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    WordPress Announces iPad-Optimised View

    You like it. I don't. We're even. Over on the Wordpress blog post about it, others have noted some of the problems I'm having as well as other problems. My solution is to not read blogs that implement it until it is fixed or I can opt out of it. I'm not jumping through hoops to read someone's...
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    WordPress Announces iPad-Optimised View

    Clearing the cache only possibly helped the crash on rotate. The other complaints persist. All I ask is that users have a choice just like they do with Wordpress on the iPhone where I can choose a setting and see the full site. I think Onswipe is clunky and ugly, beyond my initial usability...
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    WordPress Announces iPad-Optimised View

    I frequent a Wordpress blog that implemented Onswipe. It eliminates pinch and zoom, crashes when I rotate my iPad, and will not allow me to position my cursor or override autocorrect in a reply. I did not try to copy or paste in a reply but I would be surprised if that worked. I dislike the...
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    iPad1 owners: Will you upgrade to iPad2?

    At the moment I'd be looking to spend $300 if I sold my original iPad and then made up the difference to buy an equivalent iPad2. It is just not worth it to me after less than a year's use (got mine May 7, 2010). In a couple of years, I'll update to the latest and greatest at that time.
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    Best ipad game?

    My three favorite game on the iPad are Angry Birds, Risk, and Sudoku.
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    Ipad vs laptop

    My laptop is sitting dusty in the corner since I got my iPad.
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    Mute or Rotation Lock?

    With iOS 4.3 we now have the choice to either set our iPad's switch that was originally a rotation lock, and then became a mute switch, to the one we prefer. Which will it be for you?
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    'Sigh' My rant.

    To those who don't like iPads: the iPad is what it is. I've had mine since May, I use it each and every day. I also take it on trips in place of the laptop I used to drag along. If you want flash, no an iPad is not for you. I don't mind missing all the flash garbage out there. If you want...
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    I got mine the first week of May (missed the 3G release day, but was only a few days late). I love it. I take it to bed at night and read. I usually check weather and news before I roll out of bed. I keep it handy throughout the day. I no longer take a notebook computer on trips. It is a...
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    The 4.2 Update killed my iPAD - Need help

    Windows 7 Pro x64 here. iPad 3G 64. My iPad update was in the final stage, and the white bar was 98% (eyeballing it, there is no numeric meter). It appeared to hang there. I decided to go to bed. When I woke up in the morning my iPad was updated and everything was fine. I don't know what...
  11. G Apple TV GiveAway

    Why should I win and Apple TV? Why shouldn't I win! I'm a nice person. I help my friends set up their new iPads. If I wond I'd invite my neighbors to see my Apple TV, and they'd all want one and Apple stock would go up! If I win, everyone wins ;-).
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    I need God Finger friends

    Please add me: gailla
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    Hello/ Marware Case/E-Mail Question

    Hi nsgod. I don't have that case. Just curious. Is that really padding or is it packing material? With some quality products, sometimes the packing is as nice as the product. Welcome to the forum.
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    Hi. Glad you are enjoying your iPad.
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    Vandy has found you!

    Welcome! Glad you are enjoying your iPad.
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    Another new member

    Hi colinbeds! Thanks for sharing about the UK iPad coverage. The press here is all over it. If I had to choose between sliced bread and iPad, well, lol... No contest. Welcome to the forum.
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    Real newby

    Hi Snazzy. I'm sorry that I didn't get back here yesterday, but am glad that you figured it out. I'm just as happy that it doesn't have a camera because the iPhone form factor is better for that. There are some programs that will let you use your iPhone camera with your iPad but I haven't tried...
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    New to the forum

    Hi Veper. Enjoy your iPad and welcome to the forum!
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    Hi, everyone, Hi, iPadforums

    Hello. Glad you are here. Hope you are enjoying your new iPad.
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    Ipad and wifi sdcard

    Does your camera have wifi built in? I don't know how you would do it with that. If not, this might work Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB Wireless SDHC memory card - upload and organize photos & videos automatically | Eye-Fi (see iPhone app). I don't own one of these, so I can't say it works, but you...
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    Hi from little Britain

    Hi iFitz. There are a number of us here who got our first personal computers in the early 1980s. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your first Apple gadget. You chose a good one to start with!
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    new guy

    Welcome. Hope you get your iPad soon!
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    Blackhawks Win the Stanley Cup!

    Can you tell I'm originally from Chicago? The NHL has a nice app, too. Looking forward to what they do next season with it.
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    IPad and Real Estate

    Hi Pete. Welcome! No Real Estate experience here. I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences.
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    Real newby

    Welcome snazzy5168! I don't know how brilliant this family is, but it is friendly. What kind of question? Just look at the different headings in the forum and take your best guess. This is a real nice group and no one will jump on you for posting in the wrong place. They may suggest a...
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    iPad 3G security breach!

    lol figmo10. Still, as a 3G iPad account holder, this sucks.
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    114,000 iPad 3G owner's personal information leaked

    While I'm not high-profile, I have a 3G data plan. I'm not pleased.
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    Former Apple hater, now a lover...

    I'm the choir and thank you for preaching to me! :) I couldn't have said how I feel about the i devices better than you just did. Welcome to the forum and keep enjoying your gear, especially your iPad!
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    E Mail problem

    Welcome to the forum! Let us know if turning your iPad off and on as outlined above, works.
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    My first apple gadget!

    Welcome. I too am a Win and sometime Ubuntu (or other Linux) user. My iPhone was my first Apple gadget. Obviously I've been assimilated. Enjoy the club. Wish I could help you with atomic browser, but I don't have it. After scanning the help files, if any, you might want to ask the...
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    Warning Incoming NERD

    Warning us that there is an incoming nerd is like warning the swamp that a frog is arriving. Welcome!
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    How many gigs of apps do you have installed?

    When the iPad is connected and shows up iTunes click on the word "Apps" under the Capacity bar and it will change between the number of GBs used for Apps and the number of Apps installed.
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    Which iPad apps you are playing?

    I play X-Plane and Boggle a lot. I have a bunch more games. I spend too much time playing games.
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    Understood Matth3w. I wish it could work for you in uniform, but I appreciate both those who wear the uniform and the regs about wearing the uniform. As a woman, I got the non-black one just to mix things up (all my other bags and luggage are black) and I do carry it both across my back and...
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    After searching for something nice, roomy and affordable, I got one of these: Timbuk2 Bags - Freestyle Netbook Messenger - Ballistic Fabric It has a lot of organizer pockets inside and has a lined pocket to hold your phone. I use the zipper pocket for the cords/headset. It is very well made.
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    I don't understand why the Apple case is so hard to find?!

    I only have one because I ordered it online at the same time I ordered my iPad. The case came a week after the iPad and the Camera Connection Kit came a few days after that. I'd order online at this point. You will get one after a wait, but you will be in the queue. In the meantime, I found...
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    How many gigs of apps do you have installed?

    Whoops, I answered 2-2.25 and then looked to find it is really 2.5 even. I guess I don't have any really huge apps installed, but I do have 91 apps installed.
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    Welcome Kimberly! I have already taken my iPad on one trip and have two more upcoming. It was made for travel (and for home, school, meetings, and everything else).
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    ARGH! My iPad is broken...isn't it?

    I hear you Matth3w. I don't like anyone leaning on my car either -- drives the heck out of me and you are so right about the dust. I agree, if someone is going to accidentally drop and damage my iPad, I at least want that clod to be me!