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  1. Husq250

    I don't want a new O/S for my iPad

    Reading through this thread make me regret starting one on a similar subject. I can see both side of this as I share similar frustrations as the OP. For me, I'm liking IOS 9- it's works well and I have no need to change that. However, about the security patches, how different do you think it is...
  2. Husq250

    Notification pull-down

    I was just reading this thread and saw you calc widget. I downloaded it and am going to try it out. So far I already like it better than my "slide over" calc since my main go to calc app seems they will never support slide over. Thanks.
  3. Husq250

    Any thoughts on preventing this?

    Thanks for your response. I charge this iPad once per week. When I do the iPad gets turned all the way off- not sleep mode. However, their are a few times it will need to be plugged in while I'm still using it. So that's the culprit then. I'll try to change my charging habits and not let the...
  4. Husq250

    Any thoughts on preventing this?

    I've decided to stay with the latest version of IOS 9. It's works very well and no need to change what's working. The problem is on this particular iPad, with it having the most empty storage, IOS 10 automatically downloads taking up as you can see the most room af any other app. Worse yet is...
  5. Husq250

    iPad Air 1 vs Mini 2

    I've had an air 1/ mini 2, air 2/ mini 2. I've now settled with the iPad Pro 12.9" for non portability and still have my mini 2. It still works great for me.
  6. Husq250

    Split screen

    Thanks guys. I think I'll hang on to 9 for a little while longer while I learn more about 10 and see how it develops. 9 works great now anyway. If I could have a wish list for slide over and split screen is: The ability to run ALL apps side by side weather or not the developers support it...
  7. Husq250

    Split screen

    So now that IOS 10 is out are their any changes notable for the iPad Pro 12.9? As I stated above I returned an iPad Pro a while back because I purchased it with high hopes of split screen and slid over. I was sorely disappointed with those. I purchased an iPad Air 2 instead to replace my aging...
  8. Husq250

    iOS 10 on a mini2

    Glad to have read his thread. I've got an iPad mini2 I'm considering updating to 10. I think I'll wait. Did either of you update through iTunes or OTA? If I ever do update I think I'll go with iTunes. I think I'm over the OTA updates.
  9. Husq250

    Split screen

    What kind of improvements will IOS 10 bring to split screen? I had an iPad Pro and returned it due to lack of split screen practicality IMO.
  10. Husq250

    Land plot map app?

    Thanks for the ideas. While to one probably won't work for the person in question I'm asking for, it did give me and idea to help him a little. :D
  11. Husq250

    Night Shift on IOS 9.3

    I was quite disappointed that the iPhone 5c is not included as well.
  12. Husq250

    Land plot map app?

    Is their an app that would help someone with knowing the boundaries of a particular piece of property?
  13. Husq250

    iOS 9.3 Is Available

    I updated 2 iPads and 1 iPhone with no problems. I usually wait longer after a release to update but I didn't. One thing I noticed, my iPad mini 2 runs noticeably smother on 9.3. Everything works better including the keyboard track pad feature which I use a lot. :)
  14. Husq250

    Stable @ 65% Won't Charge further

    I had that issue once and it turned out to be the wall charger usb block.
  15. Husq250

    Thoughts on the rumored iPad Pro 9.7?

    The iPad pro ended being too big for me so I bought a iPad Air 2. I'm glad I did even with the pending iPad coming up. While I like having newer equipment I don't need the very latest. I don't see anything I "need" on this new one. I'm really more interested in how the split screen develops. I...
  16. Husq250

    Looking for the best clear skin, just for the back of the pro

    Id take a look at IQ shield if it's just a clear skin your after. They offer a great screen protector with a rear protector as well. The rear I have had a hard time installing myself though.
  17. Husq250

    My iPad 2 Air keep loosing the WIFI connection

    I had this happen to me with an iPad Air 2 and while unlikely for you, the issue for me was that it was getting its connection from a hotspot and the phone producing the hotspot was also playing Pandora. Apparently it doesn't do both at the same time well. I shut off Pandora and all was well...
  18. Husq250

    Anyone regret buying the iPad Pro?

    One thing I decided to do was get the iPad Air 2 and use it for a test tool for future IOS updates and developer support for slide over and dual view. I went and bought a refurbished to offset some of the cost too. I'll keep an eye out on news about the IPP and when I see the support with this...
  19. Husq250

    Anyone regret buying the iPad Pro?

    OH NO! I haven't head of these specs or release date! I just ordered a refurb Air 2 that shipped! If the price stays the same that would be worth waiting for! I do wonder and kind of expect the price to take a jump up if they make 4K displays especially paired with 4GB RAM.
  20. Husq250

    Anyone regret buying the iPad Pro?

    I just did a little research and it seems the Air 2 has the same keyboard as the Air? Can anyone confirm? The Pro has quite a more advanced keyboard that is nice. I bet they do that on purpose to have more separation between the two.
  21. Husq250

    Anyone regret buying the iPad Pro?

    Thank you. I think your answer is spot on and I think I will just be one of those whom it doesn't fit. Usually I would sell my current version iPad to offset the cost of the newer one but this time my wife will move over to my iPad from her aging laptop. So the Ipp would be all out of pocket...
  22. Husq250

    Anyone regret buying the iPad Pro?

    I just picked up an iPad pro. So on day one I'm thinking I'm going to return it. I have 3 major reasons for wanting to move to it and one reason I think it might not be the right fit for me. I do not draw on it and that seems to be quite common with iPad pro users? My 3 reasons for it are 1-...
  23. Husq250

    iPhone 5c screen problem

    Hey all, went to pass this iPhone 5c to a family member. It used to get used daily by me and then spent some time sitting before getting set up as a new phone. Like a couple weeks. When we turned it on the screen had these issues. Any idea what could cause this? It's not in the outer screen...
  24. Husq250

    Widgets are Twice as Nice

  25. Husq250

    iTunes, how do I do a manual check for update

    Another thing, different iTunes versions can have different layouts so what you see and what I see may be different.
  26. Husq250

    iTunes, how do I do a manual check for update

    In the last version of (PC) iTunes I've seen, after you open iTunes but not going to the "store", their should be "file" "edit" "help" etc on the top left of the screen. You would click on help, on the bottom I believe you can select "check for update" or "about" I think to get your version.
  27. Husq250

    Migrating from old iPad to new iPad without backup

    Just a thought- My computer is getting too old for iTunes (or anything else for that matter) and iCloud has been less than perfect too many times as well. I decided to make up a folder system in drop box that I access via Documents (by Readdle so I have "cloud" and "local" files) to store all...
  28. Husq250

    Widgets are Twice as Nice

    Is tiny calc snappy or does it lag a bit? I found a calc for slide over that lags too much to be usable. Can't wait till my calc app devs support slide over!
  29. Husq250

    Couple IOS 9 thoughts

    One thing I do after every iOS update is the usual sleep/ home button reset and I always do a "reset all settings" as well. For me that seems to smoothen things out a slight but noticeable amount more over the usual. Then since all my settings will be back to default AND to familiarize myself...
  30. Husq250

    Couple IOS 9 thoughts

    Is the latest IOS 8 still being signed?
  31. Husq250

    Couple IOS 9 thoughts

    I updated a couple iPads to 9.0.1. Updates went fine and they run smooth. Is it just me or did we loose the the speed of app switching using the small icons at the top when several apps are open? Rather than the slower, swiping through the large app views. Not a big fan at all of having to...
  32. Husq250

    Widgets are Twice as Nice

    Very nice! How are you getting 2 column widgets? (I haven't updated to 9 yet)
  33. Husq250

    Unaccounted Memory Usage

    Have you tried hooking it up to iTunes? This probably won't solve the issue with how it displays but might show more details on where the memory is being used.
  34. Husq250

    IOS 9 Instillation

    Their is a fair chance if hay day hasn't come out with an app update already, they soon will. That might fix any IOS 9 specific app related issues.
  35. Husq250

    Proactive Assistant - Creating events automatically

    I believe it's when you're on the recieving end of one of these-
  36. Husq250

    iPad keyboard shortcuts.

    Well I thought I'd give an update just in case anyone else suffers this issue. I went ahead and tried post 9 above and so far so good. Im no longer using iCloud backup but use iCloud for syncing calendars and tasks. After setting up the iPad as new this is working. Im slowly working on doing...
  37. Husq250

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    South Dakota Black Hills from the air. (iPhone)
  38. Husq250

    iOS 9 announced

    Not being able to drag and drop makes sense for an IOS device. But can you select and copy? That would make it very functional for lots of people.
  39. Husq250

    Concerned about upgrading my IPad 2. Should I be?

    I guess I see no reason to given what you use it for. I am sorry to say but doing a back up does not back up an older operating system, just apps and data. If an OS goes haywire, a back up will not help.
  40. Husq250

    iOS 9 announced

    Your supposed to be able to open a second app without leaving the one your in. Im not sure yet what that is supposed to mean.