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    iPad / iPhone App Development up 185%

    Well it makes sense to get the iPad version of your app approved before the release.
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    Unlocked iPad - What's The Point?

    The 3G iPads won't be locked to any network anyway, but jailbreaking has many possibilities.
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    Why I didn't wait for the iPad killers

    There's never going to be an "iPad killer", in the same way we have yet to see an "iPhone killer" or "iPod killer". Android, in it's current state, is crap. Yes HTC can put a flashy UI over it, but it is just crap. The Android Market isn't doing well at all, and the developers are already...
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    Make money with the iPad

    LOL at all the images on this thread :D
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    Funny iPad parody: the E4 ePad

    Think of something so amazing, and then... Make it anazinger. YouTube - ePad It's so intuitive, when you see something you just reach out and touch... The keyboard :D
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    iPhone to iPad Tethering a No Go

    Just wait for the jailbreak, it's no biggie.
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    iPad Signatures updated again...

    I've made it, but it's incorrect for the UK anyway since we're getting it late.
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    Official iPad Owners List

    I'll be added to this in late April :D
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    Official - release dates and preorder! APRIL

    Info: Official: iPad Launching Here April 3, Pre-Orders March 12 - Apple - Gizmodo)
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    PC vs Mac

    My main computer, and prefered system, is a Mac, but I have multiple PCs and Macs, the PCs running a variety of different OSes (I'm trying to Hackintosh one, too).
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    How much space is a dvd movie likely to take up?

    Around a gigabyte, but if you scale the size down for the iPad when you rip it (which you can do in HandBrake if you know the resolution etc) you can make it lower.
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    !!! HOT !!! IPAD will have the web cam

    It'll probably pop up on a future generation.
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    No Accelerometer, Right?

    I hope they let us turn it off. The main reason for jailbreaking my iPhone was because I wanted to turn off rotation when I don't need it. For the iPad, it'd be a massive annoyance if I can't use it while laying on my side.
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    How much did Apple really pay to develop the A4?

    Yeah true, the R&D costs is what do it. Though, for Apple, it's no problem shelling out the odd billion here and there :D
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    How much did Apple really pay to develop the A4?

    Wow! I heard they cost like $6 each to manufacture though.
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    iPad vs. Sony Reader?

    I somehow doubt that... Mind telling me what books these are, and what differences in libel law would prevent their sale in the UK?
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    iPad vs. Sony Reader?

    DRM is stupid. Why cripple an open standard with technology which does nothing to prevent piracy yet is harmful to customer experience?
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    iPad vs. Sony Reader?

    I was originally planning to get a Sony Reader, but will now get the iPad instead :) I just hope they hurry with bringing the iBookstore to the UK!
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    So many iPad Haters

    The people who complain about Apple stuff are people who have no means of acquiring it :p
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    Will new features be unveiled during the iPad Release

    Well there's evidence of it hidden in the firmware, and they did only release the iPhone YouTube app after the initial announcement, so I'll say yes.
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    Will the iPad be a LifeDrive repeat?

    It's nothing like the LifeDrive. I had a similar PDA, a Palm Tungsten E2 (or was it T2? I forget). It was a nice toy, but useless for anything practical, and the OS was horrible.
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    If you could only put one book on your iPad, what would it be?

    I never thought of it that way before, but you're right! :D
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    How soon will you purchase the iPad?

    There is no pre-order, but I'm getting it ASAP so I can be one of the first people to get one like I did with the iPod touch.
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    What iPad model will you buy?

    I doubt I'll need the extra space, I have quite a few films on the 3GS and still have space left.
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    What iPad model will you buy?

    16GB WiFi for me. Due to the size, I'll probably only use it in my house, so I won't need the 3G, and I haven't used up all the space on my 16GB 3GS yet so I don't see why I need more on the iPad really.
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    Obama State of iPad Address

    Yeah, that's YouTube comments for you, I think this cartoon demonstrates that well: :D
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    Obama State of iPad Address

    YouTube - Obama: State of the iPad Address :D
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    Everything the ipad isn't...

    It's more like a chip that's a ARM CPU and GPU all-in-one, really. It's referred to as a "system-on-a-chip".
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    IMO this HP is crap. Why? Because it's simply a classic tablet PC which they've renamed as "slate" (probably a name stolen from the "iSlate" trademarks) to try and drum up a bit of hype. The iPad, on the other hand, is something new. I used a touchscreen HP PC (it was a TouchSmart 300 I think)...
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    Everything the ipad isn't...

    They didn't really make the CPU, from what I understand they just modified an ARM CPU.
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    Everything the ipad isn't...

    They're good cars I guess, reliable too... You might even say they're unstoppable ;)
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    Everything the ipad isn't...

    I hate Archos products myself, I hate the UIs and I hate using them. And BTW, Superbike81, given the recent news, is your friend really getting a Toyota?
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    Which iPad do you recommend purchasing?

    Even if you want to take it out, the iPad is something you'll use while sitting down, so you'll probably have no problem hooking up to a WiFi network. As for memory, it depends on what you'll use it for. If you think you'll use more memory, pay a few extra $ for the 32GB.
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    So many iPad Haters

    They said the same about the iPod when it first came out in 2001 ;)
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    If you could only put one book on your iPad, what would it be?

    Can't choose between three... It'd either be Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, that's probably my favourite fiction book. But also important are Programming in Objective-C 2.0 by Stephen G. Kochan and How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis.
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    iBooks in the UK?

    Would I be able to put ePub files I download from other book stores onto the iPad? That'd be OK until the iBookstore hits the UK.
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    iBooks in the UK?

    According to the Apple site(s), iBooks will only be avaliable in the US at launch, which annoys me because one of the main reasons I want one is to use it for ebooks (or iBooks as they're iCalled on the iPad). Is there any word on the iBookstore release outside of the US?
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    Full OSX on Apple iPad

    Thing is, OS X would need to be hacked to run on the ARM processor in the iPad. Now, AFAIK, Snow Leopard will only run on Intel processors, so you'd need to use an emulator. While that would be possible once it's jailbroken, it would be VERY slow and pretty much unusable. Tiger and Leopard...
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    Tons of iPad Competitors popping up...

    Let's face it, the HP and Dell ones are crap. They most likely won't be hurting the iPad at all, for the sane reasons all the other MP3 players can't touch the iPod and all the Symbian Nokias aren't touching the iPhone - their stuff dosen't "just work", it's cluncky and unreliable, cheap and...
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    Hello, World!

    Hi! I'm Josh, and I'm getting the iPad in March as soon as I can! Thought I'd join here to keep up with everything and of course talk about the latest Apple gadget! :ipad-peacock: