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    Where would I find more wallpapers like this?

    You can go a step further like I did and get a sticker for the back of your iPad with any image you want through sticviews. it cost me about ten bux and looks awesome
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    Review - Best Skins Ever

    I rarely move mine from my bed, so I did wanna protect it from my cat even though that video is out. i got ipad stickers from sticviews and it cost about 10 bux. ironically i put a pic of my cat as the image that was printed
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    StarCraft 2 theme

    Omg cant wait to play this game
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    China unveils bootleg version of iPad and calls it the iPed

    i remember hearing about a cell fone that lit itself on fire.. burning a hole through this chicks backpocket.. in america.. just sayin!
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    I'M not liking PayPal right now.

    Dude, you think THATS bad? I've had my money on HOLD for 90 days before. there are whole forums on paypal and how they suck. just type: paypal sucks -- into google.. you are not alone.
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    City Scenes

    i like heavenly bodies more than anything earthbound..
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    How to add a wallpaper to my ipad

    I like the photobucket app more than using flickr, but thats just me!
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    Wallpapers with Cats?

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    After JailBreaking, iPad take forever to load!!/HELP ASAP.

    I restored and installed jailbreak all over again. Hopefully I won't run into this problem again.
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    Ok, even if it isn't the "point", shouldn't *every* device be able to multi-task? I mean, why not??
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    i'd like to see all my mail in one place. and REAL multitasking, not whatever is going on rite now..
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    i have fios, avg is about 8-9 megabits/second :):)
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    Google Earth Out Now for iPad

    i can see myself wasting a lot of time on this.. just in a more comfortable position! lol
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    Hack your iPad to support Verizon's MiFi

    lmao @ matth3w. why the F would u wanna open it??? don't. make. sense.
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    iPad Threat Looms Large over Amazon’s Kindle

    i don't think the ipad is great for an ebook... the kindle is so much lighter and no glare, why would u wanna read a book on an ipad? i prefer real book, just sayin!
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    Is Apple upset with AT&T?

    I wish they would just go with t-mobile. t-mobile is faster than the supposed '4g' access that spring offers (here in dallas at least) and i'd love that on my ipad
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    Apple Sells Three Million iPads in 80 Days

    I've had my iPad for a little while now and my friends have been salivating all over it. I'm sure one by one they'll be picked down by Apple's iPad sniper machine.