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    HDMi Connecter for iPad 2

    Ah, I didn't realize there was different HDMI things for laptops and monitors Thank you anyway.
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    How long does it take!

    Ah, the same thing happened when I ordered my iPad 2. I ordered It near the middle of may, but I got It early In june. The way I got It was going to fedex, (Or your delivery service), and Inquired about It.
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    HDMi Connecter for iPad 2

    I understand there's a new HDMi connecter made for the iPad I understand It's a great concept, but I want to know this; If I hook up the iPad to this laptop, and say I'm streaming the things that appear on my monitor, will It continue streaming or would the other programs on the actual computer...
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    New HDMI Adapter turns iPad into a display monitor?

    Potentially, It works on anything with the video pins and whatnot You'd have to make sure to see If they match, otherwise you could damage your equipment, (obviously).