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    Which model iPads do you own?

    IPad 2, 4, Air, rMini.......
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    Best iPad in your opinion?

    I've owned them all, iPad Mini Retina is my favorite and the best...
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    Ipad mini or ipad with retina display/ipad4?

    I also have both!
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    Ipad mini or ipad with retina display/ipad4?

    I have both......!
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    iPad 4 or iPad mini

    I bought both back in December and that solved my decision making problem. I use the iPad 4 at home and carry the mini when I'm out and about. This works for me quite well. I will upgrade the mini if the mini2 has a retina display.
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    Flipboard, Pulse or Other?

    I use News360
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    How many movies do you have on your iPad?

    5 on my Mini iPad , 21 on my iPad 4th Gen, and 3 on my iPod Touch 5th Gen...
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    Best note app

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    Color of your mini

    White on my Mini and Black on my iPad 4th Gen..... Works for me..
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I have had a iPad 1 for a year now and I just picked up a iPad 2 16 GB over the weekend to tide me over until the teething problems on the iPad 2012 subsides and then I plan to pick one up later this year. The iPad 2 will go as a gift to a friend. The 2 was cheap @ $359 at Microcenter in the...
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    Official: Post where to get the best deals on new iPad (third gen)!

    Target Stores, USA ... Use their Red Target Credit Card for 5% off which for me is a savings of $41.45 on the 64GB 4G... Tried to buy the AT&T today but they had only the Verizon in stock.. I am trying another location in Chicagoland.
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    Hi, where are you from?

    Hi, where are you from?
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    Is Apple Planning an iPad Mini?

    I just received a RMA from Amazon to return my Kindle Fire..... It's just too small for this senior citizen's eyesight! I also disliked the native browser and found the Fire to be a really unpleasant user experience as compared to my iPad 1 64 and my HP Touchpad 32GB.
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    How many GB is your iPad?

    lPad I 64Gb ..... Wil opt for a 32GB iPad 3 next spring...
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    New Amazon Fire Tablet killing the iPad? We think not.....

    I like it, I pre-ordered one on opening day, it will compliment my HP Touchpad 32 and iPad 64. The 7" will fit nicely inside the pocket of my parka this winter.
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    Ten Devices Set to rival the iPad 2

    I would like to see Amazon's offering as they are projecting shipments of 5 million in the 4th quarter......
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    Has anyone tried the TouchPad keyboard on an iPad?

    My Touchpad 32gb is scheduled to arrive on Thursday according to the tracking from Mac Mall. The price was right for a change. I have no idea if the HP keyboard will function with the iPad. There is a lot of chatter of porting Android over to the Touchpad. I'll fool around with for a while...
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    Otterbox case / Zagg screen protector mess

    If you bought your Otterbox from AT&T or on eBay and did not get the Otterbox screen protectors (2) & microfiber cleaning cloth, call Otterbox and politely ask the CSR person to send them out. I did and they were shipped out via FedEx at N/C...... Great company and customer service..
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    Keeping ipad cool in a hot car

    I use a Styrofoam cooler and one of those sealed cooler paks that you freeze in your freezer.... cheap and it works...
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    Hi, This in an international forum, and I saw your location: Stavanger so I looked it up on...

    Hi, This in an international forum, and I saw your location: Stavanger so I looked it up on Google... I believe you are in Norway... but there is a Stavanger, Illinois USA about 45 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois USA...... Cheers, Rich in Chicago
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    how many GB??

    64GB....... would like 128GB !! :D
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    iPad 1 accessory clearance

    You were very lucky, that item went on clearance sometime in April and the eBay types bought them up and sold them at auction... Verizon Wireless on line just lowered their price to $19.97 w/free 2 day shipping, local taxes apply.
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    ZAGG invisibleshield front for original ipad

    Zagg invisible shield for original iPad Verizon Wireless is closing out the Zagg invisible shield (two sided) for $9.99 on their site with free 2 day shipping... Original iPad only but might be modified for a iPad 2 with a port cutout for the cameras.. :)
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    Verizon Wireless iPad Accessories Blowout !

    Verizon Wireless USA is blowing out on clearance a Griffin black leather folio for iPad 1, 2 screen protectors, and a 6 Ft USB cable for $4.99 with free 2nd day shipping, local taxes will apply. While the Griffin folio was intended for the iPad 1 some have adapted it to the iPad 2 by cutting...
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    iPad 1 accessory clearance

    The Griffin leather folio will work with the iPad 2 but you will need to carefully cut a port for the camera..... the 6 foot USB cable is worth the price alone..... Rich
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    iPad 1 accessory clearance

    Verizon lowers the Price to $4.99 !! If you're in the USA, Verizon on line has a clearance on iPad 1 accessories: Griffin black leather folio, 2 screen protectors, and a 6 Ft USB cable for $4.99 with free 2nd day shipping, local taxes will apply. Total for me was $5.46 Link: Set Your Location...
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    Ipad accesories

    The AT&T wireless Otterbox case is for the iPad 1 ....! The configuration for the iPad 2 is a lot more money..
  28. C members ipad2 Otterbox case 59.99

    Call Otterbox and ask for the screen protectors (2) and the neat micro fiber cleaning cloth (the size of the screen) and their CSR will ship it to you by Fed Ex at N/C... they did it for me when I picked up an Otterbox Defender off of eBay.... check their web site for their 800 number...
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    Could the iPad connect to like a canon wireless printer?

    There is a Canon Easy Photo Print App in the App Store that supports about 10 Canon printers for printing photos only - no doc printing......
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    iPad Skins vs iPad Cases

    Otterbox Defender I have a iPad 1 and I found the case on EBay for $28 shipped USPS Priority Mail. If you have a iPad 2 check eBay and Amazon.
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    iPad Skins vs iPad Cases

    Caew...! Otterbox Defender because at the time it was the toughest available.....
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    Stylus Holder

    No, it doesn't .... I have the Boxwave with the mini lanyard and insert for the headphone connector.... The insert is plastic so it is insulated. I wish there was a source for the mini lanyard as mine is wearing thin.
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    Griffin survivor case

    From the specs it looks great, better than my Otterbox Defender. But the Survivor is available only for the iPad 2 from what I read on their website and I have the iPad 1 classic so I am out of luck. Good luck on your deployment... Watch you Six ! Garry Owen
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    Your most used app? 1. 2. 3.

    Atomic iPadForum Angry Birds iBook :)
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    iPad 1 accessory clearance

    iPad Stylus 2 per for $5.99 I found this deal this morning and ordered from on a chance that they might be useable... looks similar to the Griffin Stylus. Link: - iPad Black Capacitive Stylus (2-Pack) - works with iPad, iPad 2, Tablets, and all Touchscreen Devices
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    iPad 1 accessory clearance

    I received mine as well today, pretty good deal for $10.90 delivered.... 2nd day Fed Ex... For those that have trouble finding it on Verizon's web site here's a link to Bens Bargains Ben's Bargains - Coupons, Bargains, Freebies when you get there do a search for iPad .... a host of items...
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    iPad 1 accessory clearance

    Log into Verizon if you are a customer... or go here and play the click game: Set Your Location :D
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    iPad 1 accessory clearance

    If you're in the USA, Verizon on line has a clearance on iPad 1 accessories: Griffin black leather folio, 2 screen protectors, and a USB cable for $9.99 with free 2nd day shipping, local taxes will apply. Total for me was $10.90 Link: Set Your Location
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    Any case similar to Otterbox Denfender

    PM sent .... check your mail....