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    Our tmobile contract is finally up. What carrier would you use

    I'd go with verizon... Get a verizon mifi and you've got 3G coverage almost everywhere. As for smart phones, I'd say go to verizon because I can tell you for certain that they are coming out with some very good smart phones within the next 2 and a half months... Very good smart phones.
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    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    Agreed. I've read multiple books that are hardcover that have weighed the same if not more than the iPad itself.
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    Debating whether I should do the following...

    Done both. I wiped every little thing off of it last Friday and updated with the latest iOS version available (4.0.2 or w/e it is). And the iPod is not jailbroken. Two of my friends have the same generation iTouch as me and theirs does the same thing.
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    Debating whether I should do the following...

    Well, Apple just released their new iPod Touch today and mine is an iPod Touch 2G and it completely sucks! It's always freezing in the middle of playing music, watching videos, web surfing, and sometimes, even when it's doing absolutely nothing. Now, I have about $100 (I'm only 15 and I don't...
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    Syncing an iPod and an iPad with a single iTunes account...

    Well, I have an iPod Touch and an iPad and I want to sync them using a single iTunes account but was wondering how I would go about setting iTunes so that only music and certain paid apps sync to the iPod and only videos and certain paid apps sync to the iPad? So, how would I go about doing this?
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    App for logging workouts?

    Recently purchased iFitness for iPad and it's great! Awesome routines, logging, it syncs with my PC and the fact that you can watch videos on almost all of the exercises to see how they're done is awesome! I highly recommend this app.
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    Its been a few months... why no Official Facebook App for iPad?

    Yeah, go in the market and search for friendly - facebook browser or something along those lines. It's a great way to access facebook on the iPad, however there are some kinks that need to be worked out.
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    Sexiest/Most Hilarious Unboxing Ever

    So damn funny. Lmao. I love it!
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    ABC News Releases iPad App

    Looks awesome!
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    Web Browsers

    Yes, it does.
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    Add words to keyboard dictionary hack?

    After reading Matthew's thread about the spacebar on the keyboard bugging him, it had dawned on me that there was no way to add custom words to the iPad's dictionary or set certain words to be replaced with other words, for example the word "ipad" will usually be auto corrected by the keyboard...
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    The spacebar has been driving me a little nuts lately

    That's the exact thing that in was doing when I first got the iPad, but I seemed to have overcome it... Now I keep hitting "q" instead of hitting "a". I actually typed this post up to this sentence on the iPad in about 37 seconds with no issues, so I think I'm doing alright. The only thing...
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    Anyone else having a problem with brightness/SBSettings?

    It's because it's just changing the brightness in SBSettings and not saving it in the actual brightness and settings for it. Here, try this: Go into Settings and turn the brightness all the way up then press the Home button then swipe across the status bar so that SBSettings pops up...
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    Possible to buy kindle books with PayPal?

    Is there any possible way I can buy Kindle books using PayPal instead of directly using my credit card like I can in iBooks?
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    I see you're still quite the little post whore. :D

    I see you're still quite the little post whore. :D
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    ibook editor

    Sorry for the useless post, but this thread just made my day. :D
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    Sold my 16gb wifi and wait for 32gb wifi is killing me

    Take sleeping pills and just sleep until it's delivered... But don't miss the Fedex delivery guy haha. :D
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    Web Browsers

    I'd suggest emailing the dev, Matt. He's usually quick to respond.
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    Shutters on the Beach Premier suite guests given their own personal iPads

    Awesome, just awesome. If only you got to keep the iPad... Couldn't someone steal one, though?
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    iPad Causes Ruckus in German Parliament

    Personally, this seems pretty dumb that one cannot freely use their iPad in the German Parliament, but then again... what do I know? :)
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    Web Browsers

    Atomic Web Browser and Perfect Browser are two great browsers that can both spoof a website into thinking you're running Firefox, IE, etc. Try those out and see if they suit your needs. ;o
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    OpenDNS has made my iPad web browsing twice as fast

    Motorola Droid rooted with WiFi Tether is awesome. You get the quality and reliability from Verizon without having to pay extra for a 3G iPad or for 3G access from AT&T that will most likely have little to no signal.
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    SquareTrade iPad Warranty

    I wanted to buy one, but wanted to make sure it was legit and actually covered drops, spills, and normal wear and tear... So, is it legit and does it really cover nearly everything that you could posssibly do to break your iPad? Also, how does it work? What happens once your iPad has an...
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    Turning off forum email notification

    UserCP -> Edit Options -> Scroll down to "Messaging & Notification" -> Default Thread Subscript Mode -> Change to Do not subscribe Hope I was of service. ;D
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    Minimum brightness hack?

    The brightness on the iPad is so bright... Especially at night... Even with birghtness set to the lowest possible brightness. Is there any app in cydia that I can download to make the minimum brightness level in the iPad even lower than it already is?
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    Andorid meets iPad

    I also use wifi tether on my Droid to get free VZW 3G for my iPad and it works great.
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    Anyone got an info on this case?

    Hmm... Do you think my iPad could fit in that case with my silicone case on it or do you think I would have to take it off?
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    Crazy iPad Wheel Mount

    Lock the orientation an startup Asphalt 5 and set it to use the accelerometer and that could be seriously awesome.
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    Anyone got an info on this case?

    Anyone got any info on this case?
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    See Flash and Silverlight running on the iPad!

    A little slow, but it's do-able and it's a great start. ;)
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    Video won't sync...

    Fixed my own problem. Solution: I was converting to the wrong format. I was converting to MP4, not H264.
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    Video won't sync...

    Well, I just put Avatar onto my iPad (MP4 format) and it synced flawlessly, however I just tried to put 2010 onto my iPad (also MP4 Format) and it plays fine in iTunes, but when I click sync, it doesn't sync it... I've tried manually clicking which videos to sync, etc, but it just won't work...
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    screen freezes

    No issues here. Have you tried doing a restore?
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    iPad makes a good flashlight!!!

    Off-topic: Yeah, really, that was so unnecessary... On-topic: I haven't had to use my iPad as flashlight yet, but I'm sure it'll be great as one!
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    Need help, cant decide...

    I currently have the wifi iPad and it's great... I'd definitely suggest the wifi version, especially since the 3G service for the 3G iPad is no longer unlimited.
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    A good messenger app.

    Does anyone know any good apps for the iPad that will allow to log onto my MSN Messenger account? I've been looking for one for a while now and the only ones I could find only worked for the iPod. NOTE: I want a free messenger app, not one I'll need to pay for.
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    Is this normal for safari?

    I'm surprised that it's not doing it... It's amazing not seeing it reload after every page switch.
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    Is this normal for safari?

    Yeah, safari is than enough for my web browsing needs.
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    Is this normal for safari?

    Well then, I guess I got lucky because mine NEVER reloads. It always just stays as it was when I left it. I now no longer really have a need to buy another browser for tabbing features.
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    Is this normal for safari?

    Here's a YouTube clip of me showing the pages not reloading and staying in their current state without reloading. Click here for YouTube video. Anyone else's iPad do this, too?