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  1. Trainwire

    [GIVEAWAY 2] Brand New AirBender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for the iPad Air Contest!

    The Original Charley & the Chocolate Factory
  2. Trainwire

    Webpage Design

    Thanks, I will check it out
  3. Trainwire

    Webpage Design

    Can anyone recommend an app for website design? I have searched the forums and haven't come up with anything. I'm looking for an app that allows me to create my page(s) and upload them to my host.
  4. Trainwire

    Avid Studio or iMovie

    Want a video movie maker app, what app are folks using and how do you like it?
  5. Trainwire

    Itunes 3d and they are great. But to get the 3d HD you must access with a web enabled tv. I have used them and the experience has been great!
  6. Trainwire

    Remote App for Apple Tv 2nd Gen.

    I can not connect to my Apple Tv after it goes to sleep with the Remote App. I can't even mirror my iPad to it after it goes to sleep. It tells me it can not find the Apple Tv. Apple support says it was a setting in my Internet service provider, I call them and they say they have very basic set...
  7. Trainwire

    Itunes 3d

    Does iTunes rent any 3d movies for my new Vizio 3d Tv? I tried searching with keyword 3d, but didn't come up with anything. Or maybe someone knows another source for downloading 3d movies. Thanks Ken
  8. Trainwire

    Itunes didn't sync some items See itunes for details

    After trying to sync my iPad 2 I got a message on my iPad screen that informed me 4 items could not be synced and to see iTunes for details. I am looking at my laptop and there is no message what so ever. I can not seem to find anything like a log of last sync. Any ideas? I am now going to...
  9. Trainwire

    Simcity Deluxe Help

    I'm new to Simcity on my iPad 2. I have a city going and I am loosing money like crazy. What can I do to increase monthly revenue? If I put taxes up to high, my advisors get cranky. If I leave them 8-12% people and businesses leave my city and I get lots of empty lots. Any good strategy...
  10. Trainwire

    News stand and zinio

    Stay away from pixelmag they sell $2.00 apps that have no magazines in them! I got suckered into two of them, I downloaded them both the same night, should have done one and checked it out. Zinio is way more credible company I have never had any problems.
  11. Trainwire

    Note taking Apps

    Looking for any input about.... PhatPad Notes Plus Upad Which do you feel is the best all around general note taking app? Thanks for any input.
  12. Trainwire

    Nine-Year-Old Boy’s Wish Granted to Create his Own iOS Game

    Make a wish is an amazing organization....I am buying the game, we all should buy they game and support an awesome organization!
  13. Trainwire

    Broken ipad 2 glass

    Thanks Tim
  14. Trainwire

    Broken ipad 2 glass

    It is true that Apple will replace a unit even for accidental damage. Two days ago I dropped my new ipad 2, and was devastated. Yesterday I was in New York City so I went to the Apple store on 5th Ave. They gave me a New replacement at absolutely no charge! I am so grateful. But also scared to...
  15. Trainwire

    Which iPad model you have?

    I have the Black 64Gig WiFi only iPad 2, perfect for me being a Motor Coach Driver out on the road a lot. Not having to fire up my laptop all the time. I also have an iPhone 4 that I plan to use to tether my iPad 2 off, for Internet access.