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    Apple iPod touch 64GB (4th Generation) cannot be recognized by my computer.

    I bought an Apple iPod touch 64GB (4th Generation). But it cannot be recognized by my computer. And i am unable to connect it to my iTunes and the computer. I want to update the software, but first i have to make it recognized by my computer. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  2. K

    HDR only on iOS 5 iPhones

    Option 1: Download firmware directly from Apple’s servers (not through iTunes) Rather than hit the “Update” button under “Summary” in iTunes, instead download the firmware for your device directly from Apple. Make sure to download the software to a place that you’ll remember. Once download is...
  3. K

    IOS5 Internal Error Message

    Do you receive an “interal error†when you are updating your iphone or ipad to apple’s latest operating system IOS, iPad could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3200)", or ios 5 server unavailable? One of the more common is error 3200 or error 3002. It means the apple server is...
  4. K

    Downloading iOS 5 Right now!!!!!!

    I have downloaded and intalled it
  5. K

    iOS 5 install ?

    you need to download IOS on your system, and install iTunes 10.5 beta 7. Open the iOS beta 7 file that you downloaded in the first step by double clicking it. This will mount the image. Launch iTunes 10.5 beta 7 and connect your device. Click on Sync option. Hold down the Option key and click...
  6. K

    "An error occured while backing up (-50) on attempted ios5 upgrade. Help!

    1. Launch Tiny Umbrella and make sure that your SHSH Blobs are saved for iOS 4.1. 2. I made sure that the host file was still pointing to Apple's servers 3. I launched Redsn0w and put the phone into the cracked DFU mode. 4. I then restored my iPhone 4 as normal in iTunes and I had no problems...