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  1. deckyon


    you can't hover, there is no pointer.
  2. deckyon

    love the Ipad

    Between Dropbox and either Goodreader (must have) and Documents To Go Premium, you can keep your iPad synced with your desktop/laptop. I use the desktop version of Dropbox on 3 different machines so that I can have access at all times to the same data across the board. Change the file on one...
  3. deckyon

    Weird design issue on iPad

    No, they need to track that the BROWSER is Safari Mobile for iPad, not a normal browser. The code has to be changed to cover the new browser. Has nothing to do with "touch" or anything else, it is all in the code.
  4. deckyon

    Weird design issue on iPad

    My guess is you are not trapping for mobile safari in your css schema.
  5. deckyon

    Weird design issue on iPad

    cant help without knowing the site...
  6. deckyon

    Remote desktop

    Forward the ports, as Splash Top will say during setup, in your router to the PC which will be on and accepting the requests. All RDP apps will require you to forward the ports in the router unless the app explicitly states otherwise - like LogMeIn. I use Splashtop all the time outside my...
  7. deckyon

    Flash Player

    . . . poofta
  8. deckyon

    Flash Player

    Try a SEARCH!
  9. deckyon

    Fav Apps

    GoodReader Documents To Go Premium Feeddler iBooks Star Walk If I were to limit it. Add: AppShopper - the watch/wish list is enough to make this a must have, but when it tracks the price changes and is easily searchable, I have yet to pay full price on any app save GoodReader.
  10. deckyon

    Gmail server error (in app only)

    which gmail app?
  11. deckyon

    Spilled liquid on iPad

    let it sit without turning it on for at least 8 hours, more if you have the willpower. the more time to dry the innards the better.
  12. deckyon


    /target Dead Horse /kick
  13. deckyon

    iPad Keyboard dock??

    Exactly which dock? The Apple one, or another?
  14. deckyon

    TV on IPAD

    Wow, telling. Looks like someone wasn't legit... These are not the first "services" this has happened to for trying to reproduce TV content. This is the reason behind the subscription fees of the legit services.
  15. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    gonna have to go back and watch again...
  16. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    "I am dreaming so I can pretty much say anything and get away with it. So, I think I'll say, from my heart, kiss my ass."
  17. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    Going old school, eh. "The Abyss"
  18. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    Nice catch.
  19. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    "Me lead you?! Lady, look at me. I don't even know where the Hell I am half the time!"
  20. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    Rio Bravo.
  21. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    Good catch.
  22. deckyon

    security in free wi-fi areas.

    Again, unless you are on a JB machine, there are no viruses against the iPad. Your CC in the Apple Store (assuming the iTunes store) is not stored on your ipad. It is stored with your account on the server side. If you are worried about CC info going out, wait until you get home. If your...
  23. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    1: Write down my number, it's 555-6321, got it? 2: Yeah. Wait a minute, 5-5-5's not a real number, they only use that in the movies. 1: No sh**, honey. What do you think this is, real life?
  24. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    Cameron, from "Ferris Bueler's Day Off"
  25. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    Best movie quote ever! Awesome scene, too.
  26. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    "I'm the Anti-Christ. You get me in a vendetta kind of mood, you'll tell the angels in heaven that you never seen evil so singularly personified as you did in the face of the man who killed you."
  27. deckyon

    security in free wi-fi areas.

    Unless your are jailbroken and downloading apps from places other than iTunes Store, you dont have to worry about arses creating viruses. If you're worried about your standard web surfing, you may want to look at what you are surfing.
  28. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    The Quiet Man?
  29. deckyon

    hands free ipad users

    you would need a different operating system on the iPad. iOS has no pointer. Mice or other pointing devices like mice will not work. It is finger to screen. "Plug and Play" is Windows/MAC/Linux, originally Windows, though.
  30. deckyon

    Movie Quote Game

    "Body of Lies"
  31. deckyon


    GoodReader is a, well, Reader. It WILL allow you to annotate PDF files. iBooks will allow you to seperate out your books and PDFs into Collections (folders, if you will) There are plenty of Word editors out there. My personal choice is Documents To Go Premium - it will connect and sync to...
  32. deckyon

    Ipad works with flash???

    /target Dead Horse /kick
  33. deckyon

    java n flash

    and, we're back to the Dead Horse...
  34. deckyon

    Hulu plus app

    The speed of a Remote connection is ALWAYS the slowest. Some 3G speeds are faster than the upstream of broadband providers. This is to keep people from running efficient servers/services on cheap connections without upgrading to a business account. In most cases, the 3G will be the limiting...
  35. deckyon

    Why Can't I install App of 20M and up through 3G ?

    It is there to keep people from dumping their monthly bandwidth on downloading apps. Most have the 250mb or 2gb plans. Not everyone can get 10g through a provider.
  36. deckyon

    Movie/Video Cover Art in ipad?

    and yes, iTunes is the only way. Goes for iBooks PDFs as well.
  37. deckyon

    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    addiosamigo - I have not had issues with battery life with either piece. The keyboard goes to sleep if not being used after a certain amount of time. If you leave the iPad's BT on, and the keyboard falls asleep, just hit the "Home" button (or any, really) and the keyboard will repair...
  38. deckyon

    Downloading Apps

    If you put your wish list into App Shopper (free) you can get alerted to price changes and updates. Granted, you have to be patient. I think GoodReader is the only app I ever paid full price for.
  39. deckyon

    java n flash

    Dood - just how tall WERE the dinosaurs?
  40. deckyon

    PDF's in ibooks

    Only in iTunes, yes.