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    So if I understand you correctly, by giving my email (the apple registered email) to another iPad user, they can "chat" with me thru "message"? Or vice versa, I open "message", enter their email then my text to them, and they will get my text right into the Message app?
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    How do I use "Message" on my iPad 2 (wi-fi only)? Better question...What is Message (I think it may also be called iMessage)? I've been reading places on the forum where people talk about having problems with Message and FaceTime (I don't know what that is either, but one thing at a time). I've...
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    First "I" anything.

    Traildad, Welcome to the iWorld! My husband bought me an iPad 2 a month ago. I opened it and dumbfoundedly said "Ok, now what"? I had no clue what to do, much less how. I can tell you now though, it is SO much fun. I really don't know how I got through the day without all these apps. There is...
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    New user, feeling so outdated..

    I've had my Nano and an iPod classic for years but never had the umption to "refresh" them with new music. It just seemed too tedious and confusing, (plus I figured it to be a passing fad like 8 tracks, cassettes, beta max, walkman's, etc., all of which I remember getting equally giddy about...