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  1. J

    AIr Display Ipad app looks cool

    hi The forthcoming Air display app looks pretty useful, especially if you do video or audio editing on the road. You can use your Ipad as a second monitor for your laptop. j
  2. J

    Video making apps

    for the iphone there are dozens of apps you can use to treat the video you shoot on on your iphone, trim, tone, special effects etc as the ipad has no camera what will happen to these apps when it comes to transfer to ipad? do you reckon these apps will allow you to import video from any...
  3. J

    Ipad magazines

    Anyone know if magazines for the Ipad will make into the ibook store (or future imag store maybe?) or will they be apps competing with all the other types of apps in the apps store?
  4. J


    does the ipad/safari use cookies like any os? so if i have affiliate amazon links within an ipad app and user clicks then buys via safari/amazon it's attributed to me? thanks jules