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  1. K

    New iPad 3 might come with new connector size

    Why not just use the app?
  2. K

    Airplay Question

    Airplay doesn't allow you to stream to the iPad, only from.
  3. K

    Apple Tv?

    I picked up ATV G2 for Christmas. While I have been happy with it, it is a bit of a bummer that it doesn't work for video via safari...But, I just found an app browser called Webout that does the trick. $0.99 is worth it!
  4. K

    Battery in IOS 4.2.1

    No need to take it back, you should just swap with mine, now that I am back to my normal 10 hrs... All I did was a hard reset... Bizarre, but real :) Glad to be back to the day of use battery life I've come to expect!
  5. K

    Battery in IOS 4.2.1

    Yes, I have triple checked all settings , notifications, ect... I was getting about 10 hrs of mixed use @ 100%, I am now getting about 5 hrs...this has been consistent ove the past few days... Hence, my desire to get a resolution :)
  6. K

    Battery in IOS 4.2.1

    I am not using "find my iPad". Does anyone have any other ideas as to why my battery is draining in almost half the time since the update? My appologies for hi jacking the thread, but my initial intentions for posting was to see if anyone else who was experiencing similar reduction in battery...
  7. K

    Battery in IOS 4.2.1

    That explains everything. Judging by your handle, you were born in 81, making you almost 30...With all of that education, one can assume that you have yet to leave to world of academia and join the rest of us in the real world...As I said, explains everything. Thanks.
  8. K

    Battery in IOS 4.2.1

    I can tell you that reading your condescending posts is having quite the effect on my conscious.... I guess because you are not experiencing anything, that the rest of us are just nut cases... It must be sweet to be you, the almighty, know-it-all of the iPad and the greatest social psychologist...
  9. K

    Battery in IOS 4.2.1

    Dude, you really need to check your attitude at the door... I personally had not read a single thread on the topic before I posted. I just logged back into ipadforums, did a quick search to see if others were experiencing the same thing and added a reply. I purchased my first I pad at launch...
  10. K

    Battery in IOS 4.2.1

    Mine is draining much faster with 4.2.1...
  11. K

    Are you still happy with wifi?

    I pulled the trigger and sold my wifi and upgraded to 3G....I was able to sell my gently used wifi for $20 less than i paid for it, so I figure that it cost me ten bucks a month!
  12. K

    AT&T changing their plans

    I would think that most of us with 3G ipads are power users...I had a wifi, realized that I wanted my access everywhere, and upgraded to my 3G...luckily I pulled the trigger early enought to get grandfathered on the unlimited...for now :confused:
  13. K

    AT&T Wireless sets new data rates

    Cant say I blame you. At the same time, I would have to think that apple doesn't like this either... But then again, this thing is not tied to AT& its up to the free market to figure out the correct price for data usage via wireless...
  14. K

    AT&T Wireless sets new data rates

    Wow... It would suck if you had a 3G on order, but don't get until next week when you won't be able to purchase the 30/unlimited plan anymore as a new customer....
  15. K

    Multiplayer games over wifi?

    I have enjoyed many hrs of nova multiplayer action. Have had a fair time with another gamesoft game, sandstorm.
  16. K

    Portrait or Landscape?

    I hold it to the right b/c I prefer the speakers on the right top (where my hand isnt) as opposed to the left bottom, covered by my left hand. Its funny, because I actually find myself flipping it around when i notice the button is on the left, even when it doesnt make a difference...creature...
  17. K

    Deauthorize / Wipe clean?

    thanks fellas, much appreciated.
  18. K

    Deauthorize / Wipe clean?

    Well, my 3g is supposed to arrive via FedEx today. That means it is time to part with my Wifi unit I have had since launch... I know, its a little sad, as it has served me well... What exactly do I need to do to prep the old unit for sale? I figure restore it to factory default, but do I also...
  19. K


    Sure, you can exchange... Step one: order 3G on apple website Step two: wait while using your wifi for 10-15 days Step three: post your wifi for sale on craigslist the day your new baby gets to the states... I just followed the above and everything worked out great :D
  20. K

    Hauppauge live TV streaming to safari browser

    I just got my cd in today as well. The wintv extend actual tv screen is only about 1/4 of the ipad screen... It is pretty blocky when zoomed to full screen, buit much better than the app... Overall, I am happy, but i don't think i would be going out and buying a tv tuner card for my...
  21. K

    Anyone sold their iPad to upgrade to a different model ?

    I have a 3G on order and plan to craigslist my wifi...
  22. K

    Hauppauge live TV streaming to safari browser

    Just an update for those of you lurking on this subject... It appears that hauppauge did the press release before this was actually available, based upon info over on their support forum. Deeny, I see you are active over there too... Let me know if you figure something out.
  23. K

    Hauppauge live TV streaming to safari browser

    Deeny, so i assume that you still haven't been able to make this work? I read somewhere that they didn't think it would work over3g. I only have my wifi right now, but I had to order the cd as well (what is this, 1998?). Anyways, once i ge the cd in the mail,I will be working to figure this...
  24. K

    First time in the wild... Some thoughts...

    I've flown 10+ times with the iPad with no tsa issues
  25. K

    I want an Ipad!!!

    I pulled the trigger yesterday and ordered a 32gb 3G... Now I need to get rid of this gently used 32gb wifi and a brand new 16gb wifi...before the wifey starts to notice ihave a collection :D
  26. K

    Hauppauge Launches Live TV Support for the iPad and iPhone

    Yeah, I am waiting on the cd too... :confused:
  27. K

    Hauppauge Launches Live TV Support for the iPad and iPhone

    @baaagear. Did you get a chance to try it yet? I really want to know how this looks with 3G, as it could push me over the edge and make me order another iPad (I have a 32gb wifi)
  28. K

    My Ipad syncd my calender wirelessly???

    Well, news came out yesterday that AT&T has exclusivity on the iPhone until 2012... So, it looks like we will be waiting for a while!
  29. K

    Just powered on ipad for first time!

    Nope... I was in your same spot at 10:15 on April 3rd!
  30. K

    Cloud browse is back

    Just tried it on hulu with no success...error message about content unavailable for the platform
  31. K

    Cloud browse is back

    I've already used it to listen to the new stp tracks streaming in amazon... Works pretty well! Also, I don't think that apple pulled the app, i think the developer pulled it to fix it. I don't think apple really has a problem with it, because its not like the iPad itself is processing the flash...
  32. K

    Stupid idea for Ipad

    +1 thought the exact same thing
  33. K

    Apple iPad 3G unboxing!

    Are your cases fitting the 3G well?
  34. K

    The iPad competition quites before it gets started

    I'll be interested to see if the developers start working on more webos apps in the next few months to be ahead of the curve.... Apps will be the deciding factor in whether or not the slate truly competes with the ipad
  35. K

    TIP: Perfect App for 3G iPad when out in traffic

    Just be glad you live somewhere that driving &using an iPad during rush hour would be conscidered Chicago, the iPad user would be going less than 5 miles per hour!
  36. K

    Introducing the Skadoosh iPad Stand

    Wouldn't one just charge or sync by placing the iPad in vertical mode with the home button/port on top? Looks like a great stand...even if it is causing vendor wars here on the forum :D
  37. K

    Could the iPad mean the end of rear entertainment systems?

    How about thinking of this from a different angle? I can certainly see auto manufacturers accommodating the ipad as an input device, the same way they do for audio these days. While they will still find a way for you to pay an extra $1500-2k for the factory installed monitors/system, you will...
  38. K

    Split Keyboard For iPad [Concept]

    i use my iPad in landscape almost exclusively... maybe its because that is the aspect ratio I am accustomed to on all other pc/tv devices, but thats just how it feels best to me. Because of this preference, typing becomes a one-handed hunt&peck experience...This split keyboard design looks...
  39. K

    I am now addicted to surfing because of the iPad

    Same here....I enjoy the freedom of laying down and still surfing!
  40. K

    My convo with an Apple Expert re:3g Pre Orders /ship dates

    Smarter yet... Don't cancel your order, but still try your luck at a store... Then, you can always return your ipad to apple (no restocking fee if you dont open it) or sell it on fleabay...