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  1. applechick

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    Does anyone miss the larger device? I personally love the weight but I'm not sure if I miss holding a larger iPad- make sense?
  2. applechick

    New iPad Mini 2 released today 12th December 2013

    My store has same day pick u available
  3. applechick

    NEW ipad mini w/retina display

    I hope we find out soon!
  4. applechick

    How many Ipads does your household own?

    Ok my numbers have changed- we now have 1 iPad 2, 1 iPad3, 1 iPad 4, 1 iPad mini and 1 iPad air :-) ( and 2 iPod touches, 3 iphone 5's and an iphone 5s, a MacBook and a desktop Mac)! :-)
  5. applechick

    I'm happy to have been first on line at BB

    i got one at Walmart but it's not a great one and it cost me $40 ! But I needed one ASAP so I got it. Will try to replace it soon.
  6. applechick

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    I was looking for something to slip in my purse and had been waiting for the mini with retina display. I had the original mini but have since passed that onto my son. I have to admit I was not happy the price increased, apple never did that before. Anyways, went out yesterday and purchased the...
  7. applechick

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    Ok .... Went to Target and scooped one up! Will report in later :-))
  8. applechick

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    I'm sorry- should I hold off for the mini or just go for the air? I'm stressing about this!!
  9. applechick

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    Should I hold off for the. I I or go for it?? Bbb
  10. applechick

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

  11. applechick

    iPad mini 2: Retina or not?

    probably costs more to make the 3 or the 4 over the 2. Retina screen etc. makes sense to me.
  12. applechick

    Ipad mini with retina display or Ipad air?

  13. applechick

    Apple Officially Unveils the Next-Gen iPad Mini

    i would like to know the answer to that too!
  14. applechick

    iPad Air vs iPad 4: specs comparison

    i was talking about the iPad 4 and the iPad air...
  15. applechick

    iPad Air vs iPad 4: specs comparison

    Thanks for that, that's awesome! Doesn't seem to be a huge difference though. Not what I thought. Doesn't mean I don't still want it!!
  16. applechick

    iPad mini 2: Retina or not?

    YUP! I'm gonna need help from my forum friends on this one!!
  17. applechick

    iPad mini 2: Retina or not?

    I have been waiting for the mini with retina display, now I'm torn!
  18. applechick

    Welcome to the iPad Air Forum!

    iPad air or mini with retina display?? Choices choices! I'm torn!!
  19. applechick

    Need help from my forum friends!

    Friend of mine is looking to buy an iPad classic for her daughter. Of course used. Can any of you experts out there tell me if that is it a wise choice? She will use it wifi only and to basically play games, surf the web and read. Maybe watch movies and music videos. My concern is will it...
  20. applechick

    iOS 7 - first impressions

    i really don't mean to come across as rude but were all here to try and get information from each other and your comment seemed a bit rude.
  21. applechick

    iOS 7 - first impressions

    Aren't you pleasant!
  22. applechick

    iOS 7 - first impressions

    My mini is taking forever to update. Updated an iPad 4, and iPad 3, and iPad 3 and an iPhone 5 and the mini still has hours to go. Wonder why?
  23. applechick

    Screen crack

    Apple does not repair screens. They give you a new device at a discounted rate.
  24. applechick

    How many GB is your iPad?

    My iPad mini is 16. iPhone 5 32. New iPad 64.
  25. applechick

    Ipad sleeve

    I'm looking for an iPad thin sleeve in leather that will fit my iPad with Smart Cover. Hopefully not too crazy in price. Any suggestions? Thanks ahead of time!
  26. applechick

    Smart case- what color?

    Was thinking about getting the apple smart case in red.. Thoughts? Only concern is I heard the red isn't the same in person as it is in the picture.
  27. applechick

    Screen crack

    The reason I said I don't want them to think I dropped it is because that's what most people, including you would assume. But that was not the case. I'm sorry you think the situation seems cheesy, but what benefit do I have starting a topic on this forum that is based on a lie?
  28. applechick

    Screen crack

    Apple would not exchange it. Had to pay $230 to replace.....
  29. applechick

    Screen crack

    I made an appointment for this evening. I'm just so worried they will think I dropped it or something- pray for me!!
  30. applechick

    Screen crack

    I was just taking my mini out of its case (an ihome composition) and the screen cracked!! I didn't drop it or anything. Im so upset! Anyone have an issue like this before? And no, I do not have AppleCare!
  31. applechick

    Do you give your device a name.

    That's a good one, I wanna steal it!!
  32. applechick

    Ipad 4 screen protector

    I use them on all of my idevices! I absolutely love them!!!!
  33. applechick

    Do you give your device a name.

    My iPad is named Melissa's iPad. My mini is Melissa's Mini. My white iPhone is Snow White and my black iPhone is black beauty.....
  34. applechick

    iPad Mini Discussion

    I have the 16 gb wi-fi only in black. Had I known how much I would love it I would have went with the 32 gb. Anyway, I use a leather invellop case. I like it a lot. I have one in black, red, and blue. I basically use my mini when I'm out of the house. It fits easy in my purse so I use it to...
  35. applechick

    How many GB is your iPad?

    **love. My ipad 3 is 32 gb. My ipad 4 is 64 gb. My iPhone 5 is 16 gb and my mini is 16 gb.
  36. applechick

    How many GB is your iPad?

    I kinda wish I got a larger mini but I didn't expect to live it so much. If and when the retina mini comes out I will probably get the 32....
  37. applechick

    Avoiding the Home Button

    Never knew about this! Thanks!!!
  38. applechick

    Finally..... new iPad

    Congratulations! Welcome to the Apple family!!