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    Friends for Bakery Story

    Please add me, coolkirsten :)
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    Restaurant Story! Need neighbors

    Please add me, only just started playing, play all day everyday, I send lots of gifts, coolkirsten
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    Pet Shop (storm8)

    Add me: coolkirsten I play everyday, about 10 times a day, I send gifts all the time!!
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    What are you currently playing now? :)

    Yeah they are both iPhone games, but they still work fine on iPad :)
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    What are you currently playing now? :)

    Illusia and solomons keep, and both quite good games! I would recommend them, as they are a bit more challenging!
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    What are you currently playing now? :)

    Yeah I know!! It's hard to find a good rpg these days!!! The older ones are always better in my opinion!!
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    What are you currently playing now? :)

    Yeah I know exactly what you mean!!! I've got pokemon on my iPad now, which is quite funny!! Rimelands is a good rpg, but it's quite short, once you get the hang of it!
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    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 on 5.0.1 with Absinthe

    Finally done it!! Thank you so much!! Now I can play Pokemon :)
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    Pet Shop (storm8)

    Add me please: coolkirsten
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    What are you currently playing now? :)

    Doc74 Im playing Rimelands: Hammer of Thor Illusia Solomons keep :) What about you??
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    What are you currently playing now? :)

    Ahha fair enough!! Thanks anyway :) I'm really into RPGs as well at the moment ;)
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    Which is Your favorite Dog Breed?

    If i had to chose it would be german shepherd But I mostly like smaller , really cute dogs such as: Maltese, Lhasa apso, shih tzu, bicon frese, and any small crossbreeds!!
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    Writing apps with built-in dictionary

    Your very welcome :) maybe you could help with some of the questions I have posted??
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    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 on 5.0.1 with Absinthe

    I've tried doing this again now! But my VPN isn't turned on and if I press to turn it on, it says a configuration error occurred please help me :S
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    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 on 5.0.1 with Absinthe

    Thanks so. Inch for this help! But on the last stage where it says click on the absinthe icon, I done that but nothing happens, it doesn't work ;( it just comes up and then says wait for absinthe to complete?? Help please
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    Is your iPad jailbroken?

    Can't read it! Message it to me or something?? :)
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    Writing apps with built-in dictionary

    The best writing apps are pages and the app called writing! I'm not completely sure if they have a built in dictionary, but I think they might have spell check, also with further updates I am sure they will add a dictionary at some point :)
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    (ESL) educational apps for kids

    It depends what age kid your talking about, if your on about sort of 8-9+ study guru, is the best app out there!! It's really good and is great for revision before tests as well!
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    Suggest app

    There is Skype, Facebook messenger, yahoo messenger, ebuddy messenger, msn and loads more!!! :) hope I helped!!
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    iPad owners average age

    I'm 14 :S I got my ipad2 for Christmas last year! :)
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    Is your iPad jailbroken?

    I haven't, I really would like to, but I haven't been able to find any software which will jailbreak my ipad2! Any help?? Thanks :)
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    Add me!! Pet shop story!!

    My storm8 iD is coolkirsten please add me, and post yours below!!
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    What are you currently playing now? :)

    Go on my user page thing, then click on posts and threads started by this user, then you will see my questions on there :) thank you!
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    Top 10 iPad Games

    My top 8 games, in no particular order, would have to be: Angry birds, of course, it's classic Plants vs. zombies, really addictive Pet shop story, I love animals Social girl, again really addictive Top girl, like social girl but a bit worse in my opinion, still like it though!! Fruit ninja...
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    Game Story zoo need for friends

    Feel free to add me if you want to, storm8 iD coolkirsten. I also play pet shop story, so please feel free to add me on there as well :)
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    Mystery Manor

    This happened to me! I didn't change the time on purpose, but my little sister did as she was playing social girl and wanted more energy!! Now mystery manor is completely messed up, and I can't even play it properly! They really should warn you about it!
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    【Cocktail Passion】A casual game with a fashionable style gameplay

    I've played this game! No offence to people who like it but i really didn't like it! In my opinion it was a waste of time to download it! It might just be because I don't really like this style of games like gem buster, and things like that, I prefer role playing, platform based games :)
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    What are you currently playing now? :)

    I'm playing rimelands hammer of Thor, it's amazing and totally worth the £2.99 or whatever the price is!! Can you please answer to my questions? Thank you!! ;)
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    Game help?

    Are there any games like imagine champion rider, imagine doctor, imagine beauty stylist and all the ,agile games for iPad??
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    Best games?!!

    I'm looking for good games for teenage girls, I already have angry birds, tiny wings, fashion story, stardom and rimelands hammer of Thor and I love them all, but I am looking for some more girly fashion/ beauty related games, or just any fun games! :) thank you! I like games like zelda and...