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  1. graywolf

    Displayout on Ipad to projector

    Yep. Tired of the jerks at iPF so I moved on to XDA since I have an android phone.
  2. graywolf

    Displayout on Ipad to projector

    You have to be on 5.0 for the iPad to support the adapter.
  3. graywolf

    trouble with ipad

    You forgot the release power and hold home button part. :)
  4. graywolf

    [dev app ipad 2]how to read ipad sim card

    The ipad has the capabitlities to send and receive calls, but not texts yet. You won't be able to find documentation because it has never even been done before.
  5. graywolf

    Ipad 2 and veency

    Give display recorder a try. Records the ipad's screen directly on the ipad. Play around with the frame rate and resolution to get a good video feed.
  6. graywolf

    Faster transfer than SSH?

    There is a way, but it takes a guru about 30 min to get it set up. And if you have a N wireless router then wireless will be much faster.
  7. graywolf

    Will JB Allow Video Mirroring on IPad 1!

    For veency, use any VNC viewer on your computer. The IP address is the IP address you see in your wifi settings. Leave the port and such alone because they should be set. Yes, you can message me on skype if you need more instant help. :)
  8. graywolf

    USB Tweak Help.

    Maybe use ifile to find delete the virtual disk? If it even mounts as a virtual disk. If not, a restore is in your future.
  9. graywolf

    Will JB Allow Video Mirroring on IPad 1!

    Woah. At least give it a try.
  10. graywolf

    Will JB Allow Video Mirroring on IPad 1!

    Veency in cydia will show the ipad screen on any vnc client. The ipad currently doesn't have the ability to capture its own sound. Just goes straight to the speaker.
  11. graywolf

    How to: Create Your Own Winterboard Theme!

    Manually go in with ifile and replace all the game icons with the ones you want directly in the app's folder. Make sure you back up the old icons though in case it doesn't work right. :)
  12. graywolf

    iPad 5.1 untethered jailbreak soon!

    I said soon. Not a definite ETA.
  13. graywolf

    iPad 5.1 untethered jailbreak soon!

    According to greenpoison and redsnow on twitter, an untethered jailbreak will be released from Pod2g soon for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S on 5.1. But iPad owners, do not update yet! We do not know the exact release date yet, we just know it will be in the near future. As always, keep a backup of your...
  14. graywolf

    WiFi Booster - Paid Tweak

    If the signal is really low.
  15. graywolf

    Changing iTunes Accounts on a JB iPad 2

    Sorry, restore wasn't quite the right word. More like delete your stuff.
  16. graywolf

    Changing iTunes Accounts on a JB iPad 2

    It will erase and restore your ipad because it is synced with another itunes library, thus losing the JB.
  17. graywolf

    The ipad can be hacked????

    There is a tweak for that, SafariUploadManager, but it isn't compatible with the latest software.
  18. graywolf

    Security hole in iOS

    I agree. iOS probably just cuts off the extra characters. A password that long is completely unnessary. Even just a five letter word is extremely hard to crack.
  19. graywolf

    Backgrounder ios5

    I am sure you couldn't just edit the filesystem with ifile and get the same results as backgrounder. And the changes of backgrounder are removed when you uninstall the app. As for the clean install, a clean restore will always help your ipad run faster after you have acumulated a bunch of temp...
  20. graywolf

    Transfering file or photo to other phone

    But is is released for 5.0.1? You just can't download it?
  21. graywolf

    Notification badge outside the folder box!

    Oh I was close! I knew it was an app that modifies the home screen.
  22. graywolf

    Transfering file or photo to other phone

    It is. New version was released like a week ago.
  23. graywolf

    What is your favourite iPad app?

    You need a game or something. :)
  24. graywolf

    Notification badge outside the folder box!

    Springtomize? CustomGrid?
  25. graywolf

    Is it safe to jailbreak?

    More like 'howls' it going? :)
  26. graywolf

    Is it safe to jailbreak?

    Go for it!!!!!!! You will never go back.
  27. graywolf

    Is AppleCare Worth It?

    Don't do it. Waste of money
  28. graywolf

    Website page loading hangs

    Almost every website now has google ads and analytics set up so they have to access external sites. Try going to one of those sites and just leaving the ipad alone for a while to see if the page ever loads.
  29. graywolf

    Transfering file or photo to other phone

    Not that I know of. Celeste does its job very well though.
  30. graywolf

    Notification badge outside the folder box!

    Its caused by resizing icons usually. Also caused by tweaks like gridlock.
  31. graywolf

    Can you change icons in the status bar on iPad 1?

    The names for the graphics on ipad 1 & 2 are identical. There is a difference between iOS 4.3.3 and 5.0.1.
  32. graywolf

    Installing Android on the iPad

    That's what I said "dual-booting would be great". Also, most people refer to windows machines as "PCs" and OS X machines as "Macs". (Even though they are both personal computers :))
  33. graywolf

    Is Iconoclasm Better Than Gridlock?

    I love gridlock. Iconoclasm gives some more icon customizability options though.
  34. graywolf

    screwed with my ipad2

    I wouldn't bother shift-clicking a software version. Just hit "restore" if you are taking it to the Apple store. The ipad will be updated to 5.0.1.
  35. graywolf

    Still Undecided On Jailbreaking?

    +1 :)
  36. graywolf

    Still Undecided On Jailbreaking?

    Exactly. Whatever he is saying has been blown way out of proportion. Any jailbreak released from the main dev teams will NEVER have any of the problems he outlined. Ads? Definitely not. White icons? Sounds like a tethered jailbreak. I highly doubt all these issues happened to your ipad when...
  37. graywolf

    My jailbreaking story

    My ipad has been jailbroken for as long as I have had it. (Over a year and a half) Never had any problems.
  38. graywolf

    Modding on iOS 5.0.1 [help]

    Willer gave the destination of where the themes should go. Which is var/stash/themes.(whatever). No, there isn't a thread of the changed stuff, but if you are looking for the slider thing, look for a folder called "telephonyUI". All the lockscreen stuff is in there.
  39. graywolf

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    They add up fast! :)