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    Seagate GoFlex wifi Satellite external hard drive

    How do you rip DVD s thanks
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    Itunes movies

    Thanks but how do you download it back from iCloud thanks
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    Itunes movies

    Hen you purchase n download a movie on iPad where will movie be stored. If its on iPad how do I move itto iCloud thanks all
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    Bluetooth headset

    An anyone recommend Bluetooth headset for iPad n iPod touch thanks
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    Moving pictures

    How do you move pictures in camera roll to other alblums. Also how do you move pictures to other alblemss
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    Stop from locking of screen

    Ow do you keep display from cutting off or locking up ... I want to keep iPad on so to keep alarm or calendar displayed all the time.. Thanks all
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    Transfer files

    I have tried this but still won't sync. Any other ideas thanks... Confused. Missing windows now".
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    Most confusing

    I have iPad 1 I like it allot but transfer files n photos with apple is the most confusing task compared to windows or android. I copied photos to the iPod fold n still will not sync to iPad.. This really getting to me..
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    Transfer files

    I copied pict to that folder but still did not xfer picts
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    Ipad crashinkg

    My iPad was working fine with joss 5.01 but recently it started closing apps randomly. Can anyone please please help. Thanks
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    2nd ipad

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    2nd ipad

    Hen I get 2nd iPad can I transfer purchased apps from first iPad to second one or will I have to repurch apps for 2 nd iPad..... Alex
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    Second ipad

    I m thinking of getting a iPad 2. Do I need a second account to use with iTunes. Thanks Alex
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    Transfer files

    I'm a neewbiee. I have iTunes installed on pc but can't figure out how to transfer pictures n documents to my iPad. Thanks for help Alex
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    Siri on ipads

    Ones anyone know if Siri will be available for iPad 1 or 2 soon. Thanks
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    I just bought my 1st audiobook on I tunes. How do you put a bookmark when you stop listening to it. Thanks all. I'm a newbie Alex
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    Ipad wifi sync

    I have iPad 1 still can't sync. Does the pc have to be wireless? My pc is on cat 5, verified iPad is on same subnet. But still can not syc. Also several. iOS 5 features won't work. Gestures photo slide show also don't work... What gives thanks alex
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    Ipad wifi sync

    I followed those instructions n the syc wifi is always greyed out. I'm using iPad. 1. I'm at wits end.. iOS 5 is a bust for mme
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    Ipad wifi sync

    If u uninstall iTunes onipad n pc will u loose everything.
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    Ipad wifi sync

    I'm having the same problem. I enabled wifi sync on I tunes. But wifi sync is frayed out on the I pad..... I'm using iPad 1.... Could it be another feature disabled on iPad 1. Like gestures??? Please Help. Alex
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    Podcast app

    Since I updated to iOS 5 the podcast icon is gone. How do I play podcast files. What to do thanks. Alex
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    Gestures ipad 1

    Why would they do that... I was going to transition to apple I Mac also but if they pull this on loyal customers then I will stay with pc products. I don't ever recall Microsoft doing that .....
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    Gestures ipad 1

    I updated my ipad1 to iOS 5 but cant get gestures to work. Can some one tell me what to do. Thanks alex
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    Apps wont open

    I just downloaded n installed ios5 had no problem but since it completed. None of my apps purchased will open. Icon wil flash as if it wants to open but does not"....... Please help. Thanks all alex
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    Deleting TV shows from ipad 2

    I'm new to this but how do u. Delete podcasts n files from PC.. Thanks alex
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    Itunes 10.5 downloading now

    I m new to this. I updated iTunes on PC then later synced iPad. Will this also update it on iPad Thanks alex
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    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    Thanks for quick response. I'm I new to apple products. May give up on windows n go to IMAC WHEN ABLE..
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    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    I checked this morning 10 am set still no update. I did update iTunes to 10.5 When should it be available.". Thanks