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    Cannot upgrade to Ios 4

    Why can't you jb?
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    Man Uses his iPod touch and MobileMe to Find Lost iPad

    Aren't all electronics supposed to be turned off on a plane?
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    iOS 3.2.1 WARNING

    I'm up and running again.
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    Is it possible to revert back to iPad os 3.2 from 3.2.1?

    I tried that site but i cant get cydia or anything, what am I doing wrong?
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    How frequently do you charge?

    My I pad is almost public property at work. I have two other emp who are always stealing it. With all this usage I charge about every third day, if needed. We are on the wifi downloading videos or on Facebook. I do keep my screen at half power and it is more than a great display still.
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    iPad screen scratch protector thread...

    Should add in option of "none" or included with case. I think the otter box i have coming in tomorrow has a screen protector, but i also have the invishield here waiting to see which i install.
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    Otterbox case

    Bulky is the otter box for the bb curve with Nextel. The ob for the ihones inst too bad and since the iPad is so thin a little bulk for the kind of protection only an ob can give is worth it.
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    Someone got my iTunes account!!!

    I do have one, I should probably use it more.
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    Someone got my iTunes account!!!

    @mike, my email was a com cat account. And the real strange part was that apple kept trying to email me things reset passwords and stuff and i wasn't getting any of it. I called comcast yesterday and we found that my email was set to reject all emails??? @bill, I don't know anything about...
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    Someone got my iTunes account!!!

    Well it took a couple of days and about seven calls. They finally got all the pending purchases off my account and reset my password. They say I should be all set. We'll see.
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    Someone got my iTunes account!!!

    Did not think of that, seeing as my Apple ID is my email. :(
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    Minimum brightness hack?

    I was at a concert the other day and noticed several ppl with the iphone and that their phones were very dark and this tread made me realize just how bright the pad is. I had thought the auto dimming was good but it doesnt seem to really do anything. I can imagine what this could do for the...
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    Someone got my iTunes account!!!

    So far they have my account up to $800.00 Apple says there is nothing they can do, they can't remove the pending purchases or anything. I basically need to keep getting new credit cards and putting them on there and dispute them all. One guy at apple told me that I should log out of my iTunes...
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    Someone got my iTunes account!!!

    So Amex calls me today and asks me if the three charges for forty bucks each from iTunes is mine. I check my iTunes account and find some has been buying music since yesterday afternoon on my account. The only time i access my account is on my iPad. I've started the pleasantries of changing...
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    What are the features in OS 4.0

    I think iPad gets iOS in the fall.
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    What case do u get for your iPad?

    My Apple leather case was supposed to be here yesterday but got stuck in HK. I am also waiting for the Otterbox Defender to come out, right now I crap when ever anyone gets too close to my iPad un protected. I do like the bed sheet, any idea waht the tread count was? ;)
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Picked up three so far, only kept the 32 3G.
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    Help! I've bricked my iPad I think!

    I had a simular problem the other day. MyWi made mine run like a juiced iPod/iPhone. I did notice the bottom quarter of the screen was inop. I did a restore with iTunes and was all set.
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    Shenzhen CN?

    Both of mine left Sat night. One was supposed to deliver Wed and the other Thur, both were a day early. Over the weekend they kept on moving, don't know if they'll deliver on a weekend though.
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    Shenzhen CN?

    I ordered two at the same time, shipped thirty minutes apart. One went to Hong Kong, Alaska, Dearfield Bch FL, then West Palm. The other went Hong Kong,TN, the Fort Lauderdale to West Palm and took one extra day.
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    Jailbreaking iPad Cons?

    I messed mine up bad yesterday. Had to wait till I got home to restore, once done no issues at all, ran like it did before JBing.
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    t-Mobile prepaid and iPad

    Anything new on this?