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  1. Dorje

    iPad + second monitor

    I've been using Airplayer to test out how that all looks. It's buggy as a 0.28 but. Gives one the feel. I'm going to wait for iOS 5 before going further. I'm also shocked Apple hasn't put AirPlay reception into iTunes.
  2. Dorje

    Adobe Flash

    THIS IS NOT FLASH!!! Go back and read the thing again! If it's making your eyes hurt go into General > Accessibly > VoiceOver turn it on and have your iPad read it to you. (on the up note I found where Wizards of the Coast hid all of their lovely emoticons when they went screwing around with...
  3. Dorje

    Ipad 2 cases

    I may just be swallowing my desire and getting the Urban anyways. I really need the easy access, on the go case... I'd just like it better with a Smart Cover style cover :( . I'll let you know how it works out.
  4. Dorje

    Copying apps/songs from a different library

    FMI (for my information) Are we talking Macs or Windows? • insert a USB flash drive or external hard disk into your fiancé's computer. • drag and drop the content you want from iTunes into the flash drive (this should copy it). • repeat with all content you want, multiple items can be...
  5. Dorje

    ipad2 Wifi Only connect to iphone4 GPS qn

    I'm not sure that the WiFi iPad will take GPS data from the iPhone when it is tethering like that. It would be nice if Apple did that... along with several other things it could do for the GPS in general... On my iPad 2 I've made do with a GNS 5870 external bluetooth GPS... not that I have a...
  6. Dorje

    Quick question

    Keep in mind you are syncing over a USB2 cable, so data transfer will about as fast as any kind of transfer to USB flash or external hard drive. The first time you load content will take a while, especially if you are like me and dump 32 or so gigs worth of video into the thing. Unlike your...
  7. Dorje

    Ipad 2 cases

    My dream case... does it exist? I want the MicroShell Folio iPad 2 case and the TUNEFOLIO URBAN for iPad 2 case to have a baby. Actually really I want something like the MicroShells 3 or 4 panel fold-back cover, with a shoulder straps, and access to the back camera. I'm scouring the internetz...
  8. Dorje

    Flash Player

    *Whack the NOOB!* Hopefully we'll catch someone else with this, but on any new forum it's often a good idea to lurk and check each subform. Then use the site search and see if a topic you want to talk about has already been covered.
  9. Dorje

    Quick question

    I pre-baught several Apps, the iWork stuff, GarageBand, GoodReader for iPad, and a few others that I had already noted as being useful to me. Some of it I just brought over from my iPod. I assume you don't have an iOS device yet? You can use iTunes to shop around for Apps. In many ways its...
  10. Dorje

    Copying apps/songs from a different library

    The best way would be to grab the select tracks and Apps you want, put them on your computer, then have him authorize your computer with his iTunes Account. That should let you sync the content you want. However any updates to Apps from his account will require his password. Apple allows you to...
  11. Dorje

    Airplane Mode

    The GPS requires radio line of sight to the satellites that give that position data. In the fully inclosed metal tube of most commercial airliners that isn't possible. Smaller private plane pilots with better exposure in the cockpit can get GPS signals (can "see" the satellites). *sigh* @ the...
  12. Dorje

    ipad and MacBook Air

    I use my bread as a trencher or bread bowl for soup. :p What are the corresponding uses for iPad to those?
  13. Dorje

    What is your job???

    I fix small children and break computers.... Wait I got that backwards. I fix computers and break small children. :p .... That was a joke. I really do like working with the kids. It's why I also work on a grant funded after school program as well. I work as sudo-IT support staff at a grade...
  14. Dorje

    How to download picture from SDHC or USB flush drive?

    The file names must also be 8 characters long, just as a digital camera would create.
  15. Dorje

    Best Buy Holding Special iPad 2 Event This Sunday

    Oh steller, so they hold inventory and piss people off. Then try to act all cool with a big event... Where all the inventory is just going to go to the people have been pissed of and waiting... I've always though Best Buy was out of touch with reality and this proves it once more.
  16. Dorje

    iPad 2 or Sony Vaio?

    If you get an iPad 1 now as a portal consumption device (portable reference library) now, just skip the iPad 2. In one year at the least the iPad 3 will be the hot item and whatever improvements are made. The cameras really are shit, I've been trying to get it to barcode scan but it doesn't work...
  17. Dorje

    Why the 30 pin?

    I'd like to believe that the IPad 2 30-pin was thunderbolt capable, but I highly doubt it. For the same reasons that the old FireWire to 30 cables don't really work anyone. Then again Apple could sneak in some kind of adapter.
  18. Dorje

    Apple vs. Flash

    That horse used to make me laugh, but now it just makes feel deep and gut wrenching sadness.:(
  19. Dorje

    Gns 5870 mfi bt gps?

    I think that's where we have different uses. I could care less about car navigation. What interests me in an iPad with supplemental GPS as a tool for field work. The screen size is good enough to display more complex maps and data then a typical consumer handheld GPS can manage. With companies...
  20. Dorje

    Apple Inside Secrets

    YouTube - Sir Mix-A-Lot - I like big butts ( Official Music Video )
  21. Dorje

    Rim r.i.p.

    Incremental upgrades. It's a safe way to advance without taking radical leaps or gambles on consumer response. One of my old favorite games called Armored Core used to do that (until they jumped off the deep end with a total redesign). Almost 10 games I think that were just minor tweaks mostly...
  22. Dorje

    Gns 5870 mfi bt gps?

    I've found the power switch to be fickal. Personally Im not a fan of the touch based finger gluide switch. I've sometimes found it active in my pocket when I didn't intend to have it on. Other then the temperamental on/off its a nice unit and goes very well with various kinds of preloaded map...
  23. Dorje


    Mine's been "streaking" around with me since I got it. I will admit that sometimes I fell my grip is not as firm as it could be if I had the cover rolled up and in hand. I'm actually waiting for one of those messenger bag like cases with access to the "back" facing camera. Like the one of...
  24. Dorje

    NFC and the future

    More so because the more so because the money that's taken doesn't come back to you in some form. At least with government in theory it works it's way back into societal improvements and infrastructure. I don't see where the markup on text messages is going. It's why I'd dont have texting or a...
  25. Dorje

    How to transfer photos from my iPad to Mac

    Mac, Pocobear. He's linking to his Mac, not a Windows machine. Good instructions for a Windows box though ;) iPhoto or Image Capture, both will let you get at the photos if you aren't auto syncing with iPhoto already on a Mac.
  26. Dorje

    Coming from Android to Apple what do I need to know?

    I cant speak to album art but google talk (chat) works to a degree. You can use googles web app for it or one of a dozen chat client aggregators. For the video there are fewer options and most currently built for the iPhone so they run as 2x on the iPad. I've tried Votk, which for being free...
  27. Dorje

    Do you put it to sleep/wake or shut off??

    Is your iPad pass coded? If so I think that overrides for rather obvious reasons. If not try looking in settings > general > iPad cover lock/unlock. It should be on by default but it may have been turned off. It it's on I'm not sure what's going on. Im guessing you have done a full shut down...
  28. Dorje

    Why the 30 pin?

    Two reasons. 1) Because Apple likes proprietary things don't ya know :p 2) if you check the wiring the 30 pin port actually allows the iPad a greater range of output on one port. For example it can be a USB port or an HDMI port depending on the adaptor. A straight USB port could not do...
  29. Dorje

    How to transfer photos from my iPad to Mac

    When you setup your iPad did you choose to sync your photos with iPhoto? If so just plug in and sync. Your photos should transfer. If however you are like me and chose not to sync photos you can go to the Util... sorry just Applications folder and the Image Capture program which will treat your...
  30. Dorje

    To take or not to take? That is MY question

    As a primary school worker in the States I know that if a student brought a personal iPad to the school we'd have serious trouble. As much as I'd like to see students bringing their smartphones and personal electronics for support (homework calendar reminders :p) even as low as the 3rd grade we...
  31. Dorje

    Goodreader Question?

    Would have also suggested Note Taker HD, however it does export sub-selection areas of a work file. Other then that it's a very hand note taker. I'm considering it for use as a student work app. So they can "write" on digitally provided worksheets. No issues with good reader. What did you...
  32. Dorje

    where are the 'clock' + 'calculator' apps gone?

    Removing those "widgets" was perhaps the dumbest thing Apple has done with the iPad. The clock and the calculator especially. They were light, easy to launch Apps, ad most of their interface could have been upscaled easily.
  33. Dorje

    Iframe via camcorder to iMovie via ipad2

    Mac ≠ iOS Even iMovie 11 doesn't support iPad iMovie project files. Apple has never said it will, unlike GarageBand (which they had to update on Mac to make it work). I can't say if iMovie on the iPad will accept the MP4 and AAC files in the iframe wrapper. If you want you can send me a...
  34. Dorje

    Does not charging mean not discharging also??

    Short answer, no. Long answer, the USB port on your PC will only trickle charge your iPad. If your are running Apps on it you may end up using more charge then I'd coming in. Best thing to do would be to fully turn off the iPad.
  35. Dorje

    iPad 2 as a GPS...

    Just a quick note, the 3G radio has to be turned on for the GPS to function. To be clear you DO NOT need a data plan, but if you put it in Airplane Mode the GPS will also turn off.
  36. Dorje

    Iframe via camcorder to iMovie via ipad2

    Is it bad that I remember iframe as an old HTML tag? From what's been found so far iMoive on the iPad 2 will only take M4V at 720p with no more then AAC 44.1 kHz audio. Even 48 kHz will keep it from seeing the video. I really have no idea if iFrame will work. Apple has said only iPhone...
  37. Dorje

    AppStore upside down

    I've seen apps launch I their default orientation and then right themselves. Ocassionlly I'll run into an older iPhone App that doesn't want to "filp". I have not had the App store do that on me. Are you running with rotation lock on? Have you tried keep in the iPad I the opposite orientation...
  38. Dorje

    iPad 2 does 3D

    Sure it can with enough rendering power. The head tracking is giving the rendering engine it's perspective. The trouble comes because unlike a stationary viewpoint it has to render everying all over the screen every time you move, especially moving objects. Obviously we won't see Infinty Blade...
  39. Dorje

    Where does iTunes sync Videos from?

    Well then every other media player will freak out as well. You can always re-source the files that have broken by doing "get info" and locating them again. It's a choice. I use OSX at home and keep my iTunes library in the Shared user folder. Took a little trickery to domti but I'd much...
  40. Dorje

    Open applications help

    You are correct. Double tap the home button to being up the App Switcher. Press and hold on any app until they all jiggle. The press - on Apps you wish to end. Which may be a number if them. When done press the home button once. I am surprised that you are having a memory issue. iOS is...