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    MAC OS question...

    Thanks all, that was helpful. I'll splurge and spend the $30 on the new os on disc. I figure it will also be this laptops' last upgrade as the times they are achanging with the apple products. Sucks that we can't get physical copies any longer. I wonder how that's going to impact support. YOU...
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    MAC OS question...

    That would be bull**** if I have to start from scratch. Completely silly to spend like, 2k on a computer that is only supported for like, 3 years.. I won't do it again if that's the case and it gets phased out so quickly. Better off sticking to my PC and buying parts for it as it becomes...
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    MAC OS question...

    I know this isn't the correct forum to be posting this in, but apple forums offer no support, and i just have been having a b*tch of a time trying to understand the answer to my question. I am currently on 10.5.8 on my early '08 macbook pro. I want to update in july to Mountain Lion but I can't...
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    Is there a "for sale" portion of the forum?

    I'm thinking about selling my iPad 1 64GB WiFi with some accessories. Just wondering if there's a good place on the forum to do so?
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    General IOS 4.3 Observations

    I didn't notice any improvement in safari either. I'm rather puzzled as to what specifically they would have done to make it faster. I agree about the slide/lock orientation. Man was I bummed when they took that away! This should've been posted in the "one thread is enough" section to appease...
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    iPad 2 May Have Five New Features Including Video Phone and 3-Axis Gyroscopes

    Well, i did see a commercial for Verizon offering some kind of wireless air card recently. Of course, with any data service, you will be tied to a provider either way. Hopefully we can learn to adopt European model of being able to actually choose what we want when we want it on any carrier at...
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    iPad 2 May Have Five New Features Including Video Phone and 3-Axis Gyroscopes

    If this is the case, they should only have one model, say a 32gb. Make consumers pay 599$ for it, then they can use external drives to access other media they may have a need for at the moment. Thatd be awesome. I would totally buy another if they integrated usb. Usb is called usb because it...
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    iPad memory details

    You are mistaking storage capacity for can't (without jail breaking) see how much memory you are using on an iPad. Storage you can see under the settings icon, then click on "about". Someone else want to interject?
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    What gps up for wifi only iPad?

    I'd recommend "Garmin". :D there is always "OffMaps" check that one out. I use it on my phone while traveling to different cities. Seriously, I don't think there's anything us wifi owners can do about it. I trust my gps over some iPad app any day though.
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    Pwnage Tool Update Not Far away !

    Great Scott, upgrade that g4! :D Nothing that's coming out soon is going to be supporting old hardware. It's intel from now on.
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    Apple TV... So who's bought/buying one then?

    I thought 320 was the highest you could do? Perhaps the newer ones support 5400 rpm 1tb drives, but I'm 96.8% sure the older models can't handle that capacity..
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    Good news?

    Sorry to hijack. I'm running 3.2.1. Been jb'en since that release. Kind of lost track with the jailbreaks, and now im confused. Can I use this jb in my current state when it releases?
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    Gmail not pushing me new emails

    Having the same issue...Except on mine, nothing but Facebook pushes. No mail, anyways..what gives?
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    Any reason to keep Rock

    .... It's a repository just like cydia. Loads faster, better interface, better in general. There are this who hate it, bit I'm one who loves it for it's ease of use and streamlined GUI
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    Password masking

    Shoulder surfing be damned, I like being able to correct mistakes instantaneously, instead of doing so after I hit "submit".
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    I'm screwed...

    Because you have 6 posts.?
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    Is your iPad jailbroken?

    Some of those people having problems may not be the brightest crayons in the box. Then again, it's really not rocket science and it can be reversed quite easily if you want it to. I have to agree that for backgrounder alone, it is worth doing.
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    Just bought an iPad with 3.2.2

    Holy crap, how many of these posts are we going to have to read through before people start looking at the stickies? Could we please put up a sticky with a constantly current jailbreak compatibility version/os version? Seems like people just don't pay enough attention/do some googleing.. No...
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    Cydia,please help!

    Are you asking if cydia "remembers" what you have previously downloaded? If that's your question, then my answer will be "not to my knowledge" If you are asking weather you can install app store apps through cydia, my answer will be "no"
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    Jail Break for Ipad 3.2.2

    You should post in the jailbreak section for jailbreak related questions. Your answer is likely already there somewhere. Answer to original question: when it is ready! :)
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    Selecting text to copy/paste - how?

    Drag the blue bubble's edges after hitting select. You can choose what to copy that way. Alternatively, you could "select all" on a paragraph. Sometimes it selects the whole page, which can be annoying.
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    Question about backgrounder + ipod

    Works fine! There are glitches with some apps but nothing too serious. You can always set rules to circumvent specific apps from using backgrounder to function. You don't need to restore if something goes wrong. Simply uninstall the package.
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    iPad wanna be's

    The big feature for lots of people is the ease of use of an iPhone. If I'm in IT and being bothered with computer issues all day, the last thing I want my phone to do is give me a hard time trying to send a text. I had an Htc fuze and I had to give it up. When you can't send a text or make a...
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    Dropbox and iBooks

    Have you looked at GoodReader yet? you can even email photos with it, as well as email attachments and so on and so on... It does play nice with PDF's and even lets you export to iBooks.
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    Sick of iPhone content in cydia

    Well, it takes literally seconds and you have the capability to install things if needed. You could always jailbreak it and never install anything just in case that one day where you wish you had multitasking... IMHO, it's worth the two minutes of install time at least..
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    Bluetooth wont connect

    The ipad and file transfer over bluetooth doesn't work. It likely never WILL work. It's an issue stemming from hardware, not software. Apple's stance on Bluetooth technology has always been one of controversy. It is limited, plain and simple. You could always upload the pics to Dropbox or email...
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    Air video on different network?

    Well, it works. I'm streaming Lord of the rings from a starlucks about 15 miles from home base. Connecting to your server may take a little while longer than expected, and your bandwidth is obviously limited by the establishments router and upspeed. But just let her buffer a bit and you're gold...
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    Air video on different network?

    I'm heading to Sblarbluck's now to test out these settings, i'll report back from there and confirm if these settings work.
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    Air video on different network?

    Here are the settings you should be using to get this to work correctly if you're on a simple LAN and your server computer is operating 24/7 (so you can access your media 24/7. Obviously, if your server isn't running, you can't access anything from it. 0.o) 1: make sure AirVideo has these...
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    Air video on different network?

    Sure thing, I'll get right on that for ya and I'll include the correct settings for both the router port forwarding and AV server instance. When you're in IT, you sometimes have one of "those days". :D
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    iOS 3.2.2 Released

    O.0 We've got a JB noob here ;) kidding, I'm just busting your balls. Every jailbreak you do, you must wait until the dev team releases a compatible JB with the new apple firmware so you can update it. I never update until two or three firmware updates later just to be sure my JB will still work.
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    Air video on different network?

    Ok, it works now! One should NOT check the "automatically map port" checkbox if routing manually or if the router doesn't support the upnp protocol. They didn't make this clear, but it makes total sense.
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    Air video on different network?

    Well, I added the port to forward to the ip and it's still not working. Then, I tried adding the service to my exempt list, also enabling upnp on the server pc and it still doesn't work, although I'm now prompted with a password when accessing it from my LAN on the iPad. So it kind of halfway...
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    Air video on different network?

    Well it appears that my verizon router doesn't support UPnP! So that's likely why, I've forwarded ports, added exemptions and added the route. I've also enabled universal plug and play, although it seems to do nothing. Man, this is so disappointing! I guess I'll have to spring for a nice...
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    Air video on different network?

    When I hit "Test Connection", it gives me a popup dialog that says "Your AirVideo Server Instance is NOT accessible from internet." Any Idea as to what i need to do to make it work?
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    I need God Finger friends

    I just added about everyone that's posted their names, keep the list growing!
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    I got the Camera Connection Kit!

    What app would one need to be able to do this? I assume you're using ifile in conjunction with the aforementioned mystery app when you are selecting where the destination is? Do tell me more...I was under the impression that it was a limitation more of supplying enough power to the perhiphrials...
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    Air video on different network?

    Here's my question. If I'm at a Sparmuck's Coffee chain, and I want to connect and watch a video on my home server on its own private network is that possible with air video? It seems like it should be, but i don't know how the whole firewall situation would work out. Or how about if my...