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    Things I didn't know

    Too bad it's only a "Digital Zoom" and not optical. Very grainy compared to an unzoomed image. You can do the same thing with just about any photo editor. :(
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    Making a stylus - hassle free.

    Amazon has nice ones for $1.50
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    I just use a cloth moistened in mild detergent and water. I suppose if that didn't work I'd try alcohol. J
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    Contacts transfer from google to IPad

    Leave them on google and just sync your phone to google. See: Sync contacts with your iOS device - Gmail Help You can sync your calendar in a similar fashon.
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    Getting a Apple care for 4 month old ipad 3

    Go here and all your questions will be answered: Apple - Support - AppleCare - FAQ Basically you can add it within the first year but coverage begins with DATE OF PURCHASE. So you really won't gain any coverage time. Also I THINK Apple may want to inspect the device before issuing the policy...
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    Rear Clear Protector

    I second the motion for the Zagg Miracle Shield. PS. Have it professionally installed if you are anal about bubbles etc.
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    Changing Ownership of Used ipad1

    We own and iPad 1 and a "New iPad" 3. The 3 has a Retina Display but I put it in an Otterbox Defender which has a screen protector and I can't tell the difference in the display between the iPad 1 and 3. My wife's iPad 1 works just fine. It's my old 3G model but it never leaves the house so 3G...
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    iPad Charging Issue

    Make sure you are using the original length cable. I used a longer one and get the same message you do. J
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    Definately noticing performance boost...

    $200 plus my unused AppleCare+ probably will wait.
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    Ipad3 bandwidth Concerns

    1.11GB for IOS 6.0.1 ? Mine was something like 25MB +/- J
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    Iphone battery

    Weak cellular signal.
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    IPad 3 protection

    It's good. Offers good protection (not from water). Triples the weight of the iPad3. Also the built in screen protector degrades the Retina Display to some degree. I have one. J
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    What is the point in Verison's Personal hotspot?

    In fact it CAN'T be connected to anything except the cellular (3G/LTE) system.
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    is the New 3D iOS Maps gonna be better than Google Maps ?

    And IMHO this is most significant.
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    Siri comfirmed for new iPad

    Wil it be able to: Turn Bluetooth ON/OFF Turn Cellular ON/OFF Control volume? Control screen brightness? I think hardware control features would be very nice.
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    Does an iPad 3 support a Wireless N Router?

    All the iPads support Dual Band N routers (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). Iphones support 2.4Ghz N but not 5Ghz N routers.
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    iPad won't send email when data turned off

    I have Cellular Data turned off on my "New" iPad "3" and email comes and goes just fine via Wi-Fi. Doesn't matter if the iPad is on or sleeping. I do NOT have an active data plan at the moment if that makes any difference.
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    Anyone here not impressed by the new ipad 3 screen? Or not find it worth the upgrade

    If you plan on using a screen protector. Save your money. The Retina Display suffers greatly if put under a protector. With my Otterbox Defender my NEW iPad display is indistinguishable from my wife's iPad 1's display. :(
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    Otterbox Review

    I have the Otterbox Defender for the New Ipad (3) and like it for it's protection BUT the built in screen protector degrades the Retina Display to the point I can not tell any difference between the New iPad's display and my original iPad 1's display. The screen protector makes the image...
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    what chargers can I use

    My iPad 1 and iPad 3 chargers have identical specifications. Personally I use the 10 watt Griffin charger and it's longer cord.
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    How much would I sell my iPad 1 for?

    The Amazon Trade-in Store is offering $235 in the form of an Amazon Gift Card. If you buy from Amazon it's a good deal.
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    Setting up/restoring a "New" ipad from icloud backup

    How about just changing the name of one of the iPads? Settings->About->Name ? That way they have two iCloud/iTunes profiles?
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    ZAGG HD Screen Protector

    I have a ZAGG InvisibleScreen. I love it. I had it installed professionally. I've tried other do-it-yourself protectors and always ended up with at least one bubble of varying sizes. The professional install is perfect.
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    New iPad case compatibility?

    Otterbox told me their iPad 2 Defender case WILL NOT fit the New iPad. There new Defender WILL fit the iPad 2 and New iPad.
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    Verizon Online ordering of iPad 3!!!!

    What a leap of faith. I see no mention of the word "tomorrow".
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    Best Twitter feed, blog, ?? to watch the iPad HD announcement 3/7/12 ??

    Is there any twitter feed or blog that historically offers the best real time coverage of Apple announcement events? Tnx, J
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    Rumor: iPad 3 to employ a $70-80 price hike?

    Very odd indeed. I call it price fixing and it's probably illegal. There is something else going on.
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    iPad 1 not charging issue resolved

    I had the exact same problem trying to use a Griffin 3 meter cord. I used the Griffin 2A charger. The iPad 1 would not charge unless I turned if off first. Interestingly the cord would not charge a iPhone 3GS. I exchanged the cord for a new one of the same model and problem solved. Point being...
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    Transferring Photos from iPad to the PC Computer

    When you attach the iPad to the PC it appears as a camera device. You just drag the photos from the iPad camera to a folder on the PC.
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    Need help on 3G from At&t prepaid plan

    Why wait? If you want to keep it from auto renewing just Cancel your plan now but choose the option "Delete Account Later". You will be able to use your 3G account until it runs out (and it won't automatically renew) or your 30 days are up (and it still won't auto renew). You then have 60 days...
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    iPad 2 GSM / Unlocked

    IIRC GSM 3G only works stateside while on AT&T's network. If you plug in a T-Mobile SIM (for example) you only get Edge at best. What about overseas? Can I get 3G from all GSM carriers? Tnx, J
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    Ipad 2 Verizon and Att data plans

    AT&T charges a few dollars on Postpaid data plans but does not charge any tax or fees on Prepaid plans.
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    AirPrint without a desktop computer?

    No additional hardware required. You would need to configure the printer to join your existing network. Once you do that you ipad, pod, phone will detect it automagically.
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    Storing Credit Card info, bank account info and passwords on Ipad 2?

    Lastpass. As secure as you can get. J
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    I gobbled up my 250MB plan too fast! Tips to minimize usage?

    Do you actually turn 3G off when you are using WiFi or should I say when you don't want to use 3G? Rumor has it the iPad prefers 3G over WiFi when in sleep mode even if WiFi is available. I can't confirm it but I have seen my 3G usage go up overnight when at home and both 3G and WiFi are...
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    Noob 3G question - not clear when is 3G used vs. wifi

    When the iPad is sleeping it prefers 3G over Wi-Fi. Not sure the logic behind this but it does.
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    Zagg Screen Protector Tips

    May not apply in your case but I know 3 folks who had their Zagg Invisible Screen's professionally installed at a Zagg Kiosk and they have zero bubbles. I have an issue with using liquid and then squeegeeing it out along the edges. I've GOT to believe it leaks down between the glass and case and...
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    AT&T iPad 3G and IPV6

    According to their press release AT&T is totally embracing IPV6 Day. Well the AT&T iPad 3G doesn't seem to have the same attitude. It failed IPV6 via 3G connectivity totally. Is this an Apple or AT&T issue? J
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    Ipad1 email issues

    Try just killing the app. Go to any app except email. Tap the home key twice to bring up the task list at the bottom. Find the email task and select and hold until a 'x' appears. Tap the 'x' to kill the email task. Press the home key to exit the task list. Try the email app again by selecting it...
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    Not detecting all WiFi SSID's

    I have a Ipad1 3G. It works fine. The other day I was in an area that had WiFi and I expected to find a specific SSID I had used before but it wasn't offered in the list of SSIDs the iPad found. So for grins I did a site survey with my Blackberry and low and behold it found the missing SSID and...