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    External USB storage Support on JB iPad 2 4.3.3

    Based on my short experience with CCK/SD: 1) Don't know - will try 2) VERY unlikely you need more than 16G for APPS! ( unless you are crazy about >100 Mbyte action games...) Expecially now that you can move everything else to SD card ; I would go with 16G! 3) I would stay with 4.3.3 and upgrade...
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    External USB storage Support on JB iPad 2 4.3.3

    Try to summarize ipad2 JB 4.3.3 & cck based on my experience: * SD/SDHC - 100% works (at least upto 32G...) * USB thumbdrive - Only issue with ipad2 limited current 30mA;Fix by using externally powered hub (battery if you want mobile!) about $40 * USB HD - That's the tricky one. In addition to...
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    External USB storage Support on JB iPad 2 4.3.3

    @jimakris: CyberPower mobile hub is nice, but also can consider Hyperdrive HD case at $100. Has onboard rechargeable battery and you can fit with any SATA drive (...I assume it works on ipad2...): buy online at A bit would be nice to try find out which USB...
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    Seagate GoFlex Mobile Wireless Storage

    few questions on satellite @AQ_OC: 1) Seagate say "it will play divx/ xvid etc. provided the ios device can"... Does it mean that all will be OK after you install a 3rd party player? Will this work within seagate app? How does it work in detail? Did you try divx? 2) Someone reported thermal...