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  1. dstuttgen

    Green with envy

    I guess this'll have to do for now. :D
  2. dstuttgen

    Green with envy

    I really wish I could justify the added expense just now but alas, I can't. I WILL get a 27" iMac when I buy my next computer though. I am so sick of Windows and also the bloatware that the re-sellers (Dell, HP etc) load up on the off the shelf computers. Cheers and Happy St Paddy's Day. Dan
  3. dstuttgen

    Green with envy

    My wife got her 21.5"iMac today. I'm feelin a tad left out :-|
  4. dstuttgen

    Tweaks/Apps Ready But Not Really :-(

    Just the iPad. RPHD would be unnecessary install on the 4s.
  5. dstuttgen

    Tweaks/Apps Ready But Not Really :-(

    Thank you for afirming that. Any idea what is up with it? I can't seem to find any listing of bugs or fixes for RPHD. Cheers
  6. dstuttgen

    Tweaks/Apps Ready But Not Really :-(

    I am still having issues with retina pad. Apps open then pop shut after just one or two seconds. Every time I have to uninstall retina pad. I download a couple days later and try again but it's no use. The same dang issue. Is anybody else having this problem???
  7. dstuttgen

    Confessions of a Jailbreaker

    Nice...and tidy, too! :D Cheers
  8. dstuttgen

    Tweaks/Apps Ready But Not Really :-(

    Anybody having any luck with the retina pad tweak?
  9. dstuttgen

    Tweaks/Apps Ready But Not Really :-(

    I found Quasar to cause the sys to boot to safe mode. Retina Pad HD all associated apps flash then close. iKeywi has total wierdness on the top two rows. But all in all I am getting on good. Cheers, Dan iKeywi is updated and working fine today.
  10. dstuttgen

    iPad or MacBook air?

    I agree with Marilyn! I don't need an iMac but if I had the ready money I'd get one in a heartbeat. Apple products are just so dang sexy!!! Cheers, Dan
  11. dstuttgen

    Use of "other" search engines in Safari

    Thanks. That'll have to do. Cheers, Dan
  12. dstuttgen

    Use of "other" search engines in Safari

    Hi, I am an Atomic Browser user and not jailbroken. There are times when I must use Safari but I prefer not to use Google, Bing or Yahoo. In Settings, you can change engines but you are only allowed those 3 previously stated. Does anybody know of any other settings to allow an engine such as...
  13. dstuttgen

    Handy iOs tweaks that don't require jail-breaking

    I came across this article on LifeHacker this morning and wanted to share it with my iPad family. It is a list of the top 10 tweaks that don't require you to jail break your iPad. I hope it is useful for you. I will use the Back up everything tweak for my wife's iPad. Top 10 Handy iOS...
  14. dstuttgen

    Is this messed up? You tell me.

    My wife and I try to get what the other wants. We talk about it ahead of time. This year she wanted the new iPod Nano. I was concerned that with her eyesight she might enjoy the iPod touch 5 better and proceded to extol the virtues of a larger screen with retina, the camera capabilities etc. She...
  15. dstuttgen

    Ios 6 update.problems

    Tis odd as I was having these lag issues also but I was jailbroken and running iOS 5.something. I had a post in the hacking section but never heard back. I just updated to iOS 6.0.1 (un-jailbroke) yesterday, 11/02/12, and I don't realize the same amount of lagginess now. Cheers, Dan
  16. dstuttgen

    Microsoft Blutooth Mouse 5000 Problems

    I use BTC Mouse and Trackpad with the Apple Magic Mouse with no issues. I also have Bloothtooth Companion installed from the Cydia store. It is supposed to help with mouse recognition. Please let us know how you get on. Cheers, Dan
  17. dstuttgen

    Slow loading web pages since installing Quasar

    Has anyone here that has installed Quasar noticed slower than normal loading of webpages in their browser OR sometimes the browser freezing during page load requiring you to reset the iPad using the two button approach? I'm trying to determine if Quasar is the culprit. Please give me a shout...
  18. dstuttgen

    Apple's Second Announcement is the new 13.3-Inch Macbook Pro

    That is one sexy notebook. <drool> Cheers, Dan
  19. dstuttgen

    First Thing Announced at Apple Event: New Apple iBooks

    Still v.2.2 as of 1430 CST Dan
  20. dstuttgen

    Run Windows 8 on Your iPad With New App

    Well, I guess that was pretty plain. Doh! Cheers, Dan
  21. dstuttgen

    Run Windows 8 on Your iPad With New App

    This is interesting, Maura. What I don't understand is Do I have to have Win8 on my PC and then SSH to it? I did the Google bit but didn't find or didn't understand. Could you elaborate? Cheers, Dan
  22. dstuttgen

    Use mouse on ipad?

    Go to the devs website and vote for th scrolling option. Maybe he'll work on it next. Cheers, Dan
  23. dstuttgen

    Use mouse on ipad?

    Sorry, that only works on my Windows 7. I can double right click to raise the multitask bar, single right click is set for home button. Left click is for selecting and that's all I have for now. I WISH I could scroll. Cheers, Dan
  24. dstuttgen

    Use mouse on ipad?

    The only gesture I was able to do was the scroll up or down. Were you able to get others working?? Cheers, Dan
  25. dstuttgen

    A question about GlassOrb theme

    Naw, I uninstalled it directly. Cheers, Dan
  26. dstuttgen

    using Ipad too much?

    Yeah, and real people don't have a home button either. ;) Cheers, Dan
  27. dstuttgen

    A question about GlassOrb theme

    Thank you Marilyn. You're the best! :D Cheers, Dan
  28. dstuttgen

    A question about GlassOrb theme

    Yes I didn't find any icon names in the theme. The only things listed in Winter Board are: Glass Orb_iPad_W+D Glass Orb_iPad_UISounds Glass Orb_iPad_SBWall Glass Orb_iPad_LSWall Glass Orb_iPad Where do the Cydia apps live in iFile. I wandered in and out of so many folders that I felt like...
  29. dstuttgen

    A question about GlassOrb theme

    Hi, I dl'd GlassOrb yesterday and set it up in Winterboard. My problem is this; of my 106 springboard icons, only 6 are round. I thought that most, if not all would become round, else I wouldn't have bought the app. Does anyone here use this theme who could shed some light on what I may mave...
  30. dstuttgen

    Official Themed & Tweaked Screenshot Gallery

    It is interesting, I got glass orb iPad installed but very few of my icons are actually round. Very disappointing. Cheers, Dan
  31. dstuttgen

    Official Themed & Tweaked Screenshot Gallery

    Oops! Doh! I guess it helps to dl the correct app. heh heh
  32. dstuttgen

    Official Themed & Tweaked Screenshot Gallery

    I installed this app today but it doesn't take. The app is no longer supported by toyvan but is there still a way to get those really cool round icons to work? Cheers, Dan
  33. dstuttgen

    Use mouse on ipad?

    Let me clarify; When I reboot my iPad I do have to "restart" the mouse and keyboard via the BT icons (mouse and keyboard) it is a bit of a hassle but like i said, I don't use the mouse a lot. Dan
  34. dstuttgen

    Phone call ipad 2

    You can do this with the Talkatone app. Cheers, Dan
  35. dstuttgen

    Use mouse on ipad?

    I ponied up the clams for the Apple magic mouse. :eek: With BT Stack and BTstackMouse I am able to use both the mouse AND my ZaggMate keyboard, albeit, the keyboard has limited functionality; ie, the top row of special function keys do not operate as they would if I was using the keyboard with...
  36. dstuttgen

    5 Icon Rows

    I use Iconoclasm, Shrink and infinidock to achieve this: Cheers, Dan
  37. dstuttgen

    Problem using Bump

    WOW! :thumbs:That is so cool!:thumbs: I just set up Bump on my iPad and computer, and my Wife's iPad also. Too cool! Sure beats emailing pictures. Now to search and find out if it works for documents. :D Cheers, Dan
  38. dstuttgen

    Post your Pet

    We have one dog and three cats. Our German Shepherd: Baron Fritz von Stuttgen with Sam and Puck. Fritz will be two on June 12th, Sam (orange tabby) will be 12 in September and Puck is 5. Sam (Samhaine) Puck, Sam and Dickens. Dickens is also 5 years old Cheers, Dan
  39. dstuttgen

    My jailbreak is acting weird!

    Thank you for sharing that with me, Marilyn. I can see the usefulness of this feature when apps behave badly. Cheers, Dan