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    Itunes 9.2 Spirit Fix

    Hey guys, Just noticed a lot of people are still trying to work around the whole iTunes 9.2 issues with SpiritJb as I was a week or so ago, and then i came across this iTunes 9.2 FIX which worked wonders for me. My iPad is not jailbroken and cydia etc works fine, no issues and no deadly reboot...
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    FM Transmitter for iPad?

    I found that my iPods transmitter did no work at all on the iPad so i went and forked out for a bluetooth one, which works great, just not as cheap :(
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    What is your ipads name?

    I havent a name for my iPad as of yet, but my girlfriend calls it the iBi*ch.... ....Just because i spend more time with it then her lol
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    Jailbreaking iPad and iTunes 9.2 options?

    Theres a fix for the 9.2 iTunes spirit someone "unoffically" released that i used which worked great for myself after dramas of trying to jailbreak on 9.2 iTunes 9.2 FIX