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    Jennifer Rush

    can anybody tell me what key she sings Power of love in Shirley
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    Presentation with Ipad 2

    Thank you very much Admiral Adama and Gabriel, you have come up trumps once again. I have downloaded Slide Shark and will be looking at others. My next step is to purchase a Projector, I have been looking at a Phillips pocket projector, any advice on this subject will be gratefully received...
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    Presentation with Ipad 2

    A prosperous new Year to everyone Hi Ray Charlton here. It's been a long time since I was on this forum, I received some very very good advice at that time so I am now back hoping to receive your assistance once again. I am using an ipad2 28.5 gb IOS5, I would like to use my iPad to run...
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    Linking calendars

    How do I synchronise my windows calendar with my iPad 2 3G. Operating system windows vista, already downloaded Dropbox and Evernote to both devices but calendars not talking to each other. Ray
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    new I pad user

    Hi hpulmer Yes I would like to be able to edit my lectures. The lectures are in basic format, I will download Quickoffice HD as you have suggested and thank you again for your assistance. Ray
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    new I pad user

    Thanks Gabriel1, I have already downloaded drop box and pages. My intention is to progress from reading my lectures to giving presentations when I can afford it but clearly I will need a projector, screen and interface connectors etc. So, in the meantime, I would like to become proficient in...
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    new I pad user

    Hi Gabriel1, hpulmer and Leelai thanks for your early response, this is a completely new experience for me. I will follow your advice. The machine I am using is the ipad2 WiFi 3G 32GB. Not sure what the IOS stands for, however my lectures are written in MS Office Word for Windows Vista. Again...
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    new I pad user

    Hi my name is Ray I am a new iPad user, never used one before. As a Freemason I give lectures to other lodges, I had hoped to write my lectures on my PC Windows Vista and download them to my iPad so that I can take them along to,lodges and give them a lecture from my iPad However, I am...