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  1. Jake18oly

    My Review

    I don't understand the stigma that it doesn't count if you have to use an app to do it. So what if you have to buy goodreader or docs to go to edit, create and email word documents. You have to buy Microsoft Office when you buy a pc if you want to create word docs and that is much more...
  2. Jake18oly

    4.2 beta and New Jailbreak

    According to what I have read It will jailbreak the ipad for life. In other words it should work with that firmware and every other firmware that comes out until they redesign the iPad. I hope it works because I would really like to try the beta but I don't want to lose my jailbreak.
  3. Jake18oly

    My Review

    I think it is funny that you are on an ipad forum trashing the ipad and then calling people "fanbois" for sticking up for a product that all of us bought and most if not all of us like. There is no sense in us trying to sway you because you have already made up your mind. Sell your ipad and...
  4. Jake18oly

    My Review

    I shouldn't even reply to you because it seems like you are being negative just to be negative but whatever. I guess that is the reason that I jailbroke my iPad. There are solutions to pretty much everything that you are mentioning some requiring jailbreaking. I don't know what apps you are...
  5. Jake18oly


    They want you to pay for Hulu Plus.
  6. Jake18oly

    Airvideo vs streamtome vs zumocast

    I have never used streamtome but I have the other two. I don't see a huge difference in quality although sometimes I think Airvideo streams are somewhat smoother. I like Zumocast the most though because it not only streams videos but allows you to access music, pictures and docs from your computer.
  7. Jake18oly

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    123. This is the first time I have counted them. More than I thought! I will continue to download as I find apps worth downloading.
  8. Jake18oly

    Gmail not pushing me new emails

    Did you set it up using the gmail option or exchange? Exchange works much better with push notifications.
  9. Jake18oly

    Is It True??? Please advise..Thanks. According to this site it's a scam. I haven't checked it out myself so I don't know.
  10. Jake18oly

    I'm screwed...

    I would try a hard reset before you send it to Apple. Hold down the power and home button for 15 or so seconds. They will know it is jailbroken if you send it back in its current state. I don't think they will replace it and I am sure you will end up having to pay for shipping etc.
  11. Jake18oly

    iPad an directv

    There is a sling player mobile app coming to the ipad but that is only for Dish Network subscribers. That allows you to stream content stored on your DVR to your iPad. I am not aware of anything available for direct tv except for if you have NFL Sunday ticket. If you do you can stream live games...
  12. Jake18oly

    Netflix Canda vs Netflix USA

    Actually yeah. It gets added on a regular basis. There are adding more and more movies and they recently added a ton of new tv shows. A few months back they didn't have Family Guy or American Dad and a they added all the seasons in the last month or so. It is so much better now than when instant...
  13. Jake18oly

    Hulu vs netflix

    I only use netflix and I love it on the iPad. I am not going to pay for Hulu as long as it continues to show ads for its "plus" service. I don't think ads should be included. Not to mention you can watch many of the same shows on netflix and the new ones I record on my DVR. Just my two cents.
  14. Jake18oly

    Is your iPad jailbroken?

    Maybe. :)
  15. Jake18oly

    Is your iPad jailbroken?

    On what?
  16. Jake18oly

    Is your iPad jailbroken?

    Is your iPad jailbroken or do you plan to jailbreak?
  17. Jake18oly


    Keyboard Do you use a keyboard?
  18. Jake18oly

    Netflix Canda vs Netflix USA

    None of the titles on your list are available for instant streaming in the US except for Star Trek. Only select Star Trek movies are available including the most recent one. There are no Star Trek TV episodes to stream instantly.
  19. Jake18oly

    Camera Connection Kit

    No worries. I didn't know if the original poster was talking about only transferring photos or other files. I was referring to something that you can do with a jailbroken ipad to transfer files in and out of the ipad without iTunes. I will have photos and vides on the ipad and if someone wants...
  20. Jake18oly

    Camera Connection Kit transfer other files?

    Are you saying my post was wrong? I use the USB adapter all the time to transfer files. I have never had any issues doing it. I use a flash drive to transfer. Sometimes it is quicker to use that than to ssh.
  21. Jake18oly

    Anyone use a stylus?

    I use a Targus stylus purchased from Best Buy. It has actually exceeded my expectations. I use two apps with it primarily penultimate and writepad for iPad. Penultimate is great for jotting down quick notes and write allows for handwriting to text. As far as noises I have no issues whatsoever...
  22. Jake18oly

    Forum Help and Questions

    How do you start an iPad poll thread? I went to that forum but couldn't find any info about it. Thanks!
  23. Jake18oly

    Did you Jail Break your iPad?

    Yes. Day one. I wouldn't have it any other way. All the awesome features you can add makes it totally worth it!
  24. Jake18oly

    iPad USB There is not enough power

    Not exactly. I use my USB adapter for all kinds of devices. I have even connected my Motorola Droid to it. The problem is that the Droid or any cell phone draws more power than the iPad will output. There is a workaround to get them talking. If you connect a powered usb hub to the iPad and plug...
  25. Jake18oly

    Question: How to stream pictures to iPad

    Zumocast. It let's you stream videos, music, pictures and view documents from your home network. I have a 2TB external hard drive and it connects seamlessly and I can access all of my media from anywhere. Best of all the app is free! You just have to install some software on your computer.
  26. Jake18oly

    App for switching wifi on and off from welcome screen?

    SBsettings. Must be jailbroken.
  27. Jake18oly

    Instant Messenger

    I use IM+. I downloaded the free version and liked it so much I paid for the full version. I like how it seamlessly integrates all of your messaging clients into one. Might as well download the free version and see what you think.
  28. Jake18oly


    I use the camera connection kit to connect flash drives. I haven't had any issues using these but I haven't been successful with my external hard drive. Ifile sees it as a flash drive but I cannot see any of the files.
  29. Jake18oly

    iPad Dock contest !

  30. Jake18oly

    Camera Connection Kit transfer other files?

    USB adapter that comes with the camera connection kit allows transfer of files etc through ifile. You have to be jail broken though.
  31. Jake18oly

    Camera Connection Kit

    It has worked with everything I have thrown at it. Even if it says this device is not supported it will still work. I transfer files to and from my ipad all the time using thumb drives and ifile. I have even gotten it to work with my cell phone and powered external hard drive. What exactly are...
  32. Jake18oly

    Small box in corner

    Sure thing!
  33. Jake18oly

    Small box in corner

    You are most likely running backgrounder on a jailbroken ipad. The N appears when you have set a particular app to run in it's native multitasking state. The N means native. For example I have IM+ setv to run native so that I can continue to receive push notifications when I am not running the...
  34. Jake18oly

    Why has the iPad been so successful?

    Most of the negatives you listed can easily be remedied with jailbreaking. Using the camera connection kit you can easily transfer files using ifile. I wouldn't have my iPad any other way!
  35. Jake18oly

    Office productivity apps

    I use Docs to go and like it. It allows me edit and store documents in the cloud. I have it synced with my google docs account so I can easily access it from the ipad and computer. I have also started using zumocast to pull documents directly from my home computer and import them into docs to go.
  36. Jake18oly

    Cool iPad case, V1&V2&V3

    Correct. Not this exact case but very similar in design.
  37. Jake18oly

    Syncing from external hard drive?

    Yes, that is how I sync my iPad. You would still have to use iTunes though. I just set my iTunes library to store on the external hard drive and have made folders on the drive specifically for the iPad. Works great and keeps my computer cleaner.
  38. Jake18oly

    Cool iPad case, V1&V2&V3

    I had a case very similar to this and ended up getting rid of it and buying the official Apple case. The reason is the amount of bezel this thing covers. The ipad tends to shift in the case and sometimes parts of the screen aren't clearly visible. This also causes an issue if you are needing to...
  39. Jake18oly

    iPad 3.2.2 Jailbreak

    Short answer, no. Each device has a very specific shsh much like a fingerprint. Looks like you are out of luck unless sparkie is right in which case you'll be able to jailbreak very soon.
  40. Jake18oly

    G.O.C Glass Orb Beats em all

    That is a good looking theme. Is it available through a standard cydia source?