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  1. ThePhotog

    What headphones or earphones?

    I also have a Jawbone Jambox and it's great
  2. ThePhotog

    What headphones or earphones?

    Bose and you'll never look back.
  3. ThePhotog

    Returned New iPad wifi 64 gig for iPad 2 -New iPad was too hot and too heavy!

    I have the new iPad 3 64gb wifi and it runs no hotter than my iPad 2 32gb.
  4. ThePhotog

    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    The wow factor is crystal clear between the iPad 2 and iPad 3.
  5. ThePhotog

    Applecare plus versus Squaretrade

    I did Apple Care and Square Deal on both of our new iPads
  6. ThePhotog

    FedX is showing one of my iPad 3 are in Nashville. But the other isn't

    Anyone know why my 64GB wifi only would already be in the US but the other one a 32GB 4G isn't ? Is there a delay in shipping the 4G models? Thanks The Photog
  7. ThePhotog

    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Ordered two today a 32GB 4G and a Wifi 64GB both in black. It said delivery on the 16th
  8. ThePhotog

    Question about group emails

    I really like MailShot. Well worth the $ and the upgrades have been outstanding.
  9. ThePhotog

    Since ISO 5.0.1 pad will not print - any ideas?

    Before the upgrades my iPad 2 printed to our print. But now it won't. The interesting this is it will print from my iPhone 4. What settings do need to check on the iPad ? Thanks in advance ThePhotog Jon
  10. ThePhotog

    ipad in the classroom

    Our Daughter In-Law said there school won't allow anything other than Nintendo DSi's in the school. I think it's hold the kids back.
  11. ThePhotog

    Is the Sony Tablet a challenger to the iPad?

    Sony makes a great HD LED LCD TV, Apple makes the best tablet.
  12. ThePhotog

    IOS5 - Photo Stream Question

    I'm currently working with Apple to correct a server problem ( on their end ) it won't allow me to delete anything in "photo stream"
  13. ThePhotog

    Can the 3G iPad replace a phone?

    I have pair my Jawbone ERA with the ipad and it works fine.
  14. ThePhotog

    Uninstall IOS 5?

    Tim, They have to fix some of these bugs in ISO 5. I'm working very closely with Apple currently with some interesting issues with iCloud.
  15. ThePhotog

    The app for this forum keeps crashing or has error messages on ipad2 and iphone 4

    The app for this forum keeps crashing or has error messages on ipad2 and iphone 4 running ISO 5. Anyone one else having this problem. The Photog
  16. ThePhotog

    iOS5 First Impressions

    It was released with a lot of bugs, I look forward to the fixes.
  17. ThePhotog

    How The Photos App & Photostream Should Work.

    Believe me just deleting the picture from Photo Streaming on the device (s) , or on a PC of Mac and even in iCloud will not remove them. This is a major design flaw with ISO 5. And one after 5 days of trying to work with Apple, I should have an answer within 2 days. Don't turn on...
  18. ThePhotog

    How The Photos App & Photostream Should Work.

    I haven't even been able to delete a picture or all photos from Photo Stream. I've spent 90 minute a day for three days trying to get Apple customer service on the phone and have yet to talk with a live person.
  19. ThePhotog

    Deleting Photos stored in Photo Sharing DOESN'T WORK

    Deleting Photos stored in Photo Sharing DOESN'T WORK. I have been working with Apple / iCloud Techs for two days. We've even tried several work arounds - nothing appears to work. Once you store a photo int Photo Sharing good luck deleting it. The Photog
  20. ThePhotog

    iCloud Photo Stream - How do you delete a photo?

    Sign int your iCloud account online, click on your name once signed on. Look for the advance tab and select it. You'll see the option to delete the pictures then. However, the iCloud team at Apple is stil working on this... So it doesn't work yet. : )
  21. ThePhotog

    iCloud Photo Stream - How do you delete a photo?

    iCloud Photo Stream - How do you delete a photo? I took a picture on my iPhone and photo streamed it to my iPad, now I can't figure out how to delete it from the Photo Stream on either device. Can someone please help?
  22. ThePhotog

    Downloading iOS 5 Right now!!!!!!

    I got a first gen iPad and iPad2 done today. I'm working on a iPhone 4 now and the Mobile Me to iCloud switch so I don't get double contacts and calander events
  23. ThePhotog

    iOS5 releases October 12th as a free upgrade

    I update iTunes last night on two computers. Just start the ISO5 update on a iPad1 & iPad2.
  24. ThePhotog

    Itunes 10.5 downloading now

    Took me about 40 minutes for the iTunes update. Still showing ISO5 isn't out yet.
  25. ThePhotog

    What car charger to get

    You need a car charger that is at least 2.1 amps. Look for the griffin one
  26. ThePhotog

    Use Bluetooth headset with video camera?

    The Motorola SD10 won't work with the iPad
  27. ThePhotog

    Subject about iTunes and iPads, iPhone and iPods - Question

    My specific question is, how many Apple iPads, iPhone and iPods can you synchronize to one iTune account? Thanks - The Photog
  28. ThePhotog

    Itunes beef - why?

    Why is it that iTunes is missing so many cd covers/jackets. It seems like every time I import a cd it only has the art work about 70% of the time. Yet Windows Media Center has the art work 100% of the time ?
  29. ThePhotog

    External harddrive backup suggestion!

    I mean $50.00. My mistake!
  30. ThePhotog

    External harddrive backup suggestion!

    Find me a 500gb Western Digital external HD for under $40.00- please!
  31. ThePhotog

    How many movies do you have on your iPad?

    I have 9 digital copy movies.
  32. ThePhotog

    External harddrive backup suggestion!

    Considering the newest version of iTunes will not allow you to backup the apps, music, digital movie and other purchases on DVD's, I was wondering what external HD 500gb people would recommend. The computer I'm using to run iTunes is newer Sony Vio i5 w/ a 500gb HD. I'm just fearful of...
  33. ThePhotog

    iCloud here yet?

    Was in the local Best Buy and a geek squad member said iCloud was released. I doubt it has been since I've been looking all afternoon. What's the scoop? ThePhotog. Jon
  34. ThePhotog

    Off topic question - advice requested

    Tim, I'd really like something high capacity and stand alone. I was looking at a 64gb iPod Touch today, I didn't know they were Bluetooth. I'd really like to buy the 160gb iPod Classic and find a Bluetooth adapter( that plugs into the 30 pin ) that is guaranteed to work with a Jawbone Jambox.
  35. ThePhotog

    Off topic question - advice requested

    I have a lack of data storage problem, in other words not enough storage. I really like listening to music with my new Jawbone Jambox. The iPhone 4 I have is a 16 gb, my iPad 2 is a 32gb. What other Apple products can I purchase that offer data storage capacity of at least 64gb and...
  36. ThePhotog

    iHome Rechargeable Mini Speakers REVIEW

    I just got a Jawbone Jambox and all I can say is WOW ! The only downside is a chamber ound when using it on phone calls.
  37. ThePhotog

    Longest IPad Power / Sync Cable

    I have one, I've used it for sync and charging. It's a heavy gauge cable.
  38. ThePhotog

    Head phones/Ear buds for iPad

    I have a set of Bose (for the iphone4) that I use and love how they fit in my ears.
  39. ThePhotog

    I ordered the Jawbone Jambox- review to follow

    Countless hours of research I went ahead and ordered the Jambox to use with my iPhone and ipad. Review to follow. The Photog