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    Espn Mobile or Espn for Ipad access

    Espn Ipad site choice ST2356 That does work to fix the ESPN web site problem. Thanks
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    Espn Mobile or Espn for Ipad access

    My Ipad always picks the Espn moble site and I'm unable to get to the site (Espn) made for Ipads. When I type it always go to the mobile site. How can I change this or even get to the espn ipad site. Thanks
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    Deleting pics help???

    I need to delete some pics on my Ipad. When I check them and hit delete on the ipad it does not delete them. When I plug it into my pc it does not show on My Computer as a hard drive so I cannot delete them off using my pc. Anybody have any solutions?? Thanks in advance
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    Delete pics???

    I have some double pics in my in my photo, how do you delete them? When I check them and hit delete it does not remove them. What am I missing?
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    iPad keeps forgetting home network password

    Is there a way to lock my home network password in so that it will automatically connect to this network?
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    Hiding apps??

    How do you hide app instead of deleating them?
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    Folders on home page

    Is it possible to add folders to your home page ??/
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    google address book to ipad??

    Is it possible to transfer google address book to ipad?? Thanks