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  1. J

    Automee-S is a robot that cleans your iPad screen

    dust?? dust is the least of the problems why my screen needs cleaning. its the awfully greasy fingerprints that stick way too much. wonder if that robot cleans the fingerprints too. then, when you leave it to rest, why not put a bot on it to work so when you need it again its shiny clean. 8/10 -...
  2. J

    New iPad Mini Renderings Appear Online

    What? Moderator edit: Check the language.
  3. J

    My ipad 3 settings is nagging me to update to 5.1.1 how do I shut off this nag?

    maybe you should just update. it's not that hard! :)
  4. J

    GoPro Footage and iPad 2

    i have succeeded in this always, with my old ipad1 and this new 3rd. i use the camera connection kit, and stick the sd-card from my gopro hd hero2 to the slot. only problem there has been with the ipad1, with no power to play 1080p. 720p played just fine. of course the 3rd gen plays all just...
  5. J


    i am searching for a solution to subscribe to podcasts through ipad. i would love to get a push or something when a new episode for my favourite oodcast is released. its a shame the ipad itunes does not include such a option. i bumped into an app named instacast hd, which describes itself as...
  6. J

    Spotify for iPad finally released!

    ...and it looks exactly as pictured a few weeks or so ago. seems great, airplay and crossfading works like charm.
  7. J

    Alleged Picture of New Spotify iPad App Emerges

    at last. i really cant imagine what in the world has taken them so long, theyve lost a great amount of paying customers for not staying up to date with mobile software. android-version is buggy and old as the grandma's knickers, and the iphone app i have had to use in my ipad's isnt much better...
  8. J

    2048 x 2048 Retina the new iPad wallpapers download

    i dont believe in that because other sites gives retinaimages properly. even that interfacelift. i vote for bad web design..
  9. J

    2048 x 2048 Retina the new iPad wallpapers download

    nice images, but choppy quality, wrong resolution and sh*tload of nasty ads. not a site to recommend.
  10. J

    2048 x 2048 Retina the new iPad wallpapers download

    how come i cant get no retina-wallpapers from ilikewallpapers, although it says at the page that it is 2048x2048. safari and iPhoto says 1024x1024 and the image is choppy. the other link in this thread properly gives me 2048-resolution for me.
  11. J

    ipad 3 takes much longer to charge

    i have noticed the same thing. this morning when i woke up, had the night in the charger, reading was 92%. i even checked that if the ipad1:s charger had too little output since i've been using it for the 3, but theyre exctly the same. i have no problem with the battery lasting, the operatig...
  12. J

    Hand gestures

    i also filed a bug report through the link, since nowhere apple says that it wouldnt work on ipad1. i hope they fix it soon.
  13. J

    Tiny Tower Aims High With A Million Downloads in Four Days

    no deal, cant do anything without paying heaps. the last bit was when, starting app, all my progress was reset to zero. i wouldnt suggest anyone to put their money in this.
  14. J

    How To Get NEW Multitasking Gestures In iOS 4.3 | iPad 1 & 2

    that certainly puts me back on my seat thinkin of enabling them. are theše symptoms how usual? i sure dont want any of that "pc-stuff" in my beloved ipad..
  15. J

    drop pins

    that was cool thing to share. just yesterday i last cursed about the missing streetview. THANKS!
  16. J

    Car Mount

    Sure can. I have jvc 711 with bt and audiostream works like a charm.
  17. J

    Fishing Kings HD Available Today as Free Download

    Ehm.. I didnt look at the date of the op. Wonder what the todays' thanks were for?
  18. J

    Fishing Kings HD Available Today as Free Download

    My appstore says 3,99€? How can i get it for free?
  19. J

    Sculpty - fun game

    I tried it and liked it, in terms that you are just friends who came up with it. The graphics could be nicer, more professional finish in it, but the idea was good. At least i started to long for more.