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    Changes to the iPad 2 keyboard?

    Thanks for that, another reason I am waiting for the next release. I am such a crappy typist that I REALLY need the arrow keys, so I am happy with my iPad 1st gen for now.
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    Hp printer needs to be WPA or WPA2??

    I don't know if mine is the same, but I just got the HP Envy and it specifically said it wanted WAP, which is what I had my wifi set up as already, and it worked right away. I really don't know if this helps, just figured I would relay my own experience just in case it might.
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    How many books can be held in a 32gb iPad?

    OK, I CAN read, but I am feeling a little intimidated because it takes me a month to read a book. I'm not an idiot or anything, but finding the time to sit down for more than 15 minutes seems to be my problem. My hat is off to all you folks that read this much, it is something to be admired!
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    Ipad stand--recommended

    I like the compass also, its well designed and sturdy enough that I think it will be one of those things you end up having forever. Too many of the other stands I looked at were trying to win an award for design, but the construction made me wonder if it would last. I try to be carefull...
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    Why I’m Not Getting the iPad 2

    Good discussion. I did the pre-order of the 1st gen and have absolutely no regrets. Its a fantastic device, and I use it everyday, but I just bought a 11" MBA a month ago and think waiting for the iPad 3 is the best choice for me. I agree with lots of others, yes I want one NOW, but...
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    Changes to the iPad 2 keyboard?

    I am not sure if this has been discussed, but are there changes to the iPad 2 virtual keyboard? I am sticking with my first gen for now, but something that I always wanted to see on the keyboard was arrow keys for moving my cursor around. I am also interested in any other low-key...
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I have not been paying attention so I will just ask....any changes to the keyboard on the new ipad 2? Specifically Arrow keys?
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    Having trouble finding value in my iPad -- about to return...

    Have you ever seen the SNL sketch where they are playing Jeapardy? Will Farrell was Alex Trebeck, and one of the other guys was playing Sean Connery. One episode "Sean" called himself "Turd Furgeson". In our house this just brought on lots of laughter, possibly because we are somewhat...
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    Show Your Art!

    Really nice stuff, I draw, but never tried on any sort of CAD based medium, this might open the door. Thanks for the inspiration.
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    Fancy An Old-Fashioned Typewriter Keyboard for Your iPad?

    Is this the first "SteamPunked" IPad? I have been away from the site for a little while.
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    My own adjustable iPad stand

    I like your solution:D too many whiners out there complaining they can't find something to buy. Hell, do it yourself and enjoy it, good for you!
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    Buying the iPhone 4???

    it took forever so I gave up, went to work, did some things at the office, went to the AT&T store 15 minutes before it opened and was in and out in an hour, including the line sit with the unwashed masses. I ordered 2 x 32gb black ones. They will call me when they are ready, maybe not on the...
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    Having trouble finding value in my iPad -- about to return...

    Seems like a hater, no big deal, I love my IPad. I was an early adopter like many on this site and have just enjoyed using it for all of the things it was designed to do. I am in sales, want to pass me your number so I can show you some industrial software I am sure you don't need? I could...
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    World's Laziest Cat

    That was funny as hell!
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    Keep Fingerprints off iPad

    rubber gloves....really? not that anyone should care, but is it a wonder why I am spending less time at this forum.......
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    iPad 3G Delayed Until May 7th in US

    Boy, I just remember the Jedi mind-freak that I went through to get my wifi. looks like it's starting up again......
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    iPad Stand for Typing

    I'm just not seeing groovy in this stand. No offense, just not to my liking. Looks like someone just really wanted to get something out there to sell as fast as possible. QVC anyone?
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    What do you hate the most about your Ipad?

    Nothing, I can do everything I planned to do with it and it does everything it was advertised to be capable of.
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    FNG Here..

    Welcome, what did you order? There are plenty of reviews here on the site of people's impressions. Look around a little bit and you will find all you need.
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    Will The iPad Eventually Have A Camera?

    I like the idea of a camera, but frankly do not think I would use it that much. I have a camera on my phone and rarely use it. so far as video chat, that could be useful, but thats a mic, and camera and who knows what else that needs to be added to the device, and the horsepower needed to push...
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    New iPad Owner Here

    +10 for IPadfans comment. Both my wife and I were deliberating on a device for more than a year. We considered net books, macbook, etc.. but partly because of cost, and for ease of use, we never could decide. When the IPad was finally confirmed, we knew this was it! We ordered 2 64GB wifi's at...
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    Alternative ipad stand, what do you think?

    I like the high back on this one, seem's like it would be pretty sturdy.
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    iPad Tethering

    I called AT&T yesterday and tried to see if they had any type of hifi/mifi hotspot device like Verizon, and they have nada, zilch! I actually do not need a portable hot-spot, as everywhere I go has wifi, but I just seem to keep looking into this as I think it would be nice to have. I don't...
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    Apple case in another case

    I have the incase neoprene slip case plus and really like it. it has enough room for another gel case on the IPad, but I can't be sure on the Apple case.
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    Apple to charge for iPad OS upgrades after one freebie

    I am fine with the upgrade fee so long as the improvements are commensurate with the amount.
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    Will The iPad Eventually Have A Camera?

    It really seems to be a growth path that Apple had always embraced from the start in my opinion. Why would you bring everything to the table with the first gen and limit your growth potential for later releases? with the next gen release Apple will have clear imperical data to base sales models...
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    New iPad Owner Here

    Welcome, I sure do like it and think you wil also. I got the 64GB and think I am being a little crazy with loading it up with Data. I might have been a little smarter about it with the 32GB model.
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    new round these parts.

    Welcome, sorry about the belated response, as a matter of fact it looks as though you have been a member for longer than me! your intro post is from Feb, but the latest post today just brought it to my attention. Did you get your 32GB? would love to hear your thoughts on it.
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    The ultimate ipad kanga pouch

    Colin, you should know better! with all the waiting we did to get the IPad, and the waiting you are still doing downunder, do we really need another teaser?:D
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    Flash Browser appeared for iPad and was killed in last 24 hours

    +1 on Eldex's post, are these people using the original download? Which brings up another question: Can you share APPs outside of your ITunes share? My wife and I share the apps and I think its up to 5 devices or something, but what about physically moving the APP from your Mac to another...
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    Hi There! (Again)

    I had a registration issue earlier and a couple of posts to the administrators took care of it nicely. Not sure if they can merge your old posts, or if you care, but it might be nice as I seem to remember you had a few already under the old name. Like your new name, good choice:)
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I have not visited your humongous post as I am a wifi user, but hang in there folks and I hope you get it soon. My brother is waiting along with you all, he ordered the 64GB 3G and has all of the extraneous gear to go with it already, he's just sitting there tapping his fingers waiting...........
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    UK should boycott Apple

    give the guy a break, he's obviously hurting, lacks social skills, and does not have an IPad, so he's pretty much a train wreck. In all sincerity, I do hope you get one soon, and enjoy it as I really enjoy using mine and think anyone with the means and want to get one should have one.
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    Apple wireless keyboard

    great post, thanks. I read the article and think I just might go ahead and get the wireless. I already have the KB dock, but it would be nice to have one for home and one for work.
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    Prime Minister runs Norway from NY on iPad!

    I did a fairly extensive justification project for bringing in Citrix to our company at the enterprise level, and while it all worked, the breakthrough is now waiting on the dollars to be released to implement:D
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    Is anybody using a Seidio case yet?

    I am still looking for a soft style case that provides better grip for holding the IPad, and can still dock in the Keyboard dock. Also some of the CIMO case reviewers have said control and access points are not lining up quite right making it difficult to plug in the headphones or when using...
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    Prime Minister runs Norway from NY on iPad!

    I take my laptop home every night as I have salespeople on the road constantly in N.America and need to be able to work with them at all hours. I leave chargers at home and the office so I don't have to carry them, but the cables and mice and crap really get to me sometimes. My company's...
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    Apple wireless keyboard

    In the marketing materials for the wireless keyboard and the KB dock, the Apple store said that the wireless had keys that may not work with IPad, and the KB Dock had keys that are specific to the IPad. I do not have a wireless keyboard, but love the keyboard dock. Anyone have both to compare...
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    Convert any text to epub for Apples iBooks app!

    when using these programs, does it give the book feel? ie page turning, contents, bookmarking etc...
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    someone bought this up in a post about apple products

    I am in seattle and rarely see a mac in public. Frankly, i rarely see people working on laptops much at all at coffee shops. When I do see someone at starbucks, they are always peeking over the top of the screen looking at people more than looking at the screen doing anything on the laptop...