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  1. timtruro

    Storage/download problem

    I cannot download to my computer first, I am in Aruba for a couple of months and the only thing I have with me is my iPad. I can download one at a time, then delet but it takes quite awhile to download an episode. I have now signed up for Netflix so I can stream but Netflix doesn't have the...
  2. timtruro

    Storage/download problem

    I am trying to download a tv series from iTunes. I keep getting an error message that says I do not have enough local storage to do so. I bought more iCloud storage, but keep getting the same message. I cant see a way to move things to the Cloud to create more local storage space. I don't want...
  3. timtruro

    Would you say the ipad 2 is considered old inferior technology now?

    Love my iPad 2 . It is everything it is supposed to be and works pretty much flawlessly. I will use it probably until the battery life degrades and only then consider something newer (or maybe just replace the battery?)
  4. timtruro

    New iPad 2 for Christmas, what should I do now?

    Based on what you say you will be using it for, the iPad 2 should be fine, why spend the extra money?
  5. timtruro


    Can Siri be installed somehow on my iPad 2? Or is it part of an operating system that is different? Running IO6 now. Thx
  6. timtruro

    Pdf converter

    I am mainly interested in converting certain email content to PDF and then saving it in that format.
  7. timtruro

    Pdf converter

    Looking to purchase a PDF converter for my iPad. Any suggestions on apps you have found useful? Thx
  8. timtruro

    Unlocked-what does it mean?

    Thanks, that helps....
  9. timtruro

    Am I The Only 1 Not Upgrading ?

    Have the same ( great) machine and will stick with I for the foreseeable future.
  10. timtruro

    Unlocked-what does it mean?

    I was looking at iPads for sale on EBay recently and several are described as 'unlocked '. I'm not sure what this means. Does it have to do with whether the machine was assigned to AT&T or Verizon from the factory, so that unlocked means it is unassigned? I know that when I have gone to buy...
  11. timtruro

    Cant update ipad2 to ios5.1

    When you press General, should see a Software line on the right, tap that and it will tell you what software version you are running.
  12. timtruro

    worth upgradeing?

    I read the WSJ many days on my 2 and the print graphics and pics are great. Maybe if you use it for work the increased resolution will make a difference, but for me, I am a happy camper with the 2.
  13. timtruro

    IPad2 trade in?

    Thanks, think I will stay with the 2 for this yr. it's 3G and 32 gig so a nice little system for me. Been using it here in Aruba to Skype, pay bills, email, and generally staying connected with family in the US. It has performed well with local wi fi. Given the roll out for the new one...
  14. timtruro

    Bar code app

    Used this info and got shop savvy, works great, thanks to all.
  15. timtruro

    iPad 2 old tech?

    If you keep waiting for the latest "thing", you will never buy. I got my iPad 2 last Sept. no regrets and I won't be running out to buy a "new iPad . Bit I will be considering the next iteration.
  16. timtruro

    Ios 5.1

    Improvement in battery life is touted as one of the improvements. Downloaded it this morning so too soon to tell.
  17. timtruro

    IPad2 trade in?

    I'll the Apple stores accept a trade in and give an allowance toward the iPad 3 .? Doubt it but thought I would ask.
  18. timtruro

    Cant update ipad2 to ios5.1

    Also try going to settings, then general, then software it may prompt you then to download 5.1.
  19. timtruro

    Cant update ipad2 to ios5.1

    I got a pop up this morning asking if I wanted to upgrade to 5.1, I said yes and it upgraded immediately. Did you get the pop- up? If not maybe shutting down and restarting??
  20. timtruro

    iOS 5.1 update and wifi connectivity

    I upgraded this morning, been using it all day, no difference in wireless connectivity. And I am in Aruba!
  21. timtruro

    Heads up clue out

    Black is the new white.....go with the black!
  22. timtruro

    Bar code app

    Ok, I downloaded a bar code app, now how does it work? Do I just place it over a bar code?? Help...
  23. timtruro

    Question about Warranty and iOS 5

    Just do deserve it.
  24. timtruro

    Printer for iPad2

    Well, I purchased an HP D110a. Had some issues at first until I registered it, this incurred on my home wi fi. On a second wi fi system it worked immediately but I had to establish another email address for the printer in order to use eprint. I also bought Print Central and that app is very...
  25. timtruro

    Group email

    Thanks all, I purchased the MailShot app and it works perfectly. The free app limits the number in the group to 5 addresses but the purchased app seems to allow unlimited numbers in the group. I have established and used two groups so far, with more to follow.
  26. timtruro

    Group email

    An I create email groups on an iPad ? Verizon is my email provider. T
  27. timtruro

    Printer for iPad2

    I do not have a printer, just want something that will work directly and seamlessly with the iPad
  28. timtruro

    Printer for iPad2

    Any input on the best wireless printer for the ipad2? Price would be an issue, would like to keep it under $100.
  29. timtruro

    Aruba use

    We will be going to Aruba in february. My wife has a weekly Skype call and I want to be able to pay bills, send email etc. The house we are renting has wi fi and my iPad has 3G. Should I be concerned about any connectivity problems or issues?
  30. timtruro

    Kindle Books On The iPad

    I must say the kindle is definitely my preferred device for reading outdoors in the bright light. Also somewhat easier to hold when reading in bed at night. However the print clarity is better on the iPad.
  31. timtruro

    iPad & Kindle Sync

    This solved my problem but I guess if I have read the kindle without the wireless on and then leave the house with the iPad , no sync will occur, guess that makes sens since it needs a way to make the connection. However leaving the wireless on the Kindle does wear down the battery quicker.