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    iPad 2 external battery case?

    The new Mophie battery will be capable of charging the new iPad and your iPhone after, bit expensive but what Apple product isnt.
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    what'sapp app???

    They are not working on an iPad version, it is however possible to install WhatsApp on your iPod Touch or iPad, although you will still need to enter your password.
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    Buy iPad2 or wait for iPad3?

    Well it wouldn't be the smartest decision to buy an iPad 2 now because it will lose some of its value when the iPad 3 is release, and the release date of the iPad 3 isn't far away according to numerous rumors.
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    Whatsapp 2.5.9 on 5.01 ipad2

    Don't use the iPhone Configuration Utility if you are jailbreaking just install WhatsPad and install WhatsApp with EDITED BY MODERATED since you already purchased it.
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    Whatsapp 2.5.9 on 5.01 ipad2

    If you are using Cydia download whatspad, else just use this tutorial to install WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad.
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    Wallpaper Studio Pro HD - Themes For iPad and iPad 2 - 10 Promocodes

    They are gone, just checked them all!
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    Mac RDP - not VNC - no app install... does it exist?

    There is no way to remote access a Mac without installing applications or activating services, why wouldn't you want to use one? It's not that they are slowing down your Mac.
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    Writing apps with built-in dictionary

    Developers mostly use Apple's dictionary, if you don't like it - wait for Office for iPad.