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  1. dennis

    Gmail Question

    From your Home screen goto Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars From there you can see all your email accounts that are set up, and you can add, modify, or delete the accounts. You can have multiple IMAP and POP accounts. Currently there is a limit of 1 Exchange account however. But the...
  2. dennis

    114,000 iPad Owners' Email Addresses Revealed Via AT&T Security Hole

    Not a dumb question at all. I don't know the answer for sure. But for what it's worth I personally think you are not at risk if you have not yet activated your 3G service with AT&T yet. When I activated my 3G service I had to create an account and provide my email address, mailing address...
  3. dennis

    Apps for people in IT

    TeamViewer is great. I use it on my iMac, Windows laptops, and my iPhone. I believe the TeamViewer agreement says it is free under the condition you only use it for personal needs. You are NOT to use it for commercial purposes unless you purchase it. So it's all on the honor system I...
  4. dennis

    Bluetooth Keyboard Question

    WiFi is what your iPad needs to connect to the Internet. Bluetooth is what the iPad needs to connect to the keyboard. WiFi and Bluetooth are independent of each other.
  5. dennis

    Greetings, strangers

    Welcome! This is a great forum and I think you will find many helpful threads and good people here. Enjoy! Oh yeah... one more thing: YouTube - Star Wars- The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) :D
  6. dennis

    Real Time Strategy Games

    Has anyone played Galcon Fusion on the iPad? I don't have my iPad yet so I can't offer a review. It's almost like a game I played on my buddy's Apple IIe almost 25 years ago called "Galactic Empires". Although that game was turn-based and not real-time. We would build up huge fleets over the...
  7. dennis

    Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live

    Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live | Magazine Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live By Chris Anderson May 26, 2010 | 2:00 am | Wired June 2010 The irony that Wired, a magazine founded to chronicle the digital revolution, has traditionally come to you each month on...
  8. dennis

    Hello from Silicon Valley

    Welcome Mark! Can you give us a hint as to what kind of apps are you working on?
  9. dennis

    iPad Steering Wheel Mount - Video

    This was posted earlier here:
  10. dennis

    Apps for people in IT

    Thanks Mike. I'm an IT guy so I'm definitely subscribing to this one. <geek> The Force is strong with this thread. I foresee this will thread will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. </geek> :D
  11. dennis

    Did anybody 'Reserve' their iPad In-Store?

    I reserved mine in-store on Friday 5/21. I also ordered it online last night. The online order is due to ship 6/8 and arrive 6/11. Whichever one is ready first wins and I'll cancel the other.
  12. dennis

    Hi from Danville, CA`

    Welcome R. Hurst from a fellow East Bay resident! :) I have been planning to get the 3G 64GB also but haven't been able too yet. I will be interested to read your review. This is a great forum. Enjoy!
  13. dennis

    I am camping out for my iPad next thursday in the UK!, wish me luck!

    Good luck! And yes please post some pics while you are going through the line. I enjoyed Max's live feed from San Francisco during the US release.
  14. dennis

    pinging my ipad - i think there's a problem?

    More info for your reference. Here's a ping test from my iMac to my wireless router. The iMac is on 802.11n (Wireless-N) in this scenario. The round trip times vary from just a hair less than 1ms to over 12ms and everywhere in between. Last login: Sat May 15 17:24:10 on ttys000 iMac:~...
  15. dennis

    pinging my ipad - i think there's a problem?

    Was your Windows machine on wireless also during your ping test? You also need to send a few dozen pings to the router itself so you have something to compare.
  16. dennis

    iPad to be Used as Inflight Entertainment System

    I think virtually all pilots find knee boards necessary, or at least useful. I never became a pilot but I used a kneeboard when I was taking flying lessons. There's a ton of information pilots have to process and keep track of, and the information constantly changes. And don't get me started...
  17. dennis

    DIY iPad Car Mount - under 50 cents if you have iPad case

    I love how simple and cheap it is. And it will work on many different cars. I never would have thought of this myself. Thanks!
  18. dennis

    iPad Wallpaper Request

    Thanks KnausO!! Those are both exactly what I was looking for. :)
  19. dennis

    Battery Care

    From wotfan's link there is another link specifically addressing the iPad's batteries. Apple - Batteries - iPad
  20. dennis

    Typing test

    I agree. I plan to use the wireless Apple keyboard if I want to type quickly, or type a lot. With the virtual keyboard the hardest thing for me to get over is to *not* rest my fingers on the home row. The virtual keyboard is close to the size of the real thing so I find myself reverting to...
  21. dennis

    Are there 3Gs available in Apple stores this morning?

    I just walked in to my local Apple Store and Best Buy, both were completely sold out of the 3G models. They both had some WiFi models left though. But the excitement is still very fresh. The Apple store was packed and all 20 or so demo iPad units had people trying them out.
  22. dennis

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    3G download speeds are also variable. It depends on the quality of the signal reception and how many other 3G users in your area are actively using 3G connections. You might experience different results if you try it at other times, or in other cities, or even just from the other side of the...
  23. dennis

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Memphis I think.
  24. dennis

    How many 3G iPads will sell in the first day?

    *bump* The day is upon us! Happy day 3G'ers. :)
  25. dennis

    Otter box

    They haven't said yet, but you can sign up to receive an email when it is available. Apple iPad Case :: Coming Soon! //
  26. dennis

    Received Camera Connection Kit - Short Video Demo Inside.

    Same deal with iPhoto on a Mac. You cannot view photos in full screen until you import them from the camera to iPhoto. I'm not sure why that is, but they must be closely related. The iPad built-in photo app was designed to be like iPhoto (hence the places, faces, etc. features) I'd love...
  27. dennis

    Least Common Complaints About the iPad

    More humor to brighten your day. :D This one is from the New Yorker Uncommon complaints about the iPad : The New Yorker LEAST COMMON COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE NEW IPAD by Billy Kimball APRIL 26, 2010 · Too salty. · Time-travel app does not automatically adjust for Julian calendar. · When...
  28. dennis

    Could a Sexting Scandal Come to the iPad?

    How is this incident any different than when boys rented out magazines to their friends 10, 15, or 20 years ago?
  29. dennis

    Newbie from California

    Welcome to the site Nel! This is a great forum. Lots of good info and discussions.
  30. dennis

    Apple wireless keyboard

    Thanks everyone for your responses! I also have the same question as gentlefury. I use the wireless keyboard with my iMac and I was wondering how easy it would be to use the same keyboard, moving it back and forth between the Mac and iPad. It would be nice to save $69.
  31. dennis

    Apple wireless keyboard

    Hi all, Is anyone using the Apple wireless keyboard with their iPad? If so, have you come across any issues? Apple - Apple Wireless Keyboard - Explore the cable-free, incredibly thin keyboard. Thanks! :)
  32. dennis

    10 Signs The Apple iPad Has Made You The Most Annoying Person Ever

    Just some humor. Enjoy! 10 Signs The Apple iPad Has Made You The Most Annoying Person Ever. - @TremendousNews! :D
  33. dennis

    How To Wirelessly Sync Google Calendar with iPad Calendar?

    Hope this helps: Set Up Your Apple Device for Google Sync : Mail, Calendar, & Contacts - Google Mobile Help This help article is for the iPhone and iPod touch, but I think it should be the same procedure on the iPad (not sure since I don't have one yet).
  34. dennis

    Site question: How can I increase the number of posts per page when viewing a thread?

    Thanks Johnny! I went to the CP earlier but totally missed it. My bad.
  35. dennis

    Waterproof Case for Apple iPad

    In case this is something you might be interested in: Apple iPad Case :: Coming Soon! // But if any case is water proof it may also be airtight so whatever buildup you have inside the case won't ventilate out. I have the OtterBox Defender series for my iPhone and it protects...
  36. dennis

    Battery Test

    Thanks for the reports you guys. That is actually really helping me reinforce my decision to get one of these babies. I have been having trouble justifying the expense due to some financial issues of my own so every little bit of justification helps. :D