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  1. Asharp

    Who's planning on purchasing the iPad Pro?

    I ordered the Apple TV today, and I'm definitely getting the iPad Pro. Using Slide View to access my calculator when I calculating homework scores is just great on my iPad Air, but I also use the Split Screen all the time on my MacBook Air. I want to be able to use the latter function on the...
  2. Asharp

    Apple is Now Accepting Pre-Orders for the Next Generation Apple TV

    I ordered the 64GB model this morning! Ship date is between. Nov. 2—4th.
  3. Asharp

    Amazon Plans to Stop Selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast

    I went into shock when Apple introduced a Microsoft rep. at last month's Apple WWDC 2015 Keynote Address. It looked like some audience members had the same reaction. All things change. Maybe it will for Amazon and Apple. Someday.
  4. Asharp

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Stuck in updating purgatory. I feel like I've spent weeks of my life updating Apple devices. First updating 10 iOS devices to iOS 9. Then my 2 MacBooks to El Capitan. My heart sank when I saw there's another El Capitan update coming up. Now, I'm halfway through with updating all iOS devices to...
  5. Asharp

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Studying the Apple Watch User Guide. Whoever says the Watch can't be used for much should read it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Asharp

    Apple Could Soon Start Offering in-store Pickup for Apple Watch Buyers

    Another advantage is you won't have to worry about the UPS delivery person telling everyone with a pulse about the Apple Watch delivery. When my Watch arrived, I was rather shocked to discover how many people the UPS delivery man told. It was completely unnecessary as mine had to be delivered...
  7. Asharp

    Jewelers Begin Offering Affordable Solutions for Consumers Looking to Turn their Apple Watch Gold

    The stainless steel version is already beautiful, and so is the sport. They're much better looking than in the pictures. And I don't think I could part with mine for 3 days. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Asharp

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Still recuperating from grading a couple hundred exams and homework essays in the past couple of weeks and gearing up for grading a few hundred tomorrow. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Asharp

    Post your Pet

  10. Asharp

    Post your Pet

    Thank you, Andrew! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Asharp

    Post your Pet

    This is my Caturday moment. My cat Bart loved to snuggle with my husband when he was napping on the couch. I was working on my husband's memorial picture when Bart came I rested against my MacBook Pro. We miss "Daddy."
  12. Asharp

    Smartphones vs. The Apple Watch

    Thank you, twerppoet! [emoji5]️ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Asharp

    Apple Watch Sensors Could be Affected by Tattoos

    Thanks for the link, twerppoet. My tattoo is almost 10 years old and the ink saturation is not that big a deal on the part the Watch covers when I'm wearing it. I checked my heart rate as part of the Apple Watch Basics workshop I attended today, and my heart rate's basically in the standard...
  14. Asharp

    Apple Officially Confirms that Tattoos Can Affect the Heart Rate Sensor on the Apple Watch

    Gee. I wear my Apple Watch on the same wrist as my tattoo. But without another device to check my heart rate, I can' tell if it's reliable or not. I'm not as inked as the person shown in the picture. I guess I'll have to switch to wearing my Watch on my right wrist for any time I might do...
  15. Asharp

    Apple Watch orders

    I have my Watch!!!!! Yay!!!!! Now I have to remember how to turn it on. Lol! The UPS delivery person told everyone in my building's package room about my Apple Watch delivery, which is quite unfortunate. I'll have to be careful about wearing it, but I finally have it. On the first day of...
  16. Asharp

    Apple Watch orders

    I posted in another thread about missing today's Apple Watch delivery. For one bad moment, I thought maybe it was just the extra Watch band I ordered, but my Watch shipped on the 26th and the band is still being "processed." I was proctoring exams at the time of the first Watch delivery...
  17. Asharp

    Apple Starts Notifying Preorder Customers that it is Preparing their Apple Watch Orders for Shipment

    UPS attempted to deliver my Apple Watch today, but I wasn't home to get it. Arghhhh!!!! I have been too swamped with grading exams to even glance at any email, so I didn't see the Apple setup invitation. I feel like a kid who just missed a sighting of Santa Claus. I'm getting it tomorrow...
  18. Asharp

    Smartphones vs. The Apple Watch

    Hi, Poet! I was hoping to edit my typos. Oh well. I keep my iPhone in my purse. It's brand new and I live in fear of dropping it. I don't know how to draw purses. Once my Apple Watch arrives, unless I forget and leave it at home, I hopefully won't be taking my iPhone out of my purse very...
  19. Asharp

    Smartphones vs. The Apple Watch

    This is just my 2 cents about the smartphone vs. Apple Watch articles I've been reading. Please forgive my inexact rendering of the Apple Watch. Drawing is not one of my strengths. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Asharp

    Apple Watch orders

    I'm less interested in the Apple Watch as a timepiece and more interested in using it to replace my shiny new iPhone 6 when I'm traveling in the city (NYC). I love my smartphone and I've immediately started using it for things that make it more convenient than using my iPad, but I'm truly...
  21. Asharp

    Apple Watch orders

    I was surprised at how many time slots were available for trying on a few watches. I arrived half an hour early, and got to try some on 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment at 6:30pm. Then I got more than 15 minutes to try on different ones. The sales person didn't rush me at all. My ship...
  22. Asharp

    Apple Watch Pre-Sales Have a Rough Start; 6 Hour Sellout and Many Ship Dates Pushed Back to June

    I decided to try it before preordering it. My expected ship date is June although there seems to be some hope it might arrive sooner. I'm glad I decided to try a few on. I ended up ordering a different one from the one I'd initially planned to buy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Asharp

    Pets who share your life ??

    Wow! I'm happy hear that he has fully recovered. When I found Stewie, his tail was already broken and filled with maggots (or creatures like them). He was meowing in complete distress and he was running out of a storage room in my apartment building's basement where one of the maintenance...
  24. Asharp

    IPad Solutions for Managing Cancer Treatment Information

    Thank you, Leelai. We are certainly having ups and downs, and it was an exhausting day. I'm glad I scanned and transferred all of the documents we got today related to chemotherapy into Evernote immediately after coming home. My husband got his Mediport for the first time today, and he was...
  25. Asharp

    IPad Solutions for Managing Cancer Treatment Information

    My husband was diagnosed a month ago with Stage IV esophageal cancer. I am his primary caregiver, and my iPad is indispensable for keeping on top of things. In addition to dealing with the emotional aspects, my husband and I have received a blizzard of paper, appointments, names, numbers, and...
  26. Asharp

    Pets who share your life ??

    In the left picture, Stewie is on the left and Bart is on the right. I named them after bad boy cartoon characters on two American TV series: Stewie is named after the baby genius in Family Guy and Bart is named after Bart Simpson of The Simpsons. You can't tell how much Stewie hated Bart...
  27. Asharp

    So.....where are we all from?

    New York
  28. Asharp

    Whats your crazy iPad habits?

    I constantly check my battery status, fiddle with the brightness level, and tweak Settings.
  29. Asharp

    iPad Air is exiting to home screen more than ever

    I hope so too. I have actually never turned off my iPad 2. It has always been in sleep mode when not in use, and I've rarely had any crashes with that device.
  30. Asharp

    iPad Air is exiting to home screen more than ever

    Based on reading this thread, I went to the Apple Store at Grand Central Station today. After scanning the crash reports in Diagnostics & Usage, the Genius said I have serious software corruption. This is due to my failure to turn off my iPad on a biweekly basis. (I've been keeping it in Sleep...
  31. Asharp

    iPad Air is exiting to home screen more than ever

    Thank you for the advice. I'm glad I found this thread. Out of all my iPads, my two month old iPad Air is the only one that's had this kind of problem too.
  32. Asharp

    iPad Air is exiting to home screen more than ever

    My iPad Air crashes sometimes when I use the four-finger swipe up gesture to access the multitasking bar. I use that gesture a lot, but it hasn't been happening enough lately for me to remember when it occurs. I'll keep track until I can take advantage of my Apple Care+.
  33. Asharp

    New iPad Air

    I was having severe problems with using Pages on my iPad 2 once I upgraded to iOS 7 and chronic long-term storage issues. The difference in the weight and thinness of the Air are so distinct I decided forgo a case in favor of just a smart cover.
  34. Asharp

    New Supposed iPad Air 2 Front Panel With Integrated Display Pics

    What a great point about selling the best product that can be offered at that time. How interesting! I think Apple might have just gone up a notch in my estimation, and I've been buying Apple computer tech exclusively since about 1993 or so. (The prices of Apple's products sometimes make...
  35. Asharp

    For iPad Air users, will you still bother to upgrade when a new iPad is released?

    I am yet another iPad 2 to iPad Air upgrader. I wish I could sell or trade in my iPad Air, that I just bought in the past month and a half, to get an iPad Air 2. I'm interested in the ways in which Apple products evolve and impact performance both personally and professionally, but I just...
  36. Asharp

    U.S. Teens are Showing Fast-growing Interest for the Rumored iWatch

    I don't know about teens, but since my husband was diagnosed with a serious illness, I have been very interested in the iWatch for keeping track of his basic signs. It can't replace a doctor's visit, but it might alert us to any possible changes between visits.
  37. Asharp


    I have a different excuse for my iPad hoarding: Every iPad I stop using for both personal and professional gets used in the classes I teach.
  38. Asharp

    iPad vs Computer

    My school uses Blackboard for online course management, but only photos can be uploaded to Blackboard from iPads, so I use my MacBook Pro for uploading documents to online courses and for online course design.
  39. Asharp

    What other Apple products do you own?

    It's been a while since I (think I) posted in this thread. These are the Apple products I still have. PowerBook 145: 4 MB of RAM with a 40 MB hard drive 2 - white MacBooks MacBook Pro: 5 - 6 years old 32 GB iPod Touch (2nd gen.) 32 GB iPad 2 (and my husband has a 16 GB wifi model) 7 - 16 GB...
  40. Asharp

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    I'm downloading and updating apps, and organizing my folders on my brand new black, 128GB WiFi and cellular iPad Air that I got today! Yahoo! After struggling for over two years with storage capacity issues, I have space!!! It's a definite weight difference from my iPad 2 in my favorite Grove...