a long time.
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    How much do you pay for gas?

    I've always wondered why UK standard fuel is 95 octane but 'regular gas' in the US and Canada is something like 88 octane. Do we use different octane ratings or something?
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    How much do you pay for gas?

    I pay £1.10 for a UK liter. Which works out at £4.164 per US gallon. So $6.33 a gallon. My car only holds 9 Gallons though, so it doesn't feel expensive.
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    What is your ipads name?

    Frank Please don't ask why, because i don't know :)
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    Hello from England-land

    Thanks a lot for the AirVideo tip. I've got a lot of TV shows on my desktop that i want to watch around my house. Sorry, i meant that i was going to use the 'tethering' feature of my phone and turn it into a wifi hotspot and just connect from the iPad over standard wifi.
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    Apps for people in IT

    Great list. The one that interests me the most is #12 HandBase. If it can connect to a networked SQL server i can see this being very, very useful at my work.
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    Hello from England-land

    Honestly, never before in my life :( Just going to poke around. I've already leaned a few things from here at work earlier.
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    Hello from England-land

    I don't even have my iPad yet (coming monday 11th October), but i'm making a pre-emptive strike on this forum. I'm mostly here to learn, and find out about good apps. I'll be using it as an e-reader, movie player, email, web browsing (duh), and for viewing photos on in the house. and tethered...