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  1. Twism86

    Ipad 4 vrs biglot tablet...

    Anyone who got a HP Touchpad when the prices bottomed out (and before they disappeared) actually got a pretty good tablet. My brother has one, its solid. I would say it rivaled the iPad 2....
  2. Twism86

    2048px site: free wallpapers

    Nice stuff, thanks.
  3. Twism86

    Which browser are you using on your Ipad 4

    Anything good and worth the DL?
  4. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    Totally, my phone is really text message device, music player and alarm primarily. I will remove my music from the iPad and keep a few good playlists and load my music to google and amazon.
  5. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    I probably should have coughed up the extra $ for 64GB.... But, I always have my phone with all my music on me. In the 1.5 years I had my iPad 2 with all my music, I listened to it....twice?? At most. I dont really need music on it but having some movies would serve me better i think.
  6. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    Thanks for the options!
  7. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    Marilyn, good idea, thanks! I have some music in amazon actually that I purchased.
  8. Twism86

    iOS 5 reset for resale?

    Ok thats I thought anyways.
  9. Twism86

    white ipad discolour ?

    My brand new 4 in white is very white. More so than my 1.5 year old 2 is.
  10. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    I might remove the majority of my music because its all on my 64GB iPhone anyway and that is what I use to play music in my car or at home. I will leave just my favorite artists and some "party mixes." I just dont know how to sync different play lists on two devices IE all my music to my iPhone...
  11. Twism86

    iOS 5 reset for resale?

    Hey all, Im selling my iPad 2 and the buyer wants it running iOS 5. It currently is on 5.1.1 because i never upgraded to iOS 6. However, he wants it running ready to use with my info wiped but not on the setup screen. Is there an easy way for me to do this, im only family with hitting restore...
  12. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    Well I picked up my 4 last night and the 2 is already on craigslist! For me, the huge retina screen was worth it. Now I will try and take advantage of the faster processor with some cool apps. I stuck with white. Only regret... I have too much music, my 32GB had 2 GB available now and its brand...
  13. Twism86

    Which browser are you using on your Ipad 4

    I use Apollo only for the integrated facebook chat.
  14. Twism86

    Uses for a junk iPad 2

    LMAO thats brilliant!
  15. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    It does have a better front camera too, right? VGA v 1.2MP I believe. So will I look better to people I Skype with?
  16. Twism86

    Apps to take advantage of iPad 3/4

    I Primarily use facebook, Skype, safari for browsing. I do run a few games that say "HD" so i assume they will looks better. Tower Madness and Overkill for example. I also have NOVA but dont play too much. Weather apps, nothing fancy.
  17. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    Thanks. Yea for reading it might really be nice. I manage my own forum so i spend plenty of time looking at text..... Still on the fence, might go to Apple today and check it out (which will be my downfall).
  18. Twism86

    iPad 4 Ripoff from Retailers - New Members/Buyers Please Read

    Yes apple should have just keot going with the names 2,3,4..... or add a "S" like they do with the phones. However, buyers should be cautions and research what they are getting. That's their responsibility.
  19. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    Also, right now I can probably sell my 2 for a decent price to recover some of the cost which definitely would help.
  20. Twism86

    Apps to take advantage of iPad 3/4

    Hi all, So I have a iPad 2 and cant decide on upgrading to a 4 now. Mainly because I dont think im maxing out my 2 as it is. If there are some cool games or any other apps that really to take advantage of the faster speeds and screen of the 4 I may be able to be swayed into getting one. Any...
  21. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    Hey Everyone, Sorry for a post with "little substance" but here it goes anyway. I have a iPad 2 right now and really cant decide if I want the 4 yet or not. I use my iPad literally everyday but my uses of it at that intense so to speak. I use it to browse the web, facebook, Skype, weather and...
  22. Twism86

    Tethered wi-fi vs 4G Question

    I used my iPad 2 tethered to my friends iPhone 5 LTE hotspot, faster than my wifi. You dont need a 4G iPad if you already have that, plenty quick.
  23. Twism86

    New iPad 4 - iOS 6.01

    Like going back to google? Haha
  24. Twism86

    Apple Also Teases Their Fourth Gen iPad

    Its not rocket science. Apple comes out with a new connector, new iPhone, iTouch, iPods, etc...... It was only very likely that they would be update the majority of their line for the new connector. Any one who buy every single new generation is going to be disappointed. I myself stick to...
  25. Twism86

    Post pictures taken with your iPad 3.

    Sweet kicks!
  26. Twism86

    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    My iPad 2 takes wayyyy more than 4 hours to fully charge, closer to 8.
  27. Twism86

    Does the name give us some clues to the longevity of the product?

    Was the iPad 2 officially called that upon initial release? I cant quite remember.
  28. Twism86

    New iPad vs. iPad 2: Which One Should You Get?

    Free or spend $500?? Yea go with FREE!!! If it was between spending $400 vs $500 then get the new one....
  29. Twism86

    I went to play with a new ipad.

    I was just at the apple store yesterday. The screen is much nicer obviously. If I could sell my current iPad for $400 I would upgrade to another 32GB WIFI model. I dont think I could get that much for it though. It was quick too, but not much more noticeably. I only tested the internet on it and...
  30. Twism86

    How do I get an iPad3?

    My apple store has them all in stock. I was surprised.
  31. Twism86

    Am I The Only 1 Not Upgrading ?

    I just went over to check out the new one. It is nice, that for sure. The screen is great and when you hold then side to side or switch back and forth you can really tell. They even had every model is stock! That being said im typing this on my ipad 2. If I could sell my current one for 400 I...
  32. Twism86

    EEEEYIKES!!!! -New iPad's 'Dictation' Sends Memos, Email Direct to Apple

    Its intended to help improve the system of voice to text. Nothing new, as when it first came out in the 4S we knew it sent stuff to apple then too.
  33. Twism86

    Am I The Only 1 Not Upgrading ?

    Im going to the mall today after work to look at one, I doubt ill be convinced that I need a slightly better one.
  34. Twism86

    How many ipads in Space?

    Hopefully they loaded all their apps before launch! I dont think space has WIFI or 3G yet.
  35. Twism86

    how to disable that annoying pop-up

    It goes away once you enter your password ;) But seriously I dont think you can, why do you want to? Just a security feature so random people using your iPad dont download $100 worth of games.
  36. Twism86

    How will u really improve the next iPad ( not fantasy)

    I think stereo speakers that have better projection forward would be nice. Is the speaker on the 3 any better than 2?
  37. Twism86

    4 bad iPads. Dust and dead pixels on new iPad

    Were they iPad 3s? If so im surprised so many were available. Anyway, my iPad 2 is perfect. My iPhone 3GS had dust under the screen but only after I dropped it so i probably shook something loose.
  38. Twism86

    First Photos Taken by New iPad Camera Appear

    Exactly, I see it being used for "OMG look what my cat is doing right now" moments where you need a quick shot with what you have in your hand. You know, until our hands come with built in cameras too.....
  39. Twism86

    How popular? A guess

    I work at a College in Albany where high tech is the name of the game. Just saw two people walking from our shipping dock with around 15 conspicuously shaped boxes.......
  40. Twism86

    First Photos Taken by New iPad Camera Appear

    Looks fine, it will never be a primary photo taking device. Yes the 4S is better but it should be. big improvement from the 2nd though.