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  1. KiltedTim

    Apple Case

    I picked one up at the apple store Saturday morning when I got my iPad and put it on before I even turned it on the first time. It definitely gives a nice, secure grip. It may not be the best option out there for everyone, but I like it.
  2. KiltedTim

    Sent from my iPad

    Picked mine up this morning. Awesome! Back to playing!
  3. KiltedTim

    Sharing Itunes Library for Apps????

    Hmmm... I'll have to take another look at my wife's macbook. I didn't think that apps showed up when using home sharing. I could very easily be wrong about that, though.
  4. KiltedTim

    Sharing Itunes Library for Apps????

    It does not for iPhone apps, so I'd guess it does not for iPad apps either.
  5. KiltedTim

    Look ! Where my iPad is !

    UPS has stated that these tracking results can NOT be considered accurate due to the special handling required by Apple. Odds are, it's about 5 or 10 miles from you at your local UPS depot right now.
  6. KiltedTim

    iTunes upgrade mandatory?!

    I've had that happen every once in a while. It has nothing to do with a new version being out, usually just a temporary communication problem on Apple's end (I think... actually, I'm not sure if it phones home occasionally or not for authorization, but it seems reasonable). I don't have a whole...
  7. KiltedTim

    iPad Apps are up in Itunes!

    Yes, Captain... they are $9.99 each. That's what I thought they would be based on the original announcement. Still, not a bad deal, really. And not everyone needs all of them. I didn't get keynote yet. I probably will eventually, but I don't really need it at this point. I don't give a lot of...
  8. KiltedTim

    Anyone have tips on preserving battery life?

    One of the reviews posted today cited a >12.5 hour run time with wifi on, screen brightness at full, all power saving features off playing video continually. If I had a power outage that lasts longer than that, I'd think I'd be taking it to my local coffee shop and plugging in there while I...
  9. KiltedTim

    iPad Apps are up in Itunes!

    List? We don' need no steenkeen lists! I've already downloaded 22 apps, including Pages and Numbers. LOL I intend to be ready! Looks like iBooks isn't available yet, though. Neither are the B&N eReader or the Kindle app, but I have the iPhone versions of those for the time being. Of course, I...
  10. KiltedTim

    Hulu's iPad Subscription based App?

    IF they would put out a set top box that I could hook up to my HDTV AND allow me to access all of their content for one price, say up to $10 per month, on my TV, iPad, iPhone, and computer, then I'd consider it. If they were to do it that way, I could seriously consider dumping my cable service...
  11. KiltedTim

    Is Factory Warranty Good Enough?

    I'd be interested in any experiences anyone has had with squaretrade as well. As a rule, I don't buy extended warranties and (knock wood) I haven't needed it so far. I may consider buying AppleCare for my iPad at some point before the initial warranty expires, but it all depends on whether I...
  12. KiltedTim

    iTunes 9.1 is now up!

    Hooray! One less thing I have to worry about on Saturday morning! Check for updates directly from iTunes said I had the latest version, but Software update found it along with an update to iPhoto. Undoubtedly to support the iPad as well.
  13. KiltedTim

    UPS confirms mine WILL NOT be delivered by Sat even though UPS does Sat delivery here

    Sorry to hear about the delay. I count myself lucky to have an Apple Store in my area. Here's hoping nothing goes wrong with the reservations.
  14. KiltedTim

    I didn't pre-order an iPad, how early should I wait in line?

    I'm guessing we'll find that the stores won't sell any before 3:00PM that were not reserved in advance. Or if they have any at all to sell before then, there will be very few. I'd guess your best chance is get there before they open and ask as soon as the doors are unlocked. Maybe they'll start...
  15. KiltedTim

    iPad in-store pick up list

    Crocker Park, Westlake, OH. Pickups start at 9, I plan to be there about 8.
  16. KiltedTim

    Today apple charged me for the 32g wyfi/3g--too

    Folks, maybe I can clarify what's happening a little bit for those of you who are starting to get a little miffed and somewhat confused. I used to work in the card servicing business. It is possible that Apple is staging the pre-orders and starting to ship them. I wouldn't be surprised if...
  17. KiltedTim

    What will digital magazine subscription costs be?

    I already subscribe to Men's Health. I'll be overjoyed if they'll let me convert my print subscription to electronic to read on my iPad.
  18. KiltedTim

    iTunes 9.x

    According to the iPad technical specification on, the iPad will require iTunes 9 or higher to sync. Looking at the version information on my iMac, the latest version available for OS X is 9.0.3. It's probably safe to assume that there will be an update required to support the new...
  19. KiltedTim

    iPad Countdown!

    Here in the Eastern time zone, we're down to 8 Days, 21 Hours, 41 minutes and change.
  20. KiltedTim

    iPad for Business: Replacing the notebook?

    I would think the notes app on the iPad should suffice for taking notes, though it's true it doesn't do any kind of handwriting input... You should become proficient with the on screen keyboard rather quickly I'd imagine (assuming you can type as opposed to hunt & peck). There may be apps that...
  21. KiltedTim

    Installing non-App Store Apps on iPad

    I wasn't familiar with PDANet, so I looked (very briefly) at the web site. I don't see any indication of a need to install client software on the computer or device to be tethered (in this case, the iPad) unless you want to do USB tethering, which I assume you would not. IF you do actually...
  22. KiltedTim

    Can the iPad replace the desktop or laptop?

    You're right gentlefury. Unlike some software companies who shall remain nameless <coughmicrosoft>
  23. KiltedTim

    iBooks app, Kindle app or Nook app, which will you use?

    It's totally off topic, but why were there so many i(Maxi)Pad jokes flying around... Sure, a 12 year old can find something to laugh at there... Now the Nook... That was a prime target for comedy... Who in the world came up with the name Nook-E-Reader? Nook-E? I mean, come on... It's the perfect...
  24. KiltedTim

    Local UPS just told me this Week!

    Hmmm... wonder if we'll learn anything new before launch day?
  25. KiltedTim

    Can the iPad replace the desktop or laptop?

    On the issue of charging for OS upgrades for the iPad, we'll have to wait and see... However... The iPhone gets "free" upgrades. The iPod Touch requires payment. This is NOT purely a choice on Apple's part. It's an issue of how revenue is recorded for the devices and laws surrounding the issue...
  26. KiltedTim

    What will you do while waiting in line...?

    Awww. where's your sense of adventure wolfpackfan? The line can be fun! Especially if you bring along a hip flask... yeah, I know, it's early, but what the hell... it's Saturday! (Besides, I have to go to my mother's for dinner that day and I'd rather be numb for that...)
  27. KiltedTim

    What will you do while waiting in line...?

    I'll just be hangin out in my Utilikilt waiting for the doors to open. My wife wants to come along, so that will be nice. I don't really think the line will be all that obnoxious, and once the doors open, I imagine things will move along pretty quickly.
  28. KiltedTim

    iBooks app, Kindle app or Nook app, which will you use?

    I'll use whichever app will display the book(s) I want from the vendor with the lowest price.
  29. KiltedTim

    WiFi Only vs. 3G: How to Decide

    You may have a bit of an issue then, considering that without a home computer, you have no way to back up what's on the iPad. Yes, you should be able to use it and purchase videos, music, books, apps, etc. from the iTunes store, but I'm not positive about that. You may want to check with Apple...
  30. KiltedTim

    iPad Multitasking with Music

    Should be able to. Same as the iPhone and iPod Touch. There are a number of 3rd party applications already that have this capability as well.
  31. KiltedTim

    Delivery day, April 3rd.

    My area has Saturday delivery as well, but Fed EX and UPS are so frigging unreliable when it comes to delivering to my high rise building, I'm not willing to risk it. They habitually don't even attempt to contact the recipient. If they actually deliver it to the leasing office, it's great, but...
  32. KiltedTim

    Is 16gb enough?

    I'm curious, though as to how many of those apps you actually use... I have lots of apps as well, but only a relatively small set of them get installed on my phone for any length of time. I'll lay odds you could decide not to sync most of those to your Touch (or iPad for that matter) and...
  33. KiltedTim

    Is 16gb enough?

    I't's going to be all about space management to some degree. If you're selective about how much music and video you put on it at any given time, and you don't load it up with every single free app available in the app store, you should be fine. I'm not an app collector, but I do have quite a...
  34. KiltedTim

    Files and Folders

    I believe I read it from one of the tech journals shortly after the announcement. It was included in an article clarifying that the iPad would have the same support for Exchange server as the iPhone for e-mail, calendar and contacts. It also mentioned the ability to print to any network...
  35. KiltedTim

    Files and Folders

    It's my understanding that you'll also be able to share your 'documents' folder on the iPad (for lack of an official name for it yet) via WiFi and you'll be able to access network shares as well.
  36. KiltedTim

    How does iPad stack up to competition?

    Yep. It's pretty amazing, isn't it. Thinking back to the days of 8 MHz processors, trying to figure out how to break the 640K RAM ceiling, and even earlier... I remember buying a 'disk notcher' so I could punch another notch in the floppy disk sleeve and turn it over to use the other side...
  37. KiltedTim

    Auto Wi-Fi?

    I would imagine it will work the same way the iPhone does. I believe if WiFi is available, it will use it for data connectivity by default and switch 3G when it can't find or can't connect to WiFi. If it can't find 3G either, it will switch to Edge.
  38. KiltedTim

    5 Things the iPad needs for business

    LOL. That's kind of funny, considering it doesn't even work well enough to use it to reserve an iPad for in store pick up. Nothing personal. Since Chrome is based on the same engine as Safari, I'm wondering what benefit, if any, there would be to having it on the iPad... I just don't see the...
  39. KiltedTim

    what happened to reservations

    Chrome doesn't seem to work properly for in-store reservations. Problems reported on both Windows and Mac versions. In fact, I've yet to hear of anyone who was able to reserve using Chrome. YMMV
  40. KiltedTim

    How does iPad stack up to competition?

    Sheepishly raising hand.... Um... Yeah, not quite that much $$, but I was one of those who paid huge $$ for a 5 MB drive.