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  1. Ruthie

    iTunes cloud

    I recently purchased an album from iTunes. I have noticed that where it shows some of the songs on my computer a large number of them are not highlighted and they have a cloud next to them. How do I get them out of the cloud and into my music list? I tried paying £21 so that I could have my...
  2. Ruthie

    iOS 7 - first impressions

    I can't get the lock screen wallpaper to change. Also, every time I close my iPad, even if just for a few seconds, i have to re-enter my pass code; I have checked my settings and this is set at 15 minutes. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  3. Ruthie

    New guy

    I very much doubt it as they run on two different operating systems, IOS for the iPad and android for the Samsung. I do not think they are compatible. I expect you will get a response soon from an expert, but that's what I think anyway. Have fun in the states. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  4. Ruthie

    Deleted ibooks but ipad still shows use wifi to download "ipad at work vol2"book

    Have you tried closing down the iPad completely, then go to App Store and try to buy the book again and it should say its already downloading do you want to cancel? Sent from my iPad using iPF
  5. Ruthie

    Help please

    I'm having the same problem. What's happened to the App Store! All I get are blank pages. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  6. Ruthie

    Confused about the new ipad specs

    Why? It's much better than the iPad 2!
  7. Ruthie

    Crash, crash, crash!

    I have updated to iOS 6. I will give your suggestions a try and see what happens. One thing I was thinking was that my wifi download speeds are pretty low, do you think that can make a difference? If nothing else works then I will try and get to an Apple store and see what they say. Thanks...
  8. Ruthie

    Crash, crash, crash!

    Do you know the names of them so that I can have a look!
  9. Ruthie

    Crash, crash, crash!

    You are correct in assuming that I have an iPad 3. Before that I had a 1 and I don't recall this happening with the 1. I live in a standard house and my router is in my living room. It is also connected to my Sky box with an Ethernet cable (not sure if that makes a difference). The problem has...
  10. Ruthie

    Crash, crash, crash!

    It loses connectivity. The round 'egg timer' just constantly spins until I get a message that I can't connect to the network.
  11. Ruthie

    Crash, crash, crash!

    It's all it ever does! I can be halfway through watching a programme on BBC iPlayer, or just browsing through the App Store or looking at posts on the forum, and suddenly my iPad just stops working. Sometimes if I just switch it off and then on again it will work again, but more often than not I...
  12. Ruthie

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Watching True Blood.
  13. Ruthie

    The Story game

    Aston Martin
  14. Ruthie

    Tales of Monkey Island HD Episode 1 Goes Free to Celebrate Full Season Release

    Can anyone tell me how to get to the well and then find the X to bury the doll? I've been running round and round in circles!
  15. Ruthie

    Smurf village friend request

    10 times! I must have tried about 30! If I hadn't got a new iPad I would have chucked it out the window! Oh well, will just have to give it another try I suppose!
  16. Ruthie

    Smurf village friend request

    I was really enjoying this game until I had to bake cherry cakes. I can't seem to bake them so can't move up a level so have stopped playing. So annoying! Has anyone else had this problem?
  17. Ruthie

    WiFi connected but won't connect to internet

    I'm glad I'm not the only one! It happened again today. I've tried everything, turning off the router, closing down the iPad and forgetting the network! It's so annoying.
  18. Ruthie

    WiFi connected but won't connect to internet

    Thanks. I will give that a try the next time it happens.
  19. Ruthie

    WiFi connected but won't connect to internet

    It's a 192 IP address. This never used to happen on my iPad 1. I have tried switching off my router and it does resolve the situation for a while but it gets annoying keep losing connection when listening to the radio. If I use the radio app on my iPod this never happens.
  20. Ruthie

    WiFi connected but won't connect to internet

    Quite often when I'm listening to my radio app it will stop working for no reason and all I get is the little circle thing rotating as it tries to reconnect. I then find if I try to open anything that needs a wifi connection it won't work, I.e. BBC iPlayer. I have to hard shut down the iPad and...
  21. Ruthie

    what's your favourite game on the iPad?

    I love it too. It's even better after the recent update. I got to a point on Smurfs Village where I couldn't continue because I just couldn't bake a cherry cake, so in the end I gave up! I also like the Sims especially as you can skip a goal if you can't complete it.
  22. Ruthie

    Cannot connect to itunes

    I have 5 current App updates so went into my apps and logged into iTunes and requested it to update. However after five minutes of the Apps 'waiting' a message comes up saying 'can't connect to iTunes store'. I've tried shutting down my iPad but it's still happening. I've also tried loading a...
  23. Ruthie

    what's your favourite game on the iPad?

    The Tribez Sims Free Draw Something - friends wanted!
  24. Ruthie

    Sims free play

    Now I have my baby and the next goal is to change its diaper, but the parents keep saying no! Has anyone got to this level yet, and if so,how do I get them to do it?
  25. Ruthie


    Big fish games have an app and they have hundreds of hidden object games. Most are free to start but then after the first section you have to pay to continue. Really good games though.
  26. Ruthie

    Sims free play

    I've done that with a couple but I thought with a share house they didn't need to be in a relationship.
  27. Ruthie

    Ipad is stuck - urgent help needed

    Thank you, yes it worked. I wasnt holding them together. Panic over. I thought I was going to have to drive 20 miles to the Apple store!
  28. Ruthie

    Ipad is stuck - urgent help needed

    I was watching a programme on BBC iplayer on my iPad and it suddenly stopped. It is stuck on the picture, no sound. I have tried switching it off but it won't switch off. It is completely stuck and I really don't know what to do. Has this happened to anyone else and what can I do?
  29. Ruthie

    Sims free play

    Ive bought a share house, but how do you get more Sims to live in it so that they are sharing?
  30. Ruthie

    When to Charge your iPad?

    If we keep our iPads on charge a lot of the time, are they using a lot of electricity? By that I mean are they like a tumble dryer that costs a fortune to use! I've on,y used my iPad for an hour and a half intermittently over the weekend and already it's used 21% of battery, so I thought I might...
  31. Ruthie

    Quick Poll: New iPad Feedback

    I had the original iPad before so the difference is amazing! However, I'm really not happy that it was advertised as a 32gb, but in my settings it says it's got 28gb of space, so where has the other 4gb gone? Can I sue Apple under the Trade Descriptions Act?
  32. Ruthie

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    They said mine would arrive today, and it did! Thanks Apple for an excellent service.
  33. Ruthie

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    At last preparing for shipment. It will arrive at my work on Monday.
  34. Ruthie

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    I ordered mine on 8th March and it is STILL processing. Everyone else's ordered around that time seem to have been despatched.
  35. Ruthie

    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    I ordered mine on the 8th and its STILL processing! Is this because I'm in the UK?
  36. Ruthie

    Overall iPad 3 disappointing

    I quite agree! I have ordered the iPad 3, but thats only because I've had my iPad 1 for 16 months now, so thought it was time to change. I'm not interested in the camera, I have a great digital camera and a good one on my mobile phone and hey both fit in my pocket!
  37. Ruthie

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    You won't like it ............................... You'll love it!
  38. Ruthie

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Mine is ordered too. A 32gb white wifi with a pink cover. Apple have confirmed delivery for 19 March. Now I need to sell my iPad 1st gen 16gb wifi. I'm selling for £220 (DO YOU THINK THAT IS A FAIR PRICE.
  39. Ruthie

    I've ordered my new iPad 3rd Gen

    I have an original iPad so I'm really looking forward to getting the new one. Anticipated delivery date is Monday 19 March. Can't wait!
  40. Ruthie

    Hints on Triple Entendre

    Hi, what help did you get? I need some too!!