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  1. K

    Ipad 3 case that works similarly to original Apple Case

    Yeah the Targus is a fail with magnetic on/off. The Amazon reviews reflect that and it appears there was no internal testing or QC with respect to these cases. And it is designed specifically for the new iPad. They'll rightfully catch a lot of grief. I too turned off this feature but will...
  2. K

    Apple Store Pick-Up Confirmation - Where is it????

    I had big Walmart gift card that I've been saving up from Xmas. I walked into my 24 hour Walmart on the way to work early this morning (about 6am) and bought a 32 gig wifi. I haven't done anything with it but charge it (at 84 percent when I got it) since the set up process is step by step and...
  3. K

    Any Android Tablet Owners?

    Now I'm reading the possibility of 4g and quad core. Too good to be true. Sent from my HTC Rezound.
  4. K

    Any Android Tablet Owners?

    I prefer android phones but I use my iPad 1 more than my xoom. Honeycomb was just awful. Slow..... pretty much felt like an alpha for ice cream sandwich. ICS is a major improvement. Still, there too much going on with all that screen real estate, resolution and active desktop so it still feels...
  5. K

    Ipad vs Android

    Probably been mentioned that the winner of the android/apple 'war' is us. I have both platforms. Tech wars, market share battles, product positioning.....ain't it grand! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. K

    Best ipad software for Stock market monitoring

    Very different animals.....don't know about the eTrade app but Bloomberg doesn't provide any technical analysis. Daily Stocks is full of chart scanning options. I think Stock Signals is better Daily Stocks as it will alert you to buy and sell signals, including those in your watch list, along...
  7. K

    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Do it all the time.
  8. K

    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Typing stuff into the browser and getting horrible lag (ipad1). Make sure there are no tabs open or you don't have stuff in the multitasking environment. My phone does a better job.
  9. K

    Best ipad software for Stock market monitoring

    Yeah unfortunately, like you, I like to research stocks at yahoo and other sites. Pretty much a universal fail rate when it comes to seeing charts. Come on Apple, join the 21st century!
  10. K

    Before you rush out and get a Xoom...

    One small problem I have with the Apple, it has no desktop. It's a sea of icons. It's eternal....the way it's been the way it will always be. Probably. I don't know how you optimize that other than giving it pseudo multitasking. Yep the xoom is a little buggy but I enjoyed using it. The...
  11. K

    Before you rush out and get a Xoom...

    I played around with the Xoom at BB today.....and in the interests of full disclosure I own an iPad 1 and Droid X. I love the Xoom OS. Quite honestly I think it trashes the IPad. Too bad the Xoom is gonna get killed in the marketplace. There were three people I saw around the iPad kiosk and...
  12. K

    The Daily

    Too liberal, crashes too often.
  13. K

    Should wait for iPad2?

    I use a lot of financial and personal investment apps. I'll withhold final judgement till I see how this honeycomb OS optimizes tablet functionality. Btw I'll have to add one big beef I have with the iPad....lack of flash!
  14. K

    Should wait for iPad2?

    $600 bucks for the Xoom wifi 32 gb. I've got a DroidX so I kinda know what to expect. Don't know if I want to fork that over since the iPad now has multitasking and better apps. Screen resolution is slightly better on the Xoom I think but not worth buying given what I now have with the iPad...
  15. K

    Would iPad replace my Kindle?

    Just got the Kindle a week ago. Love it....I do all my reading on it now.
  16. K

    iPad vs PC and Kindle

    One quarter saw it as a electronic reader replacement....I wouldn't have guessed it to be that high.
  17. K

    iPad vs PC and Kindle

    Just found this interesting. Particularly the part where half the iPad owners also have a Windows based computer. Article from Barron's Online..... Apple: iPad Only Slightly Cannibalizing PC Sales, NPD Contends Posted by Eric Savitz Contrary to popular belief, the Apple (AAPL) iPad...
  18. K

    Does Anybody Regret....

    iPad well worth it for me....use it all the time since it's release. Biggest frustration....lack of multitasking. It's a must these days. Hopefully it will come in the next few months.
  19. K

    How to stop ipad from backup ?

    Bumping because I found a solution for me.....this was driving me nuts. 32 gig pad not even one third full. I was backing up with the cable connected to an extended USB port (in front of my computer which runs Win 7). And after six hours it would get maybe 50% backed up. Plug the cable into...
  20. K

    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    I have an itouch, iPad, droid and now droidx. I enjoy all. But I'm sticking with android and verizon for my phone because I like the customization and verizon service. The apple/android competition is great for consumers.....the debate surrounding which platform is best is pretty meaningless...
  21. K

    Apps that I actually use.

    Forgot to include appadvice. An app about apps! Very useful at times.....will give you a heads up on free games, new apps, and app news.
  22. K

    Scratches in Invisible Shield

    If you need some kind of solvent LCD or eyeglass cleaner plus micro cloth is usually safe.
  23. K

    Scratches in Invisible Shield

    I've had one on my droid since last year and it is still perfect.
  24. K

    What's the best task management app on the iPad?

    I agree....satisfied with the buy.
  25. K

    Which screen protector that doesn't result in a grainy screen

    My screen is at 33%. BTW if you feel it dims the screen, increase your screen brightness. Isn't that kind of obvious.
  26. K

    Apps that I actually use.

    Newsrack, Pulse, Stockwatch, Mlb At Bat, Tweetings, Weatherbug,, and various tower defense games.
  27. K

    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    Once in awhile you'll get a This is It. Lots of TV series. Since it's free I ain't complaining.
  28. K

    Which screen protector that doesn't result in a grainy screen

    NuShield Dayvue. No grain. But not fingerprint resistant.
  29. K

    Difference between non-anti glare screen protectors?

    No....I wouldn't use one but not for the glare. Heck I'm aleady pining for iPad II which I bet will have that wonderful screen. It's not like this will have to withstand years of use.
  30. K

    Clear touch anti glare vs power support

    I don't use mine outside....but I just did to answer your question. :) Sitting on my back porch in the shade, it is very readable at 100% brightness. I use transition glasses and glare is further reduced. Strange that shaded glasses (transitions do not go real dark like regular sunglasses)...
  31. K

    Clear touch anti glare vs power support

    Not brightness is set at about 33%.
  32. K

    Clear touch anti glare vs power support

    Yes, the Dayvue and it has no blurryness. It is not a matte shield. It's been awhile since I've installed but IIRC, there is a very slight tint to the shield. And right after I applied it I thought to myself how much better everything looks. I applied a matte shield to the same iPad and...
  33. K

    Difference between non-anti glare screen protectors?

    The NuShield Antiglare is completely clear. On the negative side there is no home button hole (I cut a notch in myself) and it is a fingerprint magnet that you need to clean with an LCD/microfiber cleaner. The advantages easily outweigh the negatives for me. I'd buy it again.
  34. K

    Removing Tags From Screen Protectors???

    You're probably trying to remove the tag from the cellophane backing to the shield. Look closely and see if there are two sheets left. Sometimes there are three pieces with the shield sandwitched between.
  35. K

    Difference between non-anti glare screen protectors?

    One was given to me that I used on my itouch. I removed it the next day. Yes it works very much like a mirror when the unit is off. When on, it was too glarey for me.
  36. K

    kindle app DESTROYS ibooks imo

    Wish Kindle app had a dictionary. And I wish iBooks had a sepia background option. Right now I do most my reading on the Kindle app.
  37. K

    Difference between non-anti glare screen protectors?

    Mine is glossy too and shows fingerprints easily. I tried a matte surface protector that did a good job with fingerprints but made small text hard to read. I also didn't think the matte did well with glare. I don't know if there is a perfect shield out there. But if it ain't optically clear, I...
  38. K

    Favorite News App

    Pulse is my default now but it crashes too much. I have 18 feeds which may have something to do with that. Newsrack is less flashy but a solid and stable newsreader.
  39. K

    Brought my ipad to

    Never occurred to me to show the ipad off in public just to gain attention. Whats the big deal, they got 'em out on display at Best Buy. That's as pedestrian as it gets. LOL!
  40. K

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    My case is wearing well.....not wearing at all actually and I've had it since release. In any case :-) the Zagg is a good choice for the back since it is slightly tacky.